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18 Questions That Could Safe Your Child's Life

Questions to Help Teen Build Safety Awareness

Bringing up children has never been easy. It has no training yet it is the most difficult. It starts at birth, from sleepless nights to clinic visits. Even at old age, your child never stops to be. Parents have to protect them from possible danger all the time. Especially the school-going kids are prone to sexual abuse or abduction. Here are 18 questions that a parent can discuss with the kids to help them know the safety measures that are most appropriate when danger poses.


18 Questions that Could Save Your Child's Life

Question 1: What to do when left alone in the house and someone is trying to open the door?

Try as parents are, they can not stay with their kids all the time. It happens when they have important issues to handle and can not find the right person to take care of their children. Thus, it would be better to prepare the children first. Parents should teach the child to call them under this circumstance. The parent is capable of calming down the kid and give assurance that everything will be all right. Afterward, the parent can call the security and alert the neighbors.

Question 2: Should you take presents from strangers?

This is a big no. Teach the children how to say no and mean it. They are only supposed to take gifts from relatives and well-known people to them. A gift from strangers can be used to entice them and abduct them.

Question 3: What to do when the fire breaks out from electronics?

How to safely use a home appliance is an important lesson for children. If your kids are alone in the room with multifunctional electronics, their safety comes first. Get out of the house as quickly as possible, and while out, they can call out for help. Either call the fire department or alert their neighbors. They should never try to put the fire out. They can be harmed in the process.

Question 4: Should you help an adult stranger?

What help can a child give to an adult? It is impossible. A kid is not in any position to help or guide an adult. Let them give a clear no and leave quickly. Teach them to stay away from strangers if they are alone.

Question 5: What can you do when attacked by dogs?

Never look the dogs straight to the eyes. Remain calm and do not do anything to provoke them. In case you have a cap, umbrella, or bag, throw it aside and start moving away slowly. This will divert their attention and give you some time to run away.

Question 6: Should you visit your age mate's house?

No, unless you are familiar with them. Have them know how to politely decline such invites. Like "my mom will not like it". This way, the invitee will not bother.

Question 7: What to do when the gas cylinder starts leaking?

The most appropriate thing to do is leave the building and alert the fire department and neighbors.

Question 8: Should you get into an elevator with unfamiliar people?

The elevator is a danger zone for kids to get in with strangers. The kids should turn down the offers and give the excuse of waiting for their parents.

Question 9: Who should you let in when left alone in the house?

Never open doors to strangers. Be it a smart-looking lady or a lady you never know. Do not judge a book by its cover. It should be a rule that strangers are not welcomed in the house, especially when the kids are alone in the house.

Question 10: What to do when you notice someone is following you?

The immediate solution is to get into an enclosed public place. It can be a restaurant, barbershop, or a grocery shop. While inside you can make a call to your parents and inform them. If it's a car, run in the opposite direction.

Question 11: What to do when a stranger grabs you by force?

Scream at the top of your voice to alert people around. Fight the stranger by throwing up tantrums like throwing up and down your legs and arms. Scream and let words out like, "I don’t know you" or "leave me alone". The key is to draw as much attention as possible. This way, the criminal might give up.

Question 12: What to do when you get into a large crowd?

It is always good to avoid crowded areas. In case you find yourself in the crowd, keep calm and slowly try to get to the edge. Never run against the flow of the crowd in case you get stumble and fall.

Question 13: What to do when a thunderstorm strikes while you are walking?

Spot a shelter and hide in there. Don’t go near metal structures or tall trees. You can also lie down and wait for the storm to calm.

Question 14: What to do in case of cyberbullying?

When someone threatens you on the internet or in school, inform your parents or teachers. Seek assistance from them instead of putting up with the bullying. Remember, these people can not do anything to you beyond threats. They can not come to you as well.

Question 15: Should you play on frozen rivers with your friends?

It is forbidden to skate on frozen rivers. No matter how cool it seems to be. You can unmistakably get under—Skate solely on designated places.

Question 16: Should you take medicine without an adult guide?

Drugs should be kept away from children's reach. They should not administer medicine by themselves. They are capable of overdosing or taking the wrong ones. This is dangerous. Therefore, never allow your kids to take medicine without a doctor's instructions.

Question 17: Would you accept a lift from a stranger when the school bus is late?

The answer is no. Abductors are very cunning. They target school kids who seem desperate. As we mentioned in the previous passage, a child should never talk to strangers or accept help from them. Avoid such offers and move away.

Question 18: what should you do when walking back home a stranger offers to see you off?

No one can be that idle to walk kids back home. Decline and claim the parents are behind you.

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Children's safety is each parent's number one factor. Desperate times need desperate measures. In case the kids feel unsafe to let them trust their guts and ask for help immediately from people around, especially a mom with kids or a police officer. Since crunch beggars cannot be choosers. No one wants to lose their kids aimlessly. Discuss the above 18 questions with your kids to help them develop a sense of protecting themselves from possible dangers or threat from both real-life and online.

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