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Parents Need to Know: Online Safety Tips for Kids

Online Safety Tips for Kids

The internet these days is very vast and full of content. A person can easily approach anything in the world now. Online has made the world so easy and reachable that people are now running their millions of businesses online. People have become rich and wealthy by using the online platform effectively. So, where a vast platform has many pros, it comes up with many cons too. People should also be aware of online safety tips for kids to save their children from the internet's unwilling actions.


What kind of online dangers are kids facing?

The online world is colorful and helps us enrich our lives with profound information, but it also has some bad effects. Especially children, who are not very capable of discrimination and self-protection, are easy to encounter bad things online. Parents must be careful about these common threats online.

1. Cyberbullying

Cyber-bullying is one of the significant online dangers for a child. About 90% of teens agree that cyber-bullying is done online for different reasons. Social applications and games are very much used by the children where the cyber-bullying is done every time. Cyber-bullying is common all over the internet. Insulting, laughing at someone, body shaming, and making the other person down are examples of cyber-bullying. Most of the people who do cyber-bullying don't realize that it is not fun at all. Cyber-bullying has caused suicides among teens.

online safety tips - cyberbullying

2. Cyber hunters

Cyber hunters are people who stalk children and take benefits from their innocence. These sorts of incidents occur due to a lack of adult supervision. These people are on social media and in the games which our kids love to play. They quickly managed to manipulate a child's mind, which can be dangerous for a child.

3. Leak of personal information

Kids these days post their personal information on social media, i.e., address, house pictures, family photos, etc. Social media is a public platform, not a private forum. So posting personal/confidential information can lead to something harmful.

4. Phishing

Phishing is done through emails. The criminals gathered information from the most popular website among teenagers and tried to take their data and email them.

5. Downloading viruses/malware

The internet is a very beneficial platform but is full of misleading content too. Some applications or downloading material carry viruses/malware. FamiSafe allows the parent to block the website or application with their mobile phones to buy the app block feature. Viruses can even lead to the elimination of the whole system of the computer or mobile phones.

6. Scams online

Online safety tips for kids are very important because most scam victims are these kids. Kids are immature and can fall for any scam by showing them butterflies. Kids get very easily trapped because they are unaware of the wrong people in society.

Online safety tips for kids:

Safety is essential, whether it is physical or online. One should take safety precautions in their life because you never know what problem the incident might catch you. In online platforms, one cannot physically interact with the other person. Therefore, it is difficult for even adults to tell if the one we are talking to online is good or not. To better protect our kids from online dangers, here are some online safety tips that can are useful:

Online safety tips for kids

  • Protect your private information: You should never post your personal information on social media or any game because these online platforms are never private. Do not put on too much personal information on your social app profile and refuse to share information like your school name with strangers meet online.
  • Store your password wisely: Password should never be shared with anyone but only with the parents. While being on a public computer, do make sure that you have signed out your account properly. It is also recommended that you do not log into your social accounts when using public Wi-Fi.
  • Get a nickname: Never set your social account or other screen names by any of your personal information like birthday, real name, school, or location. Online predators can collect things like this and find out your identity.
  • Take a second thought before posting pictures: Try not to post any personal photos online. If you really want to share some pictures on your social account like Instagram or Facebook, you can ask your parents for advice.
  • Beware of online friends: Never make an online friend without your parent's permission or share your daily life with them because you never know is that a real or an authentic person or not.
  • Ignore online Ads: Do not click or buy through online ads. You may end up download malware or get your payment information hacked by clicked on ads online randomly. These online ads do have scams too.
  • Download from authentic source only: Do take guidance from your parent or an adult guardian before downloading any application. Never click on a download link from any unknown or uncensored websites.
  • Know how to deal with cyberbullying: Cyberbullying is a common thing in today's digital age. Anyone can be exposed to cyberbullying for reasons that do not hold. Never respond or reply to the bullying or mean comments online as it will not make them stop. Enjoy your life is more important.
  • Get a social account when it is time: Many social media platforms have a minimum age requirement for signing up. Signing being underage is inappropriate and against the guidelines. So, if you are under age, do not sign up for these social media apps. Save the best for the most proper time.

What can parents do to ensure their teen's online safety?

After we teach our kids about the online safety tips, we may be thinking about what more can we do to keep them safe? Applying a parental control app to keep an eye on your kid's online activity may be a good choice. Parental control apps can help filter inappropriate information from your kid's device, track your kid's location or set up screen time restrictions. Among all the parental control apps on the market, we would like to recommend FamiSafe to you.

Supports Android, iOS, Fire OS, Mac, and Windows devices, FamiSafe makes it effortless to monitor every digital device of your kids. Moreover, it is equipped with up to 10 features to make monitoring easier than ever.

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  • Web Filter & SafeSearch
  • Screen Time Limit & Schedule
  • Location Tracking & Driving Report
  • App Blocker & App Activity Tracker
  • YouTube History Monitor & Video Blocker
  • Social Media Texts & Porn Images Alerts

What FamiSafe can do for your kids' online safety?

Making an online portal is easy but maintaining quality is the most primary aspect. FamiSafe offers carefree service for the parents towards their children. It has come up with the features that a parent wants to see while taking their child's mobile phone but now through their mobile phone. Parents should learn online safety tips for kids through FamiSafe. Let me give you a tour of FamiSafe's support features.

FamiSafe feature

1. Phone activity timeline:

This shows the activity on the child's mobile phone. You will be able to learn which videos have been watched on YouTube, how many times an application is launched, recent installed/uninstalled apps, etc. If you are worried about what your kids are up to with their phones, this feature will make life easier.

2. App blocker:

You can block apps that are inappropriate for their kids using this feature. If you feel like your kids have spent too much time playing games instead of studying, you can either block the game directly or set up a time limit for it. Once an app is blocked, your kids will not be able to access it anymore, and you will receive a notification when they try to launch the app.

FamiSafe-App blocker and usage

3. Website filter & browser history:

Parents can filter inappropriate websites to protect their kids from harmful information using FamiSafe's Web Filter. It has more than 10 built-in databases of different websites databases. All you need to do is turn on the toggle next to it. If you would like to learn what your kids are browsing online, it is possible with the Browser History feature. Even if your kids are browsing under the incognito mode, you can still track their browsing history.

Online safety is very important these days as the new era is full of technology. The whole world has now been shifted online from studies, work, entertainment, job, database, and much more. Being online has made everyone's life easier. Things that were supposed to be done within days or even months are now being done within seconds. So the online platform is full of great examples, but with great illustrations, it also has a dark side as bad people are everywhere. Thus, don't hesitate to teach your kid's the above mention online safety tips.

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