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Marco Polo App Review: Is It Safe for Kids

Marco Polo App Review

The Marco Polo app is a video call software that is widely used by teens all over the world. This app allows you to make a voice call and video calls with high definition quality across boundaries. It connects friends around the globe easily. You can also make use of this tool to send a text message, images, files to your friends easily. This software helps like-minded people connect together to a common platform. There are many options to share their emotions in a constructive manner. This app gradually makes teens get addicted because it has a lot of stuff as a fun package.

Marco Polo App

What is the Marco Polo app?

This app is a well-known software amongst teens. Here, you can connect with anyone despite boundaries through video calls and chats. It helps to build relationships. This type of apps is not recommended for kids and teens because they might encounter strangers, which increases the risk value in no time. The kids and teens will make use of this app as a fun tool ignoring the hidden dangers in the form of cyber issues like cyberbullying and sexual predators. These kids will become an easy target for online monsters.

The Marco Polo app came into the digital market in the year 2014 by Joya Communication. Vladia and Micheal were the masterminds behind this video chat app. It is multilingual software and compatible with iOS and Android devices.

Is Marco Polo app safe for teens?

No, this app is not recommended for teens and kids. It is unsafe because the strangers intrude with fake profile targeting the innocent kids and teens. The strangers will share inappropriate content with their kids and teens. This app helps the teen for communication worldwide. Therefore, they will develop an addiction attitude gradually. The unknown threats in this app are countless, and you may not know in which category your kid may get trapped in the long run. This platform assists the strangers to build a bridge with the immature kids and drag them into cyber issues like cyberbullying, inappropriate and adult content, sexual predators, anonymous users, etc.

Marco Polo app review in the news

Have a look at the reviews below related to Marco Polo app

"Some users complain about Marco Polo spamming their contacts — the app does ask to access your contacts during the setup, but it apparently has texted some users contacts in the past. –Business Insider"

Even the 'invite' that used my granddaughter's name to entice me to sign up, I realized too late, did not come from her phone number! Only after I downloaded the app, and it spammed my contacts with the same invite, did I notice this. I don't like this at all! WHO is doing this? And WHY?
Faith B. on Common Sense Media"

"Wow, that's scary Well, we've been on this app for a while now, and our friends ask why we keep sending invites to join Marco Polo. Well we, never sent them so beware. Next thing someone added themselves to our family group from India. Nope we, know no one from there. This is a family chat only. So is he a sex Predator or someone trying to hack into our group. We have nieces and nephews he groups u, under a certain age. This is really scary. I'm warning you they have your information. It seems innocent, but it's not. Warning to you parents with young kids."

What can parents do to keep kids safe on Marco Polo app

Parents can follow the below tips to protect the kids from the threats of the Marco Polo app.

Create Awareness

The parents should talk to their kids and give them awareness about the possible threats related to this Marco Polo app. A clear understanding of the app makes the kids and teens use the tool cautiously. Communicate with your kids from their perspective and help them to get depth knowledge of the consequences of talking to strangers.

You can get assistance from professional experts to bring awareness for your child related to the online threats. Encourage your kid to take part in awareness programs and seminars to gain knowledge on the hidden cyber monsters.

Use FamiSafe parental control app

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  • Location Tracking & Geo-fencing
  • App Blocker & App Activity Report
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  • Explicit Content & Suspicious Photos Detection

One of the finest solution to safeguard the children from the Marco Polo app is to make use of pp serves as a boon for the digital parents of the teens. You can install this software and monitor the target device remotely without much difficulty. The functionalities of this app are highly remarkable. It meets the expectation of the parents and gives them a sense of relaxation with respect to the online security aspects.

FamiSafe Create Account

Have a look at the below description pertaining to the features of the FamiSafe parental control app.

App usage

You can control the app usage in your kid's gadget remotely using the FamiSafe app. This feature gives you reliable data related to app usage, start time, stop time, etc. The recorded details are accurate, and you can rely on its result without any dilemma. The precise recording feature helps the parents to take necessary steps before their kid addict to chat apps, games, and social media.

App block

While monitoring the target device through the FamiSafe app and when you come to know that your kid has inappropriate apps, which is no way related to his/her age group, then block the app using this feature. You can block dangerous apps like the Marco Polo app, video chat apps, social media Messengers, etc. This option will make the app inaccessible when your kid tries to use it. A pop-up window appears with a message that the app is locked, and it is not accessible. It is impossible for the kid to unlock it by any means.

FamiSafe App Blocker

Screen time

This FamiSafe's functionality sorts out the major problem like addiction issues with kids. When you set a time limit for app usage or gadget usage, the screen locks by itself when the set time ends. The gadget is no longer active for the kids to use. Only the connected parental device can unlock this target phone. Screen Time option is the perfect feature to limit the gadget usage for kids and teens.

FamiSafe Screen Time Feature

Web filter

The FamiSafe app allows you to set up a filter option to protect your kid from adult content websites and inappropriate web pages in the cyber world. Using this filter feature, you can allow only the informative websites to pass through the web browser in your kid's gadget. This would ultimately reduce the threats of online monsters.

It is time to conclude the discussion on the safety aspects of the Marco Polo app. Proper awareness of the dangers of this app, combined with the FamiSafe parental control app, ensures the safety measures of the kids and teens. Enable the desired option in the FamiSafe app from the parent device and monitor the target gadget accordingly. Choose the FamiSafe app and provide the best online platform for your kids.

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