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Hide Text Messages App: Why Teens Want To Use?

Hide Text Messages App

Kids today are very different! Unlike before, kids today, who now form a significant part of the millennial community, have a few tricks up their sleeves. One common denominator among them is their need for privacy.

The need for privacy created the opportunity for innovators and entrepreneurs to develop applications for hiding messages to help these millennial keep their lives private. Hide text messages apps are applications that help individuals protect contents sent to their devices.


Why teens use apps to hide text messages

Kids today more so teenagers have access to one or more communication devices like smartphones, laptops, iPods, and so forth. They use these devices to communicate with their friends and people in social media. Interacting with other people is a good thing. However, many feel obligated to hide messages from their parents or guardians.


Research shows that almost all teens globally use hide messages app to conceal details to their messages. Some of the reasons include:

  • The content of the messages: this is among the main reason why teens hide their messages. When a child has been prohibited from using certain words or photos, they will result to using hide messages apps. This, they believe, creates room for them to use this language or send photos without having to upset their parents. They also believe it prevents them from getting into trouble. You know the notion of "what they don't know won't hurt them."
  • Talking to prohibited individuals: Teens are bound to form various forms of relations; some good and others bad. During this stage of their lives, many parents purpose to keep a keen watch of their children's behaviors. They hope by doing so, they will help their children make the right decisions, follow the right crowd, and eventually get the necessary skills needed to tackle life. It is at this stage; parents result in asking kids not to talk to certain types of people. If a child makes friends or forms a relationship with a prohibited individual, they will try to hide conservations with this individual(s).
  • To rebel: while this might not be common among many teens, some use hide text message apps to prove a point. Others want to piss off their parents. This is mainly demonstrated by teens whose parents keep snooping around their things. The need for privacy will force these kids to protect their devices despite not having anything to hide. They are telling their parents there is nothing much they can do despite all their snooping around.
  • Copying parents and peers: Some install hide message apps to their devices not because they need, but because they have seen their friends, schoolmates, and family do so. They install the apps for their phones or other devices to be as "cool" as other people they know.

Dangers of hiding text messages

To the teens, hiding text messages might seem like the best solution for their need for privacy, but the contrary is true. Hiding stuff, especially information does no good to anyone. Hiding text messages for teenagers can lead to:

  1. Kidnapping: Many kids have been kidnapped because they began conservations with their attackers and hide it from their parents. They end up trusting the wrong people, which results in the attack.
  2. Bad behavior: Because parents do not have access to his communications, it becomes hard for them to monitor who their teens are in contact with. They are also not able to know the kind of language their kid is exposed to.
  3. Fall victims of peer pressure: while parents try their best to talk to their kids, some of the pressure might be too much for some to bear. This, especially, is seen when the parent is not aware of the situation. By hiding their messages, parents will not be able to see the kind of pressure their kids are facing, especially from social media groups. Peer pressure could result in some stealing, teen pregnancy, and drug use.
  4. Sex predators: Sadly, many teens have become victims of sexual predators. In their quest to hide their lives, they end up talking to the wrong people who linger, waiting for innocent children. The predators request for nudes giving them the assurance that no one will find out, especially if they have a hide text message app.

Top 5 popular apps to hide text messages

Here are some popular apps to hide text messages.

Shady contacts

This application helps people to protect their messages and call logs. Its main features include; unlock code protection using pin or pattern. It also has options for hiding apps from the launcher and hiding SMS and call logs from stock apps.


Vault-Hide SMS Pics and Videos

Vault helps people to control their security by keeping their photos, recordings, SMS, and contacts private. It conceals information from unwanted third parties. It does everything a vault does! It is password protected. All data is stored in a safe place and is only accessed through the Vault platform.


Message Locker-SMS Lock

This application is an app locker that will lock stock messaging as well as other apps. The app allows users to see the list of apps it might have locked. One can also block more by using the plus button.


Private SMS & Call – Hide Text

This app works by creating a safe space called private space. The app requires individuals to set up a PIN Backed code that will be used to access the app.


Calculator Pro+ – Private Message & Call Screening

This app is a calculator on the outside and a vault on the inside. It looks like a standard calculator making it less suspicious. It has specific numbers that should be keyed in for one to view content on your phone.


How to find hidden text messages app

1. Hire experts

Parents can seek professionals who understand more about finding hidden text messages. it is advisable to get people who have a large following or a good record.

2. Ask other people

While the internet might have many answers, you can also ask friends, co-workers, and families who have been successful in finding hidden text messages apps.

3. Use FamiSafe

FamiSafe is a parental control app that helps many monitor their kid's activities. The application has many features, including location tracking, cyberbullying prevention, web filtering, screen time control, and much more.

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  • Web Filtering
  • Location Tracking & Geo-fencing
  • App Blocker & App Activity Report
  • Screen Time Limit & Schedule
  • Explicit Content & Suspicious Photos Detection

FamiSafe is the ideal app for finding hidden text messages apps on your kids' device. This application gives parents access to information on what apps are frequently visited what apps have been installed and uninstalled. It also allows parents to block app usage, especially during study time or sleep time. Through FamiSafe, parents are can set to get alerts if their kids use specific keywords. However, parents need to understand the app does not give them access to all chat messages. They only get alerts if the child uses the highlighted keywords.


Here is the deal! Children today, more so teenagers are exposed to many dangerous activities through the use of devices like phones, computers, and the likes. Parents should take all necessary steps to ensure their kids are trained well and have all the information to help them make the correct decision. This is not enough! As a parent, one should go their way and use apps like FamiSafe to monitor their kids' activities. However, it is important to remember; this should be done by making the child feel you are evading their privacy.

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