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Top 8 Chore App for Kids on Android & iOS

Top 8 Chore App for Kids

Managing your home as a parent requires you coordinating your kids and carrying out other daily home activities. However, managing a home can be tedious and sometimes frustrating. Oftentimes, the efforts placed on managing your kids and your home can be time-consuming.

To help manage and engage your kids in house chores, you need the best varieties of chore app. A chore app is a platform put in place to make finishing tasks, earning, and saving money a fun-filled activity. This article features some of the best apps you can use for family organizing and team building today.

Chore App for Kids

Why Parents Need To Use Chore App for Kids

  1. Motivation to achieve goals:

Many a chore app encourages children to carry out tasks efficiently and effortlessly with their basic rewarding system. As a parent, you do not need to yell at that erring Kid to do his homework or school work anymore. All you need is a techie chore app. These rewards can usually be in the form of incentives like money or score points. The chore app is handy enough to motivate them to achieve daily goals, hence bringing a sense of relief to you as a parent.

  1. Teach Responsibility to kids:

teach responsibility to kids

Chore apps help teach children how money is made in the real world. As a parent, you can make use of chore apps to allocate allowances to kids on the basis that they get rewarded only when they complete their house chores. Your Kid or teenager can grow up with the mindset that nothing comes for free, and they get incentives for real tasks carried out. Chore Apps that carry out this functionality include the likes of iAllowance, Allowance & Chores Bot, and iReward Chart.

  1. Manage home efficiently:

Manage home efficiently

Parents can now graph out house responsibilities in simple, easy to do tasks like cleaning the house, washing dishes, doing school assignments, and even rewarding resting time. Irrespective of the tasks to be carried out, the chore app sends alerts or notifications about any tasks to be done for the day. Some of these apps even give time limits for some tasks to be completed. By then, parents can choose to reward for tasks well done or allocate punishment for unfulfilled tasks.

Top 4 Chore App for Kids on Android

  1. Cozi Family Organizer

Cozi Family Organizer

This is a chore app that lets you create organized to-do lists in an orderly manner. You can set schedules for yourself as a parent or for your kids. It comes with exclusive features and functionalities to help communicate timely activities for everyone in the family and not just for Kids. You can always create any number of lists you want and set priorities for each activity.

  1. Homey


Homey is an intuitive app that teaches kids how to be responsible. It also imbibes a YOU-EARN-AS-YOU-WORK culture with its lucrative, rewarding system. Setting up Homey is free for only three accounts but requires a fee of $4.99 per month for four or more accounts. As a parent, you can sync bank accounts to the app to transfer money to reward diligent work. This app also allows kids to communicate with their parents about the tasks assigned to them and even send pictures to show evidence of accomplished tasks.

  1. Our Home App

Our Home App

Our Home App is probably one of the best chore apps as it free and comes with lots of intuitive features. It imbibes a sense of responsibility by accruing space to provide incentives in motivating kids. The app also comes out of the box with an excellent user-interactive interface. With this app, you can manage tasks that involve doing homework and even create an understandable shopping list. You can sync the app with your calendar to set reminders of special tasks that should be performed at a particular moment. This app also comes with a chat feature that allows parents and kids to talk about tasks accomplished.

  1. Allowances & Chore Bot

Allowance Chore Bot

The Allowances & Chores Bot is a teen-focused chore app that allows parents to offer rewards for accomplished tasks. It comes with the ability to manage multiple chores and allowances. The app also comes with a reminder feature to help your Kid remember a particular task to be performed. What's unique with this app is the fact that it allows you to keep track of how your Kid spends their allowances.

Top 4 Chore App for Kids on iOS

  1. Chore Pad HD App

Chore Pad HD App

This chore app provides an engaging chore chart experience for your Kids. This app itself is available only for download on iOS devices. You can set up different themes for this chore chart, and you get to receive trophies whenever you've accomplished a particular task. It comes with a parent mode (locked to kids) where parents can perform special management functions.

  1. iAllowance


iAllowance is an easy to use, feature-rich chore app that keeps your child updated on chores and goals to be accomplished on a daily and weekly basis. The app allows kids to track allowances and stars earned on completing their home responsibilities. The stars earned can be used to cash in on rewards like a bowl of Ice cream.

  1. Home Routines App

Home Routines App

Home Routines App is a chore app only compatible with iOS devices and helps in setting good routine practice for your Kids. This app allows you to set tasks for your kids, which should be done routinely daily. The app features a reminder function that helps your Kid remember a particular task to be done. For every task assigned on a to-do list, there is a timer function that encourages your Kid to finish up tasks as soon as possible before a deadline. The To-do lists automatically refresh themselves for all routine tasks daily.

  1. Chore Monster App

Chore Monster App

Chore Monster App makes performing house chores to be fun-like and engaging. The reward system will make your Kid rush through every task assigned to them. By completing an assigned task, your Kid will earn points for every task accomplished. This point does not translate to monetary rewards, but rewards like a bowl of ice cream or an hour to play games.

How Can FamiSafe Help with Encouraging Kids to do Chores?

FamiSafe Android Parent Control

Famisafe is a reliable parental control app that helps parents keep track of what their kids do with applications on their mobile gadgets. In the technological world today, there are countless websites, apps, and links with the potential of distracting your kids from carrying out their house chores.

Sometimes this kind of apps allows kids to procrastinate a lot and may deter the essence of the chore app in the long run. It only takes a parental control app, such as FamiSafe, to help kids manage their time efficiently. And by managing time, I mean focusing on essential tasks to be done around the home. Famisafe helps encourage kids to do their home chores with intuitive features such as:

  • Web Filtering
  • Location Tracking & Geo-fencing
  • App Blocker & App Activity Report
  • Screen Time Limit & Schedule
  • Explicit Content & Suspicious Photos Detection

1. App Block:

FamiSafe App Blocker

Do your kids spend most of their time with their phones? Or are they always busy with any other mobile gadget at the detriment of their school work? The chances are that they are visibly engaged or addicted to a particular application (especially social media apps like YouTube, TikTok, and other likes). You can always make use of the app block feature on FamiSafe to restrict access to such apps and focus more time on house chores.

2. Screen time Limit:

FamiSafe Screen Time

If your kids can't focus on home study or carry out house chores but prefer to stay glued to their phone all day. Then it's high time you apply the screen limit feature on the Famisafe app. FamiSafe app allows you to pre-set and allocate the number of hours your Kid should spend on apps on their mobile gadgets. This functionality also allows you to apply this feature based on their current location.

Note: Famisafe app is available for download on both Android and iOS devices.

Chore apps have introduced a special way to make home tasks fun-filled, exciting, and rewarding for kids. There is no need to drag that Kid around on an important task to be done around the house. This article has reviewed 8 of the best chore apps for both Android and iOS devices you can use in organizing and managing your family as a parent today.

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