Adult Social Media Sites & Apps Parents Should Know

Adult Social Media Sites & Apps Parents

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Social Media has a host of potential benefits in the life of your kids and teenagers. The list includes improving social interactions, learning, and creativity. However, social media comes with its bad side as it allows anyone to upload and post any content freely, therefore, making your kid or teen more exposed to social vices and explicit content strictly meant for adults.

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Besides, advancement in technology has made adult social media available to most teenagers and kids for free. This prompts the need for parents to be aware of these adult social media and ways to protect their teens from such media sites and apps.

Effects of Adult Social Media on Teens

Just before you hand-over that phone or gadget with access to social media for your kids. You do need to be aware of the risks involved as a parent.

1. Depression

Social media sometimes imposes an emotional disturbance on someone's health, and there is no exception to the use of adult social media. It could result when your teenager feels inferior or thinks they can't keep up to par with current trends on social platforms.

2. Addiction

When your kids get used to seeing Adult stuff on adult social media, the excitement contained won't allow them to shift their focus on other things. Teenagers with their inquisitive mindset would like to learn and watch more. This, in the long run, stimulates addiction.

3. Negative Emulation:

A teenager using adult social media tends to emulate negative influences from other adult users. Adult social media can incorporate negative behavioral patterns in teenagers. This influence might come from movie stars, porn, socially abusive individuals.

4. Cyberbullying:

The intricacies of adult social media do mean your Teenager is not spared from online treats from other users. They could be attacked through the use of texts in the form of malicious messages. If not properly monitored, it can make your kids harm themselves.

5. Lowers self-esteem:

Your teen might feel the need to start comparing themselves to adult celebrities and friends they get in contact with on adult social media apps and sites. Whenever your teenager tries to keep up to pace with the trends they learned on these social media platforms, they tend to lose their self-respect and dignity.

6. Lack of Concentration:

The use of adult social media may impede focus on the part of your teenager. They become less focused as they tend to think of a previous post they saw on social media sites rather than their schoolwork. This could further reduce your teen's learning span and affect overall academic performances.

3 Popular Adult Social Media Sites

1. Reddit:

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Reddit is a social media site focused on posts related to news and entertainment, but it's no alternative to any blogging site. However, it can be integrated into another blogging platform where users can post adult related content. Unlike Facebook or Twitter, Reddit uses an upvote system for viewers to give impressions on contents posted by a user on the adult media site. Threads can be made from long lists of comments, which makes the comment section sometimes important than the post themselves.

2. Mastodon:

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Mastodon is an Open source social networking site that combines the best features of Twitter and web (even better) for interaction with a large network of people. Being an Open source social media model makes the whole site exciting and allows people to bring innovations and ideas to the community. It only comes with support for well mature content and blocks out hate words. However, it is a social media site that allows posting of adult X-rated content. Be guaranteed that mastodon is a safe haven to post your content.

3. Newgrounds:

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This is a social media website that allows its users to share anything from Flashy animations, artworks, audio, and movies. Newsground over the years has been held in a controversial situation for promoting adult related content. Owning to the fact that it allows its users to post and share adult related content without fear of being banned. There is hardly any American teen that hasn't come across the Newground social media site and might entail parents to take a conscious effort to dissuade their kids from such a site.

Popular Adult Social Media Apps

1. Snapchat:

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From snap ads, filters, and demographics. The Snap Chat is your no app for video and photo posts. With Snapchat, you can take pictures and videos, add special effects and filters then share with friends.

2. Tiktok:

adult social media Tiktok

The TikTok is a social media app that allows users to post exclusive short-term videos (no more than 30 seconds). It is an adult social media app often used among teenagers.

3. Badoo:

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It is a meet up social media app that allows its users to make new friends and dates within a geographical location. This app will enable you to create posts, hobbies, and interact exclusively. It is an adult social media restrictive to age-grade from 18 years upwards.

How Parents Protect Teens From Adult Social Media

While you can't eliminate or ban the use of social media for your kids. There are still profound ways you can protect them as a responsible parent.

1. Using parental monitoring app Famisafe: It is becoming impossible to keep track of all your teens' activity on social media. That's why you need the best offer of a parental control app known as FamiSafe. The FamiSafe app comes with features that help monitor your teen online activities irrespective of distance. As a parent, you can set explicit Keywords and receive alerts when such keywords are sent in the form of messages to your Kids. The FamiSafe is two way; it should be installed and activated on both parent's and teens' phones. And it available on both Android and iOS devices, respectively. Among other things, FamiSafe help parents protect their Kid from social Media by:

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  • Web Filtering & Blocker
  • Location Tracking & Geo-fencing
  • App Blocker & App Activity Tracker
  • Screen Time Limit & Schedule
  • Social Media Texts & Porn Images Monitoring
    • Blocking Social Media Apps and Websites: With FamiSafe, you can always block any adult social media site or apps you don't want your teen to have access too. This specification is in place to prevent your teen from using a particular social media app once they have not reached the minimum age requirements.
    • Setting Screen Time Limit: You can always reduce the amount of time spent by Kids on their social media accounts. FamiSafe helps set a particular time or duration. Your teenager can have access to their phones to create more time for school work.
    • Detecting Explicit Contents: Explicit contents from posts, comments targeted to your kids on social media platforms like Snapchat, Facebook, Tiktok can always be detected through the FamiSafe app.

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  • Tracking your Teenagers location: The track real-time location is a feature that keeps you updated about your kid's location from any kilometer radius. This allows you to get updates about your Kids whereabouts, and then you will be able to warn him/her about restricted areas.

2. Maximize the use of parental controls in adult social media apps: Most adult social media accounts by default are set to public on initial set-up. Once your teen signs-up on any of them, their identity remains public to a general audience. In this instance, your teenagers could be abused by strangers. However, many of these so-called adult social media apps come with parental control and privacy settings, which you can use to your teen's advantage to ensure their digital well-being.

3. Parent-child Interactions: As a parent, allocate time from busy schedules to have real-time conversations with your teenagers. Let them know the dangers of getting too involved with social media. You could set gadget-free days and go out on works to minimize the use of Social Media. Let your teen keep solace with you and not on adult social media platforms.


Most of the social media sites are usually based on use by adults and more mature individuals. However, as years go by, there is an increasing trend of teenagers (and even kids) involved in the use of adult social media (the likes of Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and the likes). This sends a Red flag to you as a parent, and there is a need to aware of the dangers and ways you can protect your teens from abuse on adult social media platforms.

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