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Best 10 Free Website Monitoring Tools

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Website monitoring is the technique to monitor web browser activities of individual, kids, or employees. There are lots of website monitoring tools available on the web which allows the user to know what other person is doing on the web.

If your kids are not behaving well with you and keep many secrets with them then, it’s time to use web monitoring tool. These tools allow you to keep up to date with your activities and monitor site’s uptime. On the web, there are loads of free website monitoring tools available but, it is not easy to choose best of them especially on such sensitive issue. Here, we will introduce best monitoring tool and have compiled top 10 free website uptime monitoring services.

FamiSafe - best free website monitoring tool

FamiSafe is a powerful free website monitoring tool which allows parents to view web browsing history of their kid device at any time. In FamiSafe, you will array of amazing features which will help you in keeping an eye on your kids. This is not just designed for parents; business employers can also use this service to monitor employee activities. Moreover, you can also view photos, videos, call history, location tracking and much more. When it comes to compatibility, FamiSafe is compatible with more than 6000 Android devices and every iOS devices excluding iPhone 3GS and earlier versions.


Easy access to web browsing history: Almost every mobile web browser is supported by FamiSafe including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or any others. You can easily view complete web browsing history without any physical access to the device.

Browsing frequency: FamiSafe will also show you a number of times the target user opens the same website. This is the best way to know what your kid does most of the time on the web.

Website URLs: Unlike many other free website monitoring tools, with FamiSafe, the user can easily view web browsing history followed by URL that target person visited.

Website blocking: FamiSafe also enables the user to easily block the website on the target device. If you suspect your kid using adult websites then, you can also block a specific website with FamiSafe.

best free website monitoring tool

1. Uptime Robot

Uptime Robot is the best website uptime monitoring service available on the web. This website allows the user to monitor up to 50 websites and can check the activities in every 5 minutes. Uptime Robot is website monitoring free service that is developed by 2 developers in 2010 to offer free and cheap website uptime monitoring service. There are various methods available to get alert including E-Mail, SMS, and some others. If you are interested in such service then, visit their official website.

Official URL: http://www.uptimerobot.com/

free website monitoring - Uptime Robot

2. Pingdom

Pingdom is another free website monitoring service available on the web. Engaging with this service, you can easily monitor the uptime of website. Pingdom is available in both free and paid version. In the free version, you can monitor only one website. To monitor more sites, you have to avail the paid version.

Official address: http://www.pingdom.com/

free website monitoring - Pingdom

3. Mon.itor.us

Mon.itor.us is a website uptime monitoring service which enables parents, business owners, and individuals to know about the status of the website. This website is equipped with some amazing functions which enhance your website monitoring experience. The user-interface of this site is very easy to understand and use. One can generate the report of website monitoring uptime and downtime. Moreover, you can get notification alert on instant messaging apps, via SMS, E-Mail, and RSS.

Official address: http://mon.itor.us/

free website monitoring -  Mon.itor.us

4. InternetSeer

InternetSeer is one of the best free services to monitor site’s uptime easily. According to the Internetseer, it is world’s largest monitoring service currently working on over 1.7 million sites all over the world. Like many other website monitoring apps, you will get only access to monitor 1 website in the free version.

Official Address: http://www.internetseer.com/

free website monitoring - InternetSeer

5. Uptrends

Uptrends is a free website monitoring service available on the web. This is the best service for you if you want to know about your website uptime and downtime. This free website monitoring service is also available in two versions free and paid. You will find only one notification alert function in this service which is on-site info only.

Official address: http://www.uptrends.com/ 

free website monitoring - Uptrends

6. BasicState

BasicState is better than many other free services which mainly designed to monitor your site’s uptime and downtime. The main feature of this service is that one can monitor unlimited of sites without any problem. You can check the status of the website in every 15 minutes.

Official address: http://basicstate.com/ 

free website monitoring - BasicState

7. Montastic

When we talk about free website uptime monitoring service, Montastic is a well-known name. This is open source service checks from various sites from multiple locations in the United States. If you want to monitor more than 1 site then, simply avail the paid subscription plan and enjoy.

Official address: http://www.montastic.com/  

free website monitoring - Phone Tracker for iPhones (track people with GPS)

8. Are My Sites Up

With the advent of technology and innovation, monitoring the website uptime is not easier with the help of a tool like Are My Sites Up?. This is one of the top websites which offer real-time monitoring. With this service, you can monitor up to 5 sites and check them 25 times per day. Availing the premium version will provide you lots of extra features such as monitor the site uptime directly from iPhone app.

Official address: http://www.aremysitesup.com/

free website monitoring - Are My Sites Up

9. Site 24x7

Site 24x7 is another free website monitoring service which is designed to monitor website uptime. If you want to keep up to date with your site uptime then, this may suit your needs. With this tool, you will only have Email alert notification when your site goes down.

Official address: http://site24x7.com/index.html

free website monitoring - Site 24x7

10. 100Pulse

100Pulse is equipped with Email and RSS notification alert function that’s why it makes their spot in this top free site’s uptime services. Like other free uptime monitoring services, you have to pay to access all the premium functions. S

Official address: http://100pulse.com/ 

free website monitoring - 100Pulse

Monitoring kid digital activities are now easier with the help of FamiSafe. FamiSafe is a powerful monitoring tool which enables the user to gain complete access to the target device. If you are willing to use this service then, simply create FamiSafe account at free of cost and start monitoring. It is highly recommended by parents who are using this service from past few years.

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