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5 Questions You Should Ask Children Every Day

Questions to Help You Better Understand Your Kids

Parenting is a hard job! Don’t get us wrong if our opening sentence threw you off a little. In our quest to provide the best for our children, we tend to forget a significant responsibility towards them. We fail to realize that we are also responsible for guiding them through this journey called life. This is especially true for people with incredibly busy lives. In fact, a survey revealed that most parents spend less than twelve minutes with their kids each day. We have gathered a list of 5 questions you should ask children every day in the little time you spend with them to better understand their daily lives.

questions to ask your kids

5 Questions That You Should Ask Your Kids Every Day

1. How’s Life?

As surprising as it may sound, simply asking your child ‘How’s Life’ can work wonders to reinforce the relationship you share with them. We totally understand if the only response you get initially is just ‘fine’ or ‘okay’. However, remember not to insist your child on responding. You might not want to make it look like an interrogation.

Instead, build on it and make it a daily habit. When your children eventually do open up, they are more likely to see you as their support. It is an excellent choice to ask them about their day and what they liked/disliked the most.

questions to ask your kids - how is life

2. What’s Up With Your Friends?

Unfortunately, even the smartest of all parents use the technique of comparing their child with their friends or cousins. This is one of the unhealthiest things that a parent can do. Instead of comparing your kids with their friends, you should ask them what’s up with their friends. A lot is going on in your child’s mind. Maybe they saw their friends do something that they weren’t sure was right or wrong.

When you seem interested in their lives, they are likely to see you as one of their friends. It will help you to know what kind of people your child spends time around. In fact, it might even enlighten you about your child’s way of perceiving things.

questions to ask your children - what is going on with your friends

3. Anything Cool Going On?

This is the best question if you want to re-establish the communication between you and your child. Investing your time in what their day was like is always beneficial. When you ask your kids if there is anything cool in their lives, you might get to know what drives them as a person. By knowing what your kid perceives as exciting/boring enlightens you about their artistic abilities or any other special interest that they might have towards something.

If you’re lucky, you might even unintentionally help your child to focus on something that might help them in the future.

questions to ask kids every day - anything cool going on

4. Do You Need Help With Anything?

Another one of the important questions you should ask children! You will never be close to your kids (especially teens) if you’re not part of their struggles. No, we aren’t saying they will open up to you immediately. However, you’re only going to get there by taking baby steps. Ask them if they need any help and see if they let you in. You could be helping them with anything like coloring a book or helping them with their homework. The kids are more likely to see you as someone they can always count on. This will only help ensure that you’ll always be the first one to know if there is anything wrong.

5 questions to ask your kids

5. How did you show kindness or love today?

This is extremely important if you firmly believe in raising a child that is good to others. When you ask your kids if they did anything kind today, they will always ensure that they have something to respond with. It could be something as simple as taking their dishes to the sink or perhaps something significant as sharing their belongings with someone. This will soon develop into a habit and become a permanent trait in their personalities.

questions that you should ask your kids each day

What Else Can You Do to Stay Tuned with Your Children's Lives?

We all know that communication is important when it comes to getting to know your kids better so that you can be there to offer proper guidance and help when needed. However, there are chances that your kids are experiencing cyberbullying or other online threats and are too afraid to tell you the truth.

Therefore, apart from the above list of questions you should ask your children, also consider getting a parental control app to help you stay tuned with your children's online activities. These kinds of software help you to monitor your child’s online activity. One of the more impressive parental control apps that we have come across is FamiSafe. The app aims at parents who are always worried about their child’s whereabouts and online activities.

How Does FamiSafe Work?

You need to install the app on your phones and your child’s digital devices. The app is compatible with Android, iOS, Fire OS, Windows, and Mac. After install and setup, you can track your kid's online activity on your phone remotely, or set up restrictions, filter unhealthy content. The best part of FamiSafe is that it supports monitoring suspicious words on kid's social accounts.

Today's young kids love to share their life and emotions on social platforms like Facebook, Twitter. Since everyone can get a social account on without many troubles, social platforms can be a tool for online predators or cyberbullies to take advantage of our children. Luckily, with FamiSafe's Explicit Content Detection feature, parents can now watch over what kids are communicating on social media and get alerted if suspicious words are detected. This feature helps parents to spot issues faster and take action on time.

  • Location Tracking & Geo-fencing
  • App Blocker
  • Web Filtering
  • Screen Time Control
  • Smart Parental Control Setting

If you are worried about going too far from home, you can activate real-time location tracking that will allow you to know their location at any hour of the day.

Other benefits of FamiSafe Parental Control:

  • Real-time Location Tracking Along With Geo-fencing
  • App Blocker and Activity Monitor
  • Web Monitor and Content Filtering
  • Flexible Remote Control and Personalization Setting
  • Screen Time Tracking and Control

These were some of the questions you should ask children every day. All that said and done, do not expect your kids to respond to your new initiative right off the bat. Be consistent with the questions and maintain healthy communication with your children. Your kids will respond better when they see it coming from a friendlier point of view.

If you fear your child has been keeping a bad company or isn't entirely focused in school, get FamiSafe installed on your phones immediately. Download the app from Play Store or App Store and give it a try. Once you know what is keeping your child busy, you can work on counterproductive ways to improve their behavior. As they say, you first need to find the root cause of the problem for the right diagnosis.

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