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Top 6 Free Best Game Apps for Kids

Top 6 free best game apps for kids

Gaming is taking a toll on the entertainment industry. Whether you are out on vacation or just relaxing with your loved ones, this big elephant will always crop in your kid’s minds. And many of these games will burn time! But finding the best game app for kids isn’t easy at all. As a parent, put principles in place to guide your children in getting that perfect option.

Be it on your tablet or iPad, there are cool games that will keep you and your family glued for the better part of the afternoon. We have compiled a list of the best 6 apps that your kids will surely enjoy.

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Top 3 free game apps for tablet

Tablets are widely used nowadays. Kids also find it an awesome gadget for gaming. Could it be because of the size? Probably! Settle on these 3 free game apps playable from your tablet.

Fruit Ninja

Fruit Ninja kids games app is a fun-filled game revolving around becoming a master of slicing fruits. It gives you three modes of play. The Arcade Mode is quite intense, requiring you to dodge bombs as you slice massive combos, Frenzy bananas being your helper. There is also the Zen Mode that’s a bit relaxed and the Classic Mode where you can cut as many fruits while you evade hefty bombs. Wait no more! Draw your blade and start to slice.


  • It offers three Modes of play
  • It lets you carve and slash your way through piles of colorful fruits
  • Game-changing blades, power-ups, and dojos let you smash the leaderboards
  • You can also level up and unlock new dojos and blades
  • It has beautiful arenas for ultimate action games
  • Real-time competitive actions
  • It comes with master combos and critical to let you win more games than your opponents
  • Unlock new characters and taunt packs as well.

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Plague Inc

This thrilling game is about infecting the world. It has various diseases like bacteria, viruses, worms, and much more that you use to destroy humanity. Speed matters here and you have to unlock your levels with plagues. This game simply puts you in the control of a pathogen that is suitable for destroying the world. It’s more than a game and uses a non-traditional mode to create awareness on epidemiology and other pandemic information.


  • It comprises of 12 disease types with various strategies
  • It’s a comprehensive in-game with the detailed tutorial system
  • High-Density graphics
  • It creates a compelling world that brings on board public health topics
  • It is highly detailed with advanced artificial intelligence
  • Its expansion updates add more mind-controlling traits like zombies and real-life scenarios
  • It lets you infect over 50 countries with hundreds of traits to evolve.

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You don’t know Jack

This is another kid’s games app that’s of trivia. You have to prove to your friends that you know more than they know. And when it gets to mind-jungling, you better have the answers at your fingertips. As a player, earning cash doesn’t come that easy. Answer some tough mixed-up questions as you compete with time. With over 300 episodes, this game knows how to kill boredom. You’ll also realize appearances of a good number of celebrity guest episodes by Adrianna Curry, Bob Odenkirk, and many others. This game show combines trivia with comedy and truly where high culture and pop culture collide.


  • It’s a truly free-to-play game
  • The start off is simple
  • It comes with unlimited free daily plans for all players
  • Players with multiple iOS devices can compete together
  • It can be played by 1 to 3 players
  • Cracking up Cash is the main goal.

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Top 3 free game apps for iPad

Apple knows how to lock its users. And now with the availability of kid’s games app for your iPad devices, you have no reason not to blossom with the best games. The App Store is a bee-hive of activities, loaded with tones of games each turning day. Check out the best 3 game apps for iPad that you can play for free.

Silly Walks

When foodstuffs start to wobble, the kitchen really can be a hell of nightmarish. But what happens to the caged ones? Probably the hero of the hour has the answer. You got to let it rotate as it changes direction step by step. Just make sure you don’t fall off the tables even with all the other hero-slicking knives all over the place. Also, thrive hard to run away from Cheese Graters and let not the Meat Hammers squash you.


  • You get a bunch of silly characters to play with
  • You can escalate to Boss levels if you work smarter
  • You’ll experience endless fun
  • Inclusion of lots of silly actions
  • Experience challenging and addicting levels.

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Williams Pinball

If you love pinballs then this is the best games app that will put you in your rightful place. This best game app for kids will gather classic pinball tables to your iPad while keeping you entertained with animated remastering. Start simple, by unlocking one table then move gradually to unlock many others such as Medieval Madness, Fish Tales, and Junk Yard.


  • Play tables either in its original form or in a remastered version
  • New tables are frequently added
  • Table customizations are enabled
  • Single-player challenges
  • The Pro Physics simulation gives an authentic pinball experience.

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Snake Rivals

No kid’s games apps bring out the creativity in you than the Snake Rivals. You can customize loved characters from unicorn, panda, all the way to cute dog, or dinosaur. You can select any of the three modes for your gaming. The Classic Mode gives you endless respawns that you focus on as you build tactics. The Gold Rush Mode is about obliterating other snakes, turning them into gold. Finally, the Battle Royale Mode is a real battle with the opposition within the shrinking arena amidst lavas.


  • Snake Rival is easy to play, a simple swipe to move your snake is all you need
  • You have three modes to choose from
  • Choose between Single-player or Multi-player
  • You can customize your original characters
  • You can also use various power-ups to pin down your opponents.

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What should parents do to prevent too much game time?

If not controlled, kid’s games apps can be a real mess. Your kid may spend endless times in such games, neglecting some vital activities for the day. The emergence of parental control apps makes it easy for parents to keep watch over the welfare of their kids.

FamiSafe parental control app is neatly intertwined to prevent cyberbullying, perform screen time control, controls apps by blocking, among others. It’s easy to use and doesn’t require any tech-know how even for beginners.

  • Web Filtering
  • Location Tracking & Geo-fencing
  • App Blocker & App Activity Report
  • Screen Time Limit & Schedule
  • Explicit Content & Suspicious Photos Detection

Features of FamiSafe

Activity Report

This feature works smart by giving you a good grip on your kid’s app installation. It also shows you your kid’s daily app activities and how long your kid spends time on these apps’ usage.

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Screen time & Smart Schedule

The screen time feature helps you to limit app usage as it also protects your kid’s addiction. You can plan when he goes out to play, study time, and sleep time. Besides, you can block your child’s device in the name of controlling certain activities.

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Suspicious text detection

The app will send you text alerts whenever your kid receives or sends inappropriate messages on main social media apps. This feature is perfect at preventing online strangers from intoxicating your kid’s mind. It is also a good start to prevent cyberbullying and exposure to violence and pornography.

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App blocker & usage

This is the feature to use if you want to block the usage of some apps on your kid’s phone. Once you monitor how our kid uses his/her phone, it will be easy to know which apps are not worthy of his time. Besides, you can know which apps are most used and what new ones have been installed without your knowledge.

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Portable gadgets make it easy for the average gamer. Usage of devices like tablets and iPads are increasingly on the rise. Apart from general usage, gaming is another vital part that lets users hook unto these devices. The aforementioned kid’s games apps are the bomb. They are not only entertaining but are easy to play along. Furthermore, you can control your kid’s game time by employing the most reliable parental control app. FamiSafe has all it takes to ensure your kid is safe even in our absence. You can use it to block inappropriate apps, control your kid’s daily activities, and set limits as you desire.

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