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Best Movies for A Cozy Family Movie Night

Top 10 Movies for Family Movie Night

Time spent with family is worth every second. It becomes even more worth it when you plan to get together for a family movie night. However, the idea is not as simple as it may seem. To make it happen, the trickiest task is to find a movie that appeals to all family members. Keeping in view your ease and convenience, I am here to help you make the best of this time of togetherness.

Simply read through this article to get to know how you need to get ready for this memorable family time activity. So, let's hop on to the actual point of concern now.But wait, do you even know why do you need a family movie night? Well, if not, I will let you know about it shortly.

Why is a family movie night all that you need?

I am a part of an era where I stay glued to my mobile or cinema screen most of the time. This turn in my daily routine has immensely trimmed the time I spend with my near and dear ones.A family movie night, however, promises to make these two ends meet. It has several other notable benefits as well. Each one of them is comprehensively discussed below.

  • Strengthens the bond and improves understanding

Unfortunately, the hustle and bustle of my day to day life barely gives me some time to establish a healthy relationship with my family members. However, watching an exciting movie together somehow makes up for this gap, providing me with an opportunity to know others better.

  • Gives way to priceless memories

Family movie night movies reflect almost every emotion, feeling, and situation that one can easily relate to. This certainly means that you must get ready to take a roller coaster ride of emotions together if you decide to implement family movie ideas. Simply live every moment of this precious time and do all you can to make it a lifelong memory forever.

  • Appeals to all members of the family

All our daily life activities are usually stereotyped to a specific gender or people belonging to a particular age group. Therefore, watching a movie is one of the few activities that every family member agrees to enjoy without making any excuses. This gives reason to why every household must plan a family movie night every once in a while.

By now, you would have made up your mind to watch a movie with your family this weekend. If yes, you must also get done with the essential preparations required to make this time even more special and enjoyable. What? You are not even aware of what you may need to do? Stop worrying; I will guide you about all that you must know.

How to prepare for a family movie night?

Just like every other family get-together, a family movie night also requires some planning and preparation. Let me help you identify how you must prepare to make it a memorable experience. Here is a list of the five most important things that you must consider when planning this activity at home.

  1. Pre-plan to ensure everyone's availability

If you plan for any such activity, please do not forget to ask for everyone's availability first. Otherwise, the absence of any family member will spoil the entire plan later on.

  1. Prepare your favorite snacks

Who does not enjoy munching on his favorite snacks while watching an entertaining movie? So, prepare a bowl or two of all your favorite snacks or plan to order the food you love. It will surely spark up the joy of this memorable moment of togetherness.

  1. Let your kids choose a movie

Kids often feel neglected in situations where elders pick and choose independently without letting the kids participate. Never make this mistake, and always give your kids a chance to pick a movie that best suits their interests.It will boost their confidence making them more able to combat worldly challenges. It will also serve in making your kids feel excited about watching a movie together.

However, the only risk here is that your child may log in to some inappropriate site, or he may choose a movie that is not appropriate for a family movie night. To avoid landing in such an embarrassing situation, a good idea is to use FamiSafe.

What is FamiSafe?

FamiSafe is an app exclusively designed to provide you with the most reliable parental control features. Some of its most highlighted features are as follows.

  • Block inappropriate content

FamiSafe allows you to block inappropriate web content without any hassle. You may even block or blacklist the sites that you think are inappropriate for your child.

  • Track activity

If you choose to use this app, you will also track your child's activity, including the apps that he has installed or deleted. You may even track the amount of time that your child spends on a specific app. Isn't it a fantastic app for all concerned parents?

  • Block or limit screen time for specific apps

Parents are allergic to children who are habitual to playing games or watching movies just when their study time begins. If you also fall into such an annoyed parents' category, FamiSafe is a fantastic choice for you.

Register yourself, and it will let you block or limit the screen time of any app and that too for a specific time duration.

  • Parental alerts

The app even alerts you if your child spends or receives any inappropriate text, views a suspicious photo, or navigates to any inappropriate site.

So, register yourself now and let your kids pick and choose a movie, and that too without bearing the load of any added worries on your mind.

Note: You may connect 5 to 10 devices to a single FamiSafe account.

  • Location Tracking & Geo-fencing
  • App Blocker
  • Web Filtering
  • Screen Time Control
  • Smart Parental Control Setting
  1. Say bye to all digital devices for a while

Gadgets and other digital devices eat up most of your time daily. Therefore, always turn them off when watching a movie with your family. In this way, you will attentively enjoy every movie scene while spending quality time with your loved ones.

  1. Create a movie friendly ambiance

Turn off the lights, set up a cozy corner, bring your comforters to your lounge, and you are good to go. Yes, you have read it right. These preparations will let you enjoy this time to the fullest. If you are determined to plan this fun night at home, you must now be waiting to look for the best movies for family movie night. I do not want you to wait anymore; I have listed the best ones right here.

Top 10 Best family movies for a cozy family movie night

1. Dumbo

This recent release has it all that one desires to find in a family movie. It rightly portrays the love of a mother for his child and exhibits how humans must never turn a blind eye to the animals' feelings and sentiments.

best movie for family movie night - dumbo

2. Ice age

The ice age has several different parts, and each one of them is worth watching. The movie is about a group of animals on a journey to bring a human baby back to his father.

movie for family movie night - ice age

3. Home alone

Since the name portrays, this movie is all about the adventures of a teenage boy who has been left accidentally at home while his family travels for a trip to France. It rightly portrays that a kid is never safe without having his family around and thus gives a polite and yet much-needed message to all in general.

movie for family movie night - home alone

4. Baby's Day out

The movie is about a kidnapped son of a millionaire who happens to be smarter than his kidnappers. Despite being a 90's release, it is still quite popular among people of all ages.

best movie for family movie night - baby day out

5. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

It is about a young boy and four other kids who win a trip to their favorite chocolate Factory. The movie effectively delivers the amazement and joy of the kids and keeps the viewer glued to the television screens.

best movie for family movie night - Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

6. Frozen

This movie never fails to excite the viewer. It is about a Queen who uses her power to turn everything into ice. It has many interesting characters and an animated film known for its unparalleled ability to grasp the viewer's interest.

best movie for family movie night - frozen

7. The secret life of pets

If your family loves the idea of keeping pets, then this movie will serve as the best option for this week's cozy family movie night for you. The movie shows a group of abandoned pets on a mission against humans who have mistreated them. Give it a watch to find out what happens next.

best movie for family movie night - The secret life of pets

8. Paddington

If you have never thought of a bear who can walk and talk like humans, watch this movie to meet Paddington once. You will be his fan for life. And please do not forget to amuse yourself with his adventures in London.

best movie for family movie night - Paddington

9. Coco

Gear up to watch the journey of a young boy who wishes to establish himself as a musician despite his family's disapproval. It is a must-watch if you have teenagers at home. They will surely learn lots of lessons while watching this entertaining movie.

best movie for family movie night - Coco

The Croods

If you are a fan of watching movies that depict prehistoric times, this one is an ideal choice for you. The movie is based on a competition between two prehistoric families who think they are more evolved. Give it a watch, and you will never regret opting for it over others.

best movie for family movie night - The Croods

Final Verdict

There are hundreds or thousands of movies that are specially created for a family movie night. However, these ten movies are undoubtedly the best movies for family movie night. These are equally entertaining for all family members and contain a valuable lesson for each of them.

Add them to your playlist and thank me later. I am sure these family movie night ideas will make your cozy family movie night even more meaningful and precious.

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