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6 Best Apps for Secret Texting on iPhone and Android Phone

best apps for secret texting

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Jun 30, 2023 Filed to: Social Media App Proven solutions

In the Era of advanced technology and swift modernization has to lead to the various significant changes among people of different age groups in society. Privacy nowadays has become prominent for teenagers; they keep on searching different methods to hide their stuff on their cell phones. There are distinct and best apps for secret texting that can be downloaded easily in iPhones and Android to keep the Chats safe and secure. In the upcoming paragraph, I will discuss three applications for secret texting apps for Android and iPhone users.


Secret Texting Apps for iPhone

  • Telegram


This particular app focuses on two things: speed and security. It's very fast, easy to use and it's free of charge. It is one of the best apps for secret texting. On all of your devices, you can use this service at once. It is because your messages are synchronized between any number of phones you have connected, tablets, and computers, as well. You can send messages, audio, pictures, any document, groups of up to 100,000 people, or even a network to broadcast to the world with this secret texting app for iPhone.

In the "Secret Chats" app, you can also take advantage of a convenient feature that uses:

  • End-to-end authentication
  • Leaves no trace of the existence of messages on the networks
  • Enables messages to be self-destructed, and
  • Prevents them from being forwarded.

Also, these communications are not stored in the cloud and can only be viewed on the phone from which the messages originated. If you're searching for the anonymity, only typical messengers will offer, this is the way to go.

All the messages are encrypted here. It ensures that only you and the intended recipient can read the messages, and nobody else can access the information. This secret texting app for iPhone can be installed quickly and operated conveniently to safeguard the information in your devices.

  • Viber


This secret texting app for iPhone was initially designed to hack the internet and allow people from different countries to call each other; it has now earned a place among the best secret messaging apps. From this application, you can: send texts, photos, images, video messages without any cost from anywhere in the universe.

The software works on all major operating systems to help people connect around the globe. This application can even help users to stay connected, even on computers. All emails, voice messages, video messages, and more can be shared using this best app for secret texting. This end-to-end authentication app is the best of all that mentioned in the list.

Once the data and the messages have been sent successfully to its receiver, you will not find any of the chat information stored on Viber servers. If there is an issue related to sending the message, it will remain encrypted until the recipient finally receives it.

Viber also has a feature called hidden chats that are meant for self-destructing messages after a specified time limit. In other words, no one will be able to have any access to the information shared secretly.

  • Signal Private Messenger


It is a prevalent encrypted service such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, or iMessage. This secret texting app for iPhone focuses mostly on security and privacy rather than all the cute emojis and fancy features. The application is another free platform that can be used on major operating systems (including an extension for Chrome that works with your phone) and has increased security protocols.

Although you may not be able to use the stickers and games that you can find with other messengers, you have all the tools you need to connect to people across the world as a professional. Emoji support, read receipts, chat groups, and voice and video call facilities are also available.

One of the unique features of this secret texting app for iPhone is its secure messaging corner. This feature helps in keeping the information private with this device easily. Every message sent using Signal is highly encrypted as long as you both the sender and the recipient are using Signal.

The encryption covered under Signal is an open-source license strategy. The experts have the switch to check the protection from all angles. It is to make sure that the conversations are highly protected. Moreover, it is used to improve if any bugs are detected during the transfer of the information.

The app has a "disappearing messages" feature that guarantees that after a given amount of time, all the messages are deleted. Even if you don't try to hide something, it's nice to know that you are successfully able to keep your personal affairs and conversations private with this best app for secret texting.

Secret Texting app for Android

    • Snapchat


Snapchat is mainly a secret texting app for android that has communication features through photo and video sharing. The app captures moments that are brief and is designed to encourage users to live and share. The app keeps the image, and the videos shared updated only for a small duration of twenty-four hours.

Parents should be mindful that even if the messaging settings can be changed, messages will not be saved for more than 24 hours unless they are saved manually. Families who want to look into the lives of their children should be aware of this feature of the secret texting app for Android and image sharing in their child's device. However, it will probably not have much success in this system with openness.

    • Kik


Kik is a secret texting app for Android that allows your children to communicate with strangers as well as their peers. Kik doesn't delete chats completely, but you can only see a few hundred messages before removing them. These groups are often inappropriate for kids and teens, allowing strangers to contact their kids. Parents should be aware that Kik has problems with child exploitation and Internet predators in the past.

If the parents see these applications on their children's cell phones, they should immediately take strict actions and tell children about the cons of the apps.

    • Wicker Me


It is also an encrypted messaging application that is used to manage secret conversations in both Android as well as iOS devices. The app helps in encrypting messages through advanced end-to-to encryption.

The users can very conveniently share messages that are private as well as self-destructive using this fantastic application. Not only this, messages, photos, voice mails, and video messages can also be conveniently shared using this application.

Shredder feature of this secret texting app for Android that helps in the irreversible deletion of all the messages, chats, and media shared from your device permanently. The application also allows the users to set expiration timers with your texts. The primary feature of the app is that it does not require any phone number or email address at the time of registering.

What can parents do when their children use these apps

The use of such applications can be very harmful to the kids in their growing age. The app not only allows the kids to interact with whomsoever they wish but also give them the freedom of exploiting them and their tender minds.

  • Web Filtering
  • Location Tracking & Geo-fencing
  • App Blocker & App Activity Report
  • Screen Time Limit & Schedule
  • Explicit Content & Suspicious Photos Detection


You, as a responsible parent, should be aware of such activities in your child's life and take appropriate steps to monitor their lifestyle and brilliantly shape their future. There are various applications available on the online platform that can be compatibly used in Android as well as iOS devices for monitoring the activities of the kids.

Famisafe to the Rescue

It is one of the most reliable parenting applications known by far. The app helps the parents to look into the personal space of their children and monitor the devices that they operate. It can improve the kids from falling into the trap of cyberbullying.

Some of the essential features of the application are:

    • Text Alerts


You can install the app in the targeted device and monitor it remotely. The app helps the parents to get the alerts on their devices in case the child is searching for any adult content or any other stuff that can lead to his mental harassment.

You can even have access to the conversations made by your kid through this application and warn them of the consequences of the same.

    • Activity Report


The app helps the parents to check the daily activities performed by their kids. Not only this, the amount of time spent on each application can be verified and monitored. The parents can check if their child is using any adult content or even if he is surfing anything that irrelevant

    • Block Applications


One another exciting feature of Famisafe is the ability to block the use of specific applications from your end. You can stop your kids from using the app that you feel is not safe for them. From messaging applications to surfing applications, this app helps the users to keep full control of their kids usage of the device.

  • Screen time control
  • It is yet another feature of FemiSafe, that helps the concerned parents to keep an authority on the screen facing a time of their children. Parents can sit remotely and can access their child's activity report. It helps in understanding the way the child spends the time. Not only this, the time limit can be set on the device, and the child will not be able to use the device after a fixed duration.


With Famisafe, parenting has become easy. Parents can very easily monitor the activities of their kids and change the setting of the devices to the healthier mode. From checking in to the messages and the information shared by your kid, you can conveniently check the usage timing and block the usage of specific applications like secret texting apps for Android to safeguard your kids from falling into the trap.

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