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Internet Safety Games that Help Kids Protect Themselves

Learn about internet safety with these games

The Internet is an innovative and fantastic tool for your kids. It enhances their communication skills and helps them with their studies. However, there are many dangers on the internet, including exposure to sexual predators, cyberbullying, and scams. Some online games also lack appropriate content.

Most kids use apps to interact, hence a higher chance to share some of their personal information such as phone numbers and physical address. In this article, we'll look at internet safety games that can help your kids protect themselves.

internet safety games

Why Should We Educate Our Kids About Internet Safety?

Most kids believe that they know ways to be safe online; the truth is that they are not aware of the consequences. That is why sometimes they end up sharing personal details. You need to talk to your kids about internet use. They need to learn about online dangers and how they can protect themselves while on the internet. In turn, this will help them make an informed decision. Below are some of the things you might want to teach your kids about internet safety:

1. Obscenity

Kids as early as kindergarten have access to the internet, and this is too much independence they can handle at a tender age. That is one of the reasons you will need to shield them from the negative influence. Be keen on what they do and avoid anything that can corrupt their minds. Keep your kids away from obscenity. by teaching them that some content on the internet is inappropriate. Your kids need to have protection from that since it is a bad influence.

2. Phishing

Online criminals use this approach to get sensitive information from their victims. Some of the information they are after includes address, password, username, and phone number. It is easy to gain this through emails and chats. They can tempt your kid to click on harmful links. For this reason, you should tell your kids to avoid clicking on any suspicious links that someone sends them. It is not easy for kids to recognize phishing schemes.

When your kids are kids are on the internet, they may also see photos of video games and toys, and they might have the temptation to click on the links. They need to learn that they should avoid such links since they will end up sharing sensitive information.

3. Malware

Malware is any malicious software designed to harm your kid's devices or steal information. There are different kinds of spyware, trojans, and viruses. Most kids end up clicking on the malicious links and downloading the software unknowingly. Teach them not to download any software without consulting you. They should avoid clicking on links that pop up on their screen, as it could be malware or virus. Teach them how to know what is safe to download and what they should avoid.

online threat - malware

What Methods Can We Adapt To Educate Our Kids About Internet Safety?

You can use various methods to educate your children about online safety. Below are some of the approaches that you can use to teach your kids about the importance of internet safety.

1. Establish Some Ground Rules

Teach your kids that they should not share their personal information online. They could give their sensitive personal data to malicious people. Tell them that they should not talk to strangers when on the internet. They should also keep in mind that when they share something on the internet, it stays there forever. As such, they should not share anything that they will regret in the future.

2. Introduce Them to Internet Safety Games

These games teach your kids the importance of safety and security while they are on the web. When your kids are online, they have access to lots of information. As a parent, it is advisable to protect them from any inappropriate content and other potential dangers. Use these games as a tool to teach your kids about online safety.

3. Tell Your Kids to Check with You

When they are interacting online, how safe is their information? They need to learn about protecting personal privacy. The knowledge about safe practices equates to the power to protect, and it is essential for the kids. Draw up a list for your kids and tell them that they should never share certain details with anyone on the internet or with any website without consulting with you.

Recommended Internet Safety Games

Here are some of the best games that will teach your kid how to be cyber smart.

1. Privacy Playground

This game is ideal for kids who are aged between 8 and 10. It's a simplified online version of the Three Little Pigs and the Big Bad Wolf. The game helps kids learn different approaches to protect their personal information and avoid any online predators. It is a great game that can teach your kids how to be safe online. Allowing your kids need to play this game before using the web will help them learn about the importance of following internet safety rules.

internet safety games - privacy playground

2. Safe Surfing with Dongle

This is also one of the popular internet safety games that give your kids useful tips through interactive games. It is a fun site when they can be safe when engaging in interactive games. They can learn about safety tips regarding playing games, chatting, emails, and still have fun online. Kids can play in a computer setting with other students or alone. They can also play in as a whole class using a projector.

internet safety games - safe surfing with dongle

3. Safety Land

This is another game that will help your kids stay safe on the internet while having fun. Your kids will learn by catching a bad Internet character. They search various buildings by answering safety-related questions. It is an interactive platform that gives feedback and explanation regarding their responses. Kids will have to answer a set of questions to complete the game. It is a great way to find out your kids' level of understanding of Internet safety.

internet safety games - safety land

4. Internet Safety with Professor Garfield

With this game, your kids will understand that people aren't always who they claim to be online. Here, you'll find a variety of interactive games for kids that allows them to learn about online safety and cyberbullying. They can play this game in three sections: watch, try and apply. The video teaches about Internet safety. In the try section, they get a chance to play games and gauge their understanding of the subject. The application section is the safety rules applicable when on the internet.

internet safety games - Internet Safety with Professor Garfield

5. Netsmartz Kids

Technology has changed the way students learn. This game offers lessons on Internet safety through interactive games. It is safe to use since kids do not have access to any external links. It is advisable to introduce kids to the internet rules before using the Internet. Netsmartz Kids is a great way to do this, as it allows your kids to be aware of potential online dangers. It also empowers and teaches how to make safer choices offline and online to prevent victimization.

internet safety games - Netsmartz Kids

6. Disney’s Surfswell Island

Through this game, your kids can learn about Internet safety from Disney characters. The game features Daisy, Donald, Minnie, Mickey, and Goofy wearing Indiana Jones clothes. Their mission is to defeat green Martians and also learn about the importance of Internet safety. Before introducing it to your kids, they should be aware of all the rules. After completing a challenge, they get a certificate of completion.

internet safety games - disney surswell island

Here we prepared another list of educational video games for parents in case of the games mentioned above doesn't meet your need. Click the link to get the details if you're interested in it.

10 Best Educational Video Games Parents and Kids can't Miss

FamiSafe - A Useful Tool to Spot Online Danger

Your kids can access the internet from anywhere and at any time. Therefore, this leaves them exposed to online dangers. That's where FamiSafe comes in. With this application, you can now monitor your children’s internet activity and protect them. What's the best part? The app comes with a web filtering feature that allows you to protect your kids' personal information by blocking access to specific apps. It also prevents your kids from downloading files from disreputable websites.

The app blocks websites with questionable materials and can detect platforms and apps with explicit content. It can detect explicit text and photos that your kids access with their devices. You'll need to set offensive words that you think are not appropriate. You'll then get alerts whenever these words are detected on their devices. FamiSafe allows you to block these applications and sites so that your kids cannot only access the right content. The bottom line is: FamiSafe gives you peace of mind since you can relax knowing your kid is always safe online.

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Teaching your kids about internet safety is vital. You also need to use FamiSafe to monitor them. As much as the internet is a beautiful online platform, you should educate your kids and use this app to keep an eye on them. The app prevents your kids from accessing potentially dangerous websites.

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