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Top 8 Funny Reading Apps to Motivate Kids on Android & iOS

Funny Reading Apps for Android & iOS

Nowadays, with technology on the rise, it won’t be wrong to say that we live in a digital era. Technology has set its foot in every field of our life. It has spread its roots in education and has a great impact on our learning abilities. Kids these days are more accustomed to interactive learning; hence, more and more apps are being developed to integrate technology and learning. This is beneficial for both parents and children as parents can use such apps to distract kids from useless timewasting games, and kids can form healthy digital habits in a fun way. While there are many brain-boosting apps, one effective tool is reading apps for kids.

Funny Reading App for Kids

Why Kids Need Reading Apps?

Reading apps can help kids learn how to read and polish their elocution skills. While traditional hard-copy books will forever stay as the number one source of reading, not everyone enjoys them. A lot of kids find reading boring. Reading apps for kids fit the modern lifestyle and encourage kids to read. Moreover, reading apps are a better alternative to useless games and internet surfing.

Some more reasons why kids today need reading apps are as follows.

  • Reading apps can improve your intelligence and imagination.
  • Using reading apps is a healthy and positive activity to kill time.
  • Reading apps have a wide range of book collections to choose from.
  • Reading apps can enhance your intellectual abilities.
  • Reading apps are good for gaining and retaining knowledge.

So, now you know the importance of reading and how beneficial reading apps for kids can be. Let us talk about the top 8 reading apps available for Android and iOS, which can help improve your kid’s reading habits.

Top 4 Funny Reading Apps for Kids on Android

Here are the four best reading apps for kids on Android.

1. Teach Your Monster to Read

Teach Your Monster to Read is a very popular and award-winning reading app for kids. It allows you to teach kids how to read. This app makes reading fun, simple, and exciting. It is excellent for small kids who are in the early stages of learning. Hence, Teach Your Monster to Read is suitable for kids between 3 years to 7 years of age.

This reading app is perfect for the early stages of reading because it comes with simple educational activities such as matching letters and audio cues. What makes this app better than others is that it has been developed by child learning experts and follows proper phonetics. You can download Teach Your Monster to Read on Android as well as iOS.

Teach Your Monster to Read

2. EPIC!

Epic is a digital library for kid’s books that contains many children’s books for all ages. This book reading app is home to different types of books belonging to various genres such as adventure, fantasy, Sci-fi, etc. All the books here are suitable for all children. A cool feature of this app is that it functions like Netflix. Parents and teachers can sign up create four user profiles for readers. Then kids can use these profiles to access the vast library of books.

Moreover, Epic also comes with audio sounds and music to make the reading experience more enjoyable and engaging. You can download this reading app for kids on both iOS and Android.


3. Endless Reader

Endless Reader is one of the best reading apps for kids because it promoted interactive learning. It is suitable for kids, age 4 and above. Endless Reader used visual tools such as placards, animations, and illustrations to grab the kids’ attention. The background music also makes it a lot more fun to read and learn.

Endless Reader is a very useful platform for all kids to learn spellings, sentence structuring, and basic phonics. Use this app as a stepping stone to teach your kid how to read properly.

Endless Reader

4. Reading Rainbow

Reading Rainbow was originally a children’s TV show. Today, it has evolved into an entertaining reading app for kids. This app has a plethora of audiobooks for children with amusing sounds and animations. Use this app as a teaching tool to get your kids reading. Moreover, Reading Rainbow also teaches basic habits and attitudes.

With the help of Reading Rainbow, children can develop reading, writing, and illustration skills at an early age.

Reading Rainbow

Top 4 Funny Reading Apps for Kids on iOS

Here are the best 4 kids reading apps for Apple iOS:

1. Homer

Homer is an excellent app that teaches kids basics phonics and reading skills. It is a game based reading lesson that teaches kids how to read with the help of a character named “Wickle”. Wickle moves through a park where he earns points for listing, reading, and playing games educational games.

Being one of the top reading apps for kids on Apple Store, Homer is suitable for kids 2-8 years of age. This early learning app will definitely make your kids fall in love with reading.


2. ABC Kids

ABC Kids is a reading app for young kids. It is a fun and free app for toddlers and Kindergarten kids to learn phonics and alphabets. With the help of different games and quizzes, ABC Kids enables kids to read through letter matching, spelling games, audio sounds, etc.

All in all, ABC Kids is a great app for all the kids, and that is why it has over 10 million downloads! Want to know what makes it so special? Well, you should download it and see for yourself.

ABC Kids

3. Bookster

Bookster is a kid’s friendly reading app with a huge library of different books. This app is designed while keeping the kid’s literacy in mind. Tweens can use this app to read both fiction and non-fiction books. Moreover, Bookster also contains audiobooks to help kids with phonics and pronunciations.

To put it briefly, Bookster is a great reading app that is super easy and fun to use, so your kids will love it!


4. Tales2Go

Tales2Go is a paid reading app for kids as it contains subscription audiobooks. The developers of Tales2Go believe that kids should be good listeners before they can be good readers. Hence, it is a great app to improve kid’s oral language skills and vocabulary to become proficient readers. Tales2Go app is more suitable for kids above age 9.

To conclude, Tales2go is a very powerful literacy and learning tool to develop fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension skills.


How Can FamiSafe Help In Encouraging Kids To Read?

FamiSafe is a parental control device that parents can use to limit the screen time of their kids and monitor their digital health. Parents can use this app to instill reading habits in kids by blocking useless gaming apps and encouraging them to read. They can also block the kids’ devices after a specific time or set a schedule that will remind them to read.

Useful Features of FamiSafe

Some more interesting features of FamiSafe that parents can use to motivate kids to read are:

• Screen Time Features

With the help of this feature, you can track the total time your kid spends on a smartphone or tablet. They can also block the screen and set a specific time limit. Moreover, in the case of good behavior, parents can also give rewards screen time to children. Hence, parents can use this feature to motivate kids to read, and as a reward, they get additional screen time.

FamiSafe Screen Time

• Block App and Check App Usage

This feature of FamiSafe allows parents to block inappropriate apps and check all the apps that are in use. By using this app, parents can block addictive games and distract kids with reading apps.

FamiSafe App Blocker & App Usage

  • Web Filtering
  • Location Tracking & Geo-fencing
  • App Blocker & App Activity Report
  • Screen Time Limit & Schedule
  • Explicit Content & Suspicious Photos Detection

Reading plays an important role in life. This one skill is the backbone of major life skills such as intellectual ability, learning aptitude, and understanding. With the help of reading apps for kids, you can teach your child how to read and improve their vocabulary. So, choose one of the apps mentioned above and teach your kids the art of reading!

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