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Parenting Tips: Get These Excellent Science Websites for Kids

Get These Excellent Science Websites for Kids?

Looking for some science websites for kids?

Many significant names in science history were not college graduates when they started their work. In fact, there are scientists who presented remarkable work and theories due to their interest in science since childhood.

Many scientists would not have existed if they were disregarded for their science passion in their early ages. With that childhood curiosity they had and thirst for knowledge, these bright minds began experimenting in their teenage. Their determination impacted the world more than many of us realize.

science websites for kids

One such famous story is of Isaac Newton. During the early years, his high marks in school and his devotion to studies, especially in science, were impressive. Although Newton's mother wanted to make him a farmer by removing him from school, his uncle and schoolmaster advised his mother that young Newton must attend school and finish his education.

Isaac Newton finished school in 1661 and attended Cambridge University. He developed several scientific discoveries and laws, especially in physics, that now school students study in their science course.

All this leads to one simple conclusion: it is vital for kids to learn science, and free science websites for kids are an excellent resource for that.

Apart from science websites, kids also can make the most use of TikTok to study, which can be more interesting and engaging to little kids. Click the link to get the Top 8 Educational TikTok Accounts for Kids.

Why Is It Important For Kids To Learn Science?

Naturally, young children are curious about things and are full of questions about the world and what's going on around them. Therefore, parents and teachers must take advantage of their distinctive curiosity and start guiding their science enthusiasm as soon as possible.

In the formative years, providing opportunities for scientific discoveries is very fruitful to young children in many ways:

  • Science helps develop key life skills in children, including effective communication, remaining focused and organized, and having opinions based on their observations. Moreover, science brings overall awareness and enhances the senses in children.

With science educational activities, children get the opportunity to develop and practice different attributes and skills such as team working, collaborative skills, problem-solving techniques, and analytical reasoning.

  • Young kids are hands-on learners, and nature provides them so many such opportunities, which is why you should never underestimate the power of learning through play. Their intellectual development becomes faster when they interact with the environment.

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  • As children are primed for learning, what they learn will impact their interest in future life. It is said that the interest in science in students develop during their elementary years.

Children are never afraid to ask Why? and How? In these early years, if they do not spend time on science, they are missing out on their prime timings to learn.

  • You can introduce children to scientific concepts even with the simplest activities that can stimulate their scientific thinking. Scientific knowledge and education gained in the early years make the foundation strong in terms of how it is learned and what it is learned.

If their knowledge base is good in science subject areas, it will stand in a good place, and they can have many career opportunities in the future.

How Do I Get My Child Into Science?

Though parents are keen to teach their kids science-related topics, many lack the tools and methods to instigate science love in children. Whether you take kids out into the backyard to observe the ants colony or tell them about seed reproduction, take advantage of these everyday scenarios as learning opportunities.

You can make science simple and fun for kids with these easy tips:

  • Explore More: Science exists everywhere; thus, a visit to your nearest park or backyard with your kid offers many learning opportunities. Ask your child questions related to natural processes and encourage him/her to question their surroundings. If you are unsure of something, then explore the answer together. It will develop research skills in your kid.
  • Get Some Science Equipment: If you see that your kid is more interested in learning, get some science equipment based on their interests. For instance, if the kid loves to learn about stars and planets, a telescope would be the best gift. You can get them some farming tools if they love nature or an inexpensive microscope if they are biology enthusiasts.

science websites for kids - 2

  • Teach Them About Their Bodies: Kids need to know how our bodies work, and they like to know about it. Why we feel hungry and eat food, which is then burnt off. Why body needs sleep to energize and heal, educate your kids about these natural body processes. It will help them maintain their health and well-being while falling in love with science.

Top Science Websites For Kids

An exciting way of introducing science to kids is through science websites for kids. Here are some free science websites for kids that will help your child learn science.

science websites for kids - 3

1. Smithsonians National Air & Space Museum

Smithsonian museum is a magical place for a child. Apart from in-person visits, you can learn a lot on its website online, such as exploring astronomy, learning about amazing historical discoveries and current research.

2. BrainPOP

It is one of the best free science websites for kids that offers educational videos and lessons with animation covering several science-related topics. Every topic comes with associated activities, illustrative videos, and quizzes.

3. My First Garden

It is a fantastic science website for kids that teach them what they can plant and educate them about conditions required to grow plants they choose. From planting a seed to planning a garden, this science website for kids covers it all.

4. Earthquakes for Kids

The USGS provides an excellent resource on earthquake education in the form of pictures, facts, puzzles, and games. Your kid can even ask a question to a geologist for clarification on any topic.

5. National Geographic Kids

This Nat Geo science website for kids enables them to discover more about the world with the help of games, apps, videos, and other such materials.

science websites for kids - 3

6. Discovery Mind Blown

It is another one of the top free science websites for kids and is an excellent source of educational content in the form of videos on different science topics. The site provides interactive games for kids, and you will find everything from the solar system to cool science experiments here.

7. Climate Kids

This is another website of NASA that focuses on the climate of the Earth and the impact of global change. Kids can learn about the earths climate with the help of games, activities, informative videos, and more.

8. Science Kids

As the name depicts, this science website for kids features a treasure cave of science-related educational material in the form of online games, lesson plans, free activities, experiments, and much more.

9. Kids Discover Online

This one is not one of the free science websites for kids but an excellent lesson plan site. This is a library of science along with social studies articles that focus on differentiation by reading level, allowing you to use the articles for different ages and skill levels.

10. Frontiers for Young Minds

This website has intriguing science articles and age-appropriate content, which makes it an engaging and excellent resource. The helping images make the content even more interesting.

Now, allowing your kids to improve their science knowledge with science websites for kids also means allowing them to use different devices with the internet. Thus, you must use a parental control app to ensure the appropriate use of the internet for which you can use FamiSafe.

What is FamiSafe?

Introducing kids to science websites is a good thing, but you must have a parenting app to monitor their activities. One such effective parental control app is FamiSafe. It is available on iOS and android and has various advanced features such as restricting applications, limits, location history, content blocking, setting time limits, web history monitors, etc.

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Depending on your requirements, you can opt for its free version or a premium account that comes with many advanced features. You do not need to manage anything on the kid's device; you can set everything on your phone once the app is installed.

You can easily keep track of your busy family throughout the day without even bothering them with just a GPS and FamiSafe app on your phone. With Geo-fencing and interactive real-time location tracking, you can view your child's location with landmarks and street addresses.

A child's brain is similar to a blank slate. It will fill up with what they learn from their surroundings and what they are taught in schools and by parents. Therefore, you must use this perfect opportunity to make your child learn science and encourage them to discover more about life and nature. Science websites for kids can help with this immensely, but you need to have a monitoring system in place as well.

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