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Apex Legends Review for Parents: What Should They Know?

What Should They Know about Apex Legend?

Apex Legends is a battle royal game that is free-to-play and in a lot of ways similar to Fortnite. Players often have access to lots of content on the game without paying. There are five seasons available, and it is presently in its fifth season. Also, Apex Legends is available on Xbox One, Windows, and PlayStation 4. If your kid is a gamer who likes the fight-to-the-finish style of game, there is every chance he is playing Apex Legends or will ask for it soon. So, as parents, it is the best you know if the game can affect your kid. Also, you should find out if it is addicting and too violent. The answers are a few steps away!

Apex Legends - a battle royal game

What Age Is Apex Legends Suitable For?

You need an Electronic Arts account that is active if you want to play Apex Legends. To have an account, you need to be 13 years old and above. Any age below that will be restricted. However, the frantic violence and online chat make Common Sense Media recommend that kids from 14 years old and above should be the ones playing the game.

Is Apex Legends Safe For Kids?

Sometimes, playing games like Apex Legends is not all games and fun. Kids can be at risk of sexual exploitation, identity theft, bullying, credit card fraud, and more. Below are a few notes about the dangers of Apex Legends for kids.

1. Risk of swearing and graphic language - Three people are always on a squad in the game, and your kid can text chat and voice chat. Often, the kid is on the team with strangers that can swear and alter some offensive words during the game session. If you are not careful, your kids can start imitating the language of his or her teammates.

swearing and graphic language in this game

2. Exposure to cyberbully - Sometimes, the game may not go the way your kid's team members thought it would, and they can start blaming your kid. So, the others can begin harassing, sending rude texts, abusing, threatening, and expressing aggression towards the kid. This can affect him/her emotionally, leading to depression, low self-esteem, and much more.

Exposure to cyberbully

3. Security risk - if your kids use their real name, age, location, or other personally identifiable information, cybercriminals can manipulate their conversation and ask for detailed personal information. When they get the info, they can hack your child's other accounts like Social Media. Also, they can create new accounts using your kid's complete details. Besides, there are times when hackers will pose as a teammate and ask for credit card details.

Security risk

4. Risk of addiction - video games are generally designed to be challenging so that gamers can keep coming back for more. So, the way Apex Legends is designed, your kids can become addicted to it. Your kid can start feeling restless when he/she is unable to play and also spend more time playing than doing other things.

Risk of addiction

5. Risk of fear or violence no doubt, there is violent content on the game, and some of the actions such as fast and frantic game battles, and bloody fights can have effects on your kid. Although different kids are affected by media violence in different ways, your kids can either be at the risk of getting afraid easily or start showing some violent behaviors.

Additionally, you can also find out if Apex Legends is safe for kids or not by checking Parents' reviews about the game. Here are some of the real reviews by parents:

1. Terrible game - My children deserve to have fun while playing Nintendo. These disgusting people keep calling my children "toxic", even though they bathe twice a day like everyone else! 0 out of ten!

2. Rude and immature - When my kid started the game, he was also verbally abused and targeted for no reason.

Apex Legends vs. Fortnite: What're The Differences?

1. Apex Legends is a first-person game. It means everything you do happen from your player character's perspective. So, the only thing you can see is what is in front of you. On the other hand, Fortnite is a third-person game. The position of the camera is at the rear of the player's character.

2. In Apex Legends, you can't play alone as it only supports three-player teams. However, Fortnite allows single-player mode where you will have to survive against more than 90 other players.

3. Apex Legends presently have eight characters, with each having its unique abilities. On the other hand, there are no characters to add extra ability to the mix in Fortnite.

4. In Apex Legends, players don't build stuff, but in Fortnite, you can construct and build things.

5. You can't destroy structures in Apex Legend. However, structures are destructible in Fortnite

6. The movement mechanics of Apex Legend is better than that of its counterpart.

7. Fortnite offers weapons that look more traditional, but its counterpart offers sci-fi type of weapons and guns that come from the Titan Universe.

8. The battle pass of Apex does not have challenges where players can complete to earn in-game currency, but Fortnite does.

How Do Parents Make Apex Legends Safe For Kids?

Even though play the game can come with some dangers as mentioned above, kids can still play the game safely with proper guidance from the parent and right chat settings. You can also make use of a reliable parental control app like FamiSafe.

1. Encourage your kid to be on a squad only with friends or people he knows

Apex Legends does not compel players to form a squad with strangers. So, your kid has the option of teaming up with anyone he likes. If he creates a team with friends, family, or people he is familiar with, there will be little to no chance of falling victim to the dangers involved in playing Apex Legends as kids.

2. Use the right chat settings

One of the safest ways to play the game is to ensure you mute the text and voice chat. When you do this, let your kids understand that it is for their safety and make sure they don't change the settings. With this, it means the kid won't have the opportunity to interact with other players and vice-versa.

Is There A Parental App That Can Keep Your Kid Safe?

Sure, FamiSafe is a parental control app that can help you achieve the aim of keeping your kids safe while using an app, visiting a website, and more. It comes with reliable features that can help you curb cyberbullying, addiction, and security risk.

1. Web filter: You can see the browsing history of your kids and also block the websites you don't want them to visit again. Another benefit of this feature on FamiSafe is that you can view deleted history.

FamiSafe - Web Filter

2. App block - usage: If there is an app you don't want your kid to use, you can block them using this feature. Also, you can easily find out the apps used and set a time limit for an application if you see that the kid spends too much time on it.

FamiSafe - App block

3. Activity Report:

With this feature, you can know when an app is used and for how long. You will also know if an app has been deleted or newly installed.

FamiSafe - Activity Report

  • Web Filtering
  • Location Tracking & Geo-fencing
  • App Blocker & App Activity Report
  • Screen Time Limit & Schedule
  • Explicit Content & Suspicious Photos Detection

It is good when you pay attention to the way Apex Legends affects your kid. Keep an eye on the kid's behavior and time management. Also, ensure you take every possible precaution, which can include proper parental guidance and using the right chat settings.

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