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Best Websites for Kids 2024| More Guidance Than Block

Best Websites for Kids 2023

It's 2023 now, and governments all over the world are still struggling to contain the ravaging Covid-19 pandemic. And now that learning institutions are closed in most parts of the world, parents need to embrace homeschooling now more than ever. But do you know where to find the best websites for kids? Keep reading to find out!

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Do You Know Your Child's Interests?

If you're a lucky parent, your child absolutely loves everything they try and do. But parents still have to pay close attention to what exactly makes their children laugh and smile. That's because knowing your child's interests can help you choose the perfect activity for him. In fact, most parents fall into the trap of thinking that what interests them is necessarily what interests their children. In return, this can make your child feel forced into participating in an activity that you enjoy.

But how exactly do you know your child's likes and dislikes? First of all, embrace the child you've got. It's vital to recognize that children have unique abilities, especially if you have more than one. Let go of unnecessary comparisons with their older sibling or the kid next door, as this can be a confidence killer.

Another trick is to sit back and observe closely. While it's tempting to register your son in a soccer academy because you played soccer in high school, it's vital to remember that he may like hockey instead. For example, if you frequently find your child building castles with blocks, go ahead and purchase the supplies and materials to help them explore their interests.

And most importantly, allow them to explore and stumble upon their interests. Parents can feel the pressure to load up their children's schedules with several classes, practices, and clinics to determine their interests. Although it may work for some, the surest way to discover your child's abilities is to give them the freedom to explore. So, no more boring structured activities.

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What type of website is suitable for kids?

The internet is much like a flea market. Thus, finding the best websites for kids can be a challenge. Fortunately, you can apply these selection criteria to unearth the best learning websites for kids:

1. Content

Before anything else, find out if the website offers fun, informative, and educational content. The title should be catchy, and the content should be simple to read and comprehend by your child. Because children are always learning, all spellings, grammar, and punctuations on the website should be correct. Plus, it shouldn't have any mature content.

2. Authorship/Creatorship

The best learning websites for kids clearly indicate the name of the company or individual creating it. As you may already know, some authors or companies are specialists in providing excellent educational content for kids. Also, the site manager should provide a section for readers to ask questions and make comments. They should offer quick and informative responses to any queries.

3. Design

Your child is most likely to be attracted to a simple-to-navigate website. The app shouldn't have distracting ads, graphics, or fonts. If the page has outbound links, the links should be well organized and contain useful information to the audience. For recreational or game websites, they must have clear and straightforward step-by-step instructions. And lest I forget, the page should be stable and quick to load up.

4. Site Purpose

The best websites for kids have solid reasons for being there. In other words, these websites should have contents that reflect their purpose. If possible, it should have zero or only a few appropriate adverts. All in all, don't consider any website that looks too salesy, promotional, or one promoting social bias.

Fun and Free Educational Websites for Kids

Let's now dive in and discuss some ten best websites for kids in 2023:

1. BBC Bitesize

BBC Bitesize is one of the best learning websites for kids of all skill levels. This educational website has three sections Primary (3-11 years), Secondary (11-16 years), and Post-16 (16+ years). Interestingly, it also has resources for teachers and practical activities/advice for parents. Additionally, there are daily classes from 9 am for Maths and English, with content supported by videos, tests, and activities.

BBC Bitesize

2. Adventure Academy

Created by the Age of Learning, this website takes your 8-13-year-old kid on a virtual academy lesson. Here, children can practice math skills such as multiplications, divisions, fractions, geometry, and much more. Your child can also learn science skills like motions, forces, ecosystems, and so on. Moreover, social studies lessons can teach your child history, geography, innovations, economics, and more.

3. ABSmouse.com

ABSmouse.com is arguably the best learning website for 2-8-year-olds. The kiddos can read books and listen to music as they play with colors and enjoy games. It offers over 850 educational lessons complimented with over 10,000 individual learning activities. There are over 10 levels for your child to complete and graduate to the next one. And yes, it comes with dedicated mobile apps for Android and iOS.

4. PEEP and the Big Wide World

PEEP and the Big Wide World

In this fun and interactive educational website, your 3-5-year-old will learn plenty of new things. You'll get coloring pages with multiple games to enjoy with your child. PEEP and the Big Wide World also offer parents several resources to practice offline with their kids.

5. TEDEd

Whether your kid is in high school, middle school, elementary, or even university, TEDEd is the perfect place to be. The available subjects include mathematics, social studies, science, psychology, business and economics, health, and so much more. TEDEd features 20-minute long videos that are related to each learning subject.

6. National Geographic

National Geographic

Your kid can take a virtual trip around the world with Natural Geographic classroom resources. It features a wealth of lessons that your little one can use to explore the unique wonders of the world. The classes are perfect for all age groups and feature topics like social studies and ecology. There are also specific subjects like storytelling and climate change.

7. Reading IQ

Getting this app is synonymous with having your own little library right at home. Children aged 2-12 years can access more than 7000 books divided into several categories. You'll get books for pre-readers (under 2 years), emerging readers (2-4 years), growing readers (5-8 years), independent readers (9-12 years), and Spanish readers (2-12 years). The books are available on smartphones, tablets, and computers.

8. Chillola.com

Reading IQ

In the beautiful world of Chillola.com, your child can meet other children from all over the world and learn new words in English, Spanish, French, Italian, and German. Kids can print out activities, learn about new cultures and countries, and have fun with foreign countries. Kids can also interact by sharing poems, artwork, homework, and more.

9. Funbrain

Children in preschool up to grade 8 will certainly love Funbrain. This kid's website makes developing reading, math, and literacy skills a lot of fun. You can also try out the available games like Grammar Gorillas and Math Baseball.

10. Highlights


Nothing can bring out the creativity of your little one like a fun and challenging puzzle. At Highlights, your child will not only have fun but also improve their critical thinking and problem-solving skills. In addition to puzzles, your child will also get science kits, arts and crafts resources, learning workbooks, and so on.

What is FamiSafe, and How Can It Help?

As said before, there are thousands of free educational websites for your child. But as a responsible parent, it's best to regulate the kind of online content that your child consumes. With Wondershare FamiSafe, you can easily do that from the comfort of your tablet or smartphone. This mobile app is compatible with Android, iOS, FireOS, and Windows phones and can manage up to 30 devices using a single account.

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  • Works on Mac, Windows, Android, iOS, Kindle Fire

Below is how FamiSafe will come in handy:

  • Filter web content:

This parental control app lets you rest easy knowing that your child won't access inappropriate online content. It allows you to check your child's browser history, even when using the incognito mode. After that, you can filter the websites based on 10+ categories like violence, drugs, adult, gambling, etc. You can also filter browsed websites based on specific keywords.

  • Block Apps:

app blocker

Sometimes you may want to limit your child's app usage time so that they can complete their homework or get sound sleep. In that case, this app can help you block and unblock your child's apps right from your phone. With it, you can block apps based on age categories like 4+, 9+, 12+, and so on. You can also set specific screen time usage for specific apps based on the day or occasion. Plus, you'll get instant notification when your child tries to use a blocked app.

When selecting the best websites for kids, make sure it passes the selection criteria mentioned above. This way, your child will be reading informative and age-appropriate content. And, of course, use the parental control app to filter the kind of website content your child can access. Have fun!

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