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Family Fun Time: Why It Is Essential for Your Family

Don't Let Family Fun Time Slip Away

The concept of family has evolved dramatically over time. It now revolves around the idea of an environment where an individual can feel safe. Family is also where one can share his/her emotions be it grief or happiness. Most importantly, a family is where individuals can feel they belong. The original concept of family, where a child grows, remains the same.

In most cases, this idea of a family provides security, emotional support, and belonging to an individual. In this rapidly evolving, fast-paced, and digitalized world, many families have started growing distant. Family counselors, life coaches, and even mental health professionals recommend a healthy family fun time.

It may include sitting together for a movie night, having a BBQ at home, creating crafts, transforming your home area, or even playing board games. Nonetheless, families need to have some family fun time. Such a family fun time can help in having a supportive and close-knit relationship with each other. Like mentioned before, the fast-paced world has everyone busy within their own lives. People barely have time to connect genuinely. They mostly make small talk over the internet or a few text messages with both family and friends. Given the inflexible schedules, people don't see the family members for days, let alone having family fun. Subsequently, that has dramatically caused families to drift apart. It further results in a rise of troubled mental health across the globe.

family fun time

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Why do we need a family fun time?

There is an overall gloominess across the world because people have now started struggling. They are unable to extend emotional support to their peers, friends, and even strangers. It is because they don't experience the same at home. Until one's cup is full, how can he or she give or share with others? To do that, families need to block their schedules to have a family fun time. There are many reasons why families need to indulge in family fun time more often. These reasons have been condensed under five major categories, as listed below.

1. Helps everyone in understanding and accepting differences

A significant result of not being able to spend family fun time together is that family members are unaware of each other and their personalities. It has become common worldwide for people to confide in strangers or friends instead of their own family. Humans are constantly evolving, they are learning new things, and they are being nurtured every single day. They don't spend quality time together and keeps everyone in the dark about each other's latest developments. Having family fun time together often can help family members better understand each other's views and opinions. It can help them accept each other's differences. A significant problem with our society today is intolerance towards different perspectives. Understanding different views of your family and the thought process behind them can help build tolerance towards others.

the benefit of family fun time

2. Helps in providing emotional support, knowing, and solving problems

Families should also indulge in family fun time is to ensure each other’s mental peace and happiness. If you spend enough family fun time together, you can sense the slightest change in one's behavior or stress levels. Knowing each other's problems can also enable the family to provide support, at least emotional. When there is enough family fun time, everyone will also be comfortable sharing their concerns. It will encourage them to seek advice and naturally overcome them. Having emotional support can do wonders for how one tackles his/her problems. It also changes one's outlook on life and challenges.

3. Better mental health, affection, loved

Naturally, when families spend family fun time together, they are bound to develop healthy relationships. They feel loved and subsequently have good mental health. Better mental health keeps the individual happy, and positive vibes influence those around him. As children, individuals are given immense love for them to grow up loving and wholeheartedly accepting themselves. In today's world, self-love is necessary to survive happily, and family fun time dramatically contributes to it.

4.Family values, role models

Having frequent family fun time also sets traditions for the families. So even when the children grow up and move out, they remember their roots and family values. Of course, these family values are taught during the same family fun time when parents are role models. These role models are what shape a child's future and outlook on life. To prepare a child for a better future, the parents must pose themselves as role models. When they grow up, the children take these values with them and lead their lives, taking inspiration from their parents. It is an ideal environment for children to be taught, by example, instead of forcing views upon them.

the reason for family fun time - family value

5. Confidence

Finally, family fun time is an excellent opportunity to nurture a child as a confident individual. Being able to communicate with others and interacting can help children be convinced. Similarly, they can share better with others outside their homes as well. This level of confidence benefits a lot of other aspects such as work-life and education. It also positively impacts their relationships with their spouses and children. It is also essential to encourage them to arrange a family fun time for their own families. Understanding one's weaknesses and strengths, working on them, and accepting them can significantly improve self-esteem.

reasons for family fun time - confidence

How can we enjoy our family fun time?

There are so many ways you can arrange and enjoy a family fun time. Families can list down a day everyone can mutually agree on and the kind of activities they collectively enjoy. Here is a list of activities you can plan for your family fun time;

  • BBQ night in the garden
  • Boardgame night (Monopoly, Taboo, Life, Pictionary)
  • Movie night
  • A picnic in the local park
  • A road trip to the suburbs
  • Cooking a fun meal together
  • Creating DIY crafts together
  • Plan special days for important events (Birthdays, Anniversaries, Holidays, Achievements)
  • Transforming an area/room of your house
  • Working out together
  • Evening tea time

These are simple yet unique ideas that can help you enjoy family fun time to the maximum. There are several steps you can take to make the most out of your family time.

Step 1- Decide on a designated day of the week and mutually agree on which activity everyone would like to indulge.

Step 2- Block your schedule and get rid of all distractions, including technology. Have your family fun time the old school way.

Step 3- Just come together and enjoy a family fun time.

It is that simple as that to have a successful family fun time. This way, your family can look forward to more family fun time in the future.

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Apps like FamiSafe are a great source of ensuring such controls and keeping the parents in the loop. It can help parents stay aware of the influence technology is having on their children. Parents can be mindful of their child being a victim of bullying, even if they are consuming malicious content that is affecting their personalities. To also have a proactive approach, you can use the App and Website blocker feature. It can help you take action, so it's never too late to handle the situation. The app charges a very minimal amount of money for excellent services. It gives the parent great control over their children's gadgets and keeping them safe from any harmful content or influence.

famisafe smart schedule

It has already been established how essential it is to ensure a family fun time for a healthier and happier family. Children grow up way too soon; remember to have lots of family fun to make unforgettable memories. Regularly having a family fun time together will create a sense of belonging. It results in the family sticking together through thick and thin. To conclude, every individual of the family should aim towards improving their relationships.

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