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Is giphy Safe? What Parents Should Know about It

Things Parents Should Know about giphy

An American database or the search engine which ensures the users to have access over the entire library filled with GIFs or the short and looping videos is exactly what Giphy is. They can be easily accessed via phones using their website and apps. The users can easily search over topics or varied categories and even phrases over the same. The database will provide such searches with a wide selection over the animated stickers, Emojis, and GIFs which exactly connects with the conversation starter.

f as a parent you are worried about your kids and wonder, “is Giphy safe to use?” then we are here to offer you the right assistance. Know that GIFs are hilarious and one of the best means to communicate with friends around but if the search goes beyond, the database can offer some inappropriate results which you would not want to see. GIPHY allows the users to even have access over inappropriate content too, like sexual content or some of the crude humor. So, it’s upon your kid’s usage and searches, the GIPHY app, and website delivers result and for sure this might get you rightly worried considering the scenarios and the content kids might lookout for. So, keep track of them a bit and ensure better parental control.

Is Giphy safe for kids?

Can’t exactly say, is Giphy safe to use or not, as kid’s minds work way faster than what you the parents were as a child. The generation gap and the technology advancement all have not just brought us closer to the outside world but also given the kids a place to find solace. GIPHY is not a harmful app if used appropriately but the same provides access to your kids for the inappropriate content. There we do not find pornographic GIFs in the app but the same does provide the users with the source of such websites (Reddit, Imgur, and many more) rated 17+, where they might find the same. So, directly GIPHY might not be harmful but considering the depth of its offering, you need to keep control. Considering the openness of the internet and its wide usage made by teenagers, nothing is safe anymore. So, it depends on you as a parent or a legal guardian how you make but before you take a step ahead know what things present within GIPHY can be harmful to teens.

  • Creating GIFs is, of course, the most attractive feature of this app allowing people to create GIFs by varied means but if the same is used uncontrolled, it can be a real troublemaker. Just, for example, Mike using Harvey (a friend) personal image, creates a funny GIF and spreads around amidst all their friends, for sure they will laugh and if Harvey was unaware about the same, he might not feel good enough to be insulted or laughed at and this might also affect their self-esteem. So, it is important to keep your kid informed of what he should and what he should try as a stunt around.
  • insulting giphygif

  • Explicit or inappropriate content is not meant for kids and this is why they are rated 17+. Make sure to educate your kid about the harm that can cause if they share it or use it unreasonably. These contents will put you in doubt if Giphy is safe to use?
  • Adult Giphy Gif

  • GIPHY provides indirect means for one to access pornographic GIFs. The links to those contents are provided which is easily accessible for whosoever approach to lookout for the same.
  • pornographic gif

How to Guide Kids to Use Giphy in the Right Way

There are varied ways in which one can assure proper guidance to their kids for using GIPHY in the right way. It starts with:

  • Educate your kids about the adult content and make sure that they receive correct advice as to, “age-specific content.” This will ensure not that wide control but at least they will be open to come and talk around.
  • Tell them what can be and what cannot be uploaded (pornography and explicit nudity). Make sure you let them know if there is something which you cannot show your mom, be sure to not upload and show it to someone else too.
  • Ask your kids to come and talk if they feel depressed or need someone to open up. As there has also been seen that kids upload self-harm GIFs (which is not permitted on GIPHY) but they find their way to upload the same. So, tell them to discuss rather than express using these GIFs.
  • Keep a track over their data or phone usage and if you doubt them for creating some unwanted content or sharing shame, let them know that if they are trying to share any of the private information of others, this is illegal and not permitted. Ensure them to have a little fear of law.
  • You can use varied tools like FamiSafe to keep track of your kid’s activity and ensure to block certain apps and websites even before they try to use it. They even help provide parental alerts if they find that the content being uploaded or shared is harmful or explicit.

Use FamiSafe to Monitor Kid’s Device Usage


  • Screen Time Control
  • This app allows parents to limit the screen time usage of their kid’s device. It’s a very useful feature that allows users to set a limited time for the kids to use their phones.

    FamiSafe Screen Time

  • Activity Report:
  • It provides through activity report of your kid’s device usage from time to time. It also shows which apps have been installed or uninstalled on the device.

    FamiSafe Activity Report

  • App Blocker:
  • FamiSafe blocks any kind of suspicious and harmful apps from your kid’s device. You can block Giphy app if you found your kids spend too much time on it.

    FamiSafe App Blocker

  • Detect Suspicious Photo:
  • It can detect any kind of suspicious or malicious photo, so all kinds of explicit or adult Giphy images will get detected easily.

    FamiSafe Supspicious Photos

  • Website Filter:
  • The website filter option of FamiSafe is a great weapon against all explicit online filthy websites. With their powerful database, you can block inappropriate content by turning on a toggle easily. No adult or harmful webpages can be accessed from the kid’s device.

    FamiSafe Web Filter

  • Web Filtering
  • Location Tracking & Geo-fencing
  • App Blocker & App Activity Report
  • Screen Time Limit & Schedule
  • Explicit Content & Suspicious Photos Detection

Giphy is fun to use. However, parents still need to keep an eye on kid's usage to ensure that Giphy is safe for them. Hope the above-provided information saved you from the trouble or might help you with all possible controls you can have over your kid. Just make sure, to go with the FamiSafe app, because there is no other app that can solve your problem so easily like this one.

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