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10 Best Learning Toys for Toddlers of 2024

Learning Toys for Toddlers

A toddler is a kid transitioning from infancy to preschool - between 12 to 36 months. It's an impressive time, especially in terms of your child's development. At this age, it is advisable to get educational toys to take advantage of the curious stage. Companies will keep on developing new learning toys; parents should not be taken away by the hype. Remember that the learning toys for toddlers of this age group should be simple to use.

learning toys for toddlers

What Skills Do Toddlers Need To Develop?

The good thing about toddlers is that they are always learning when playing or interacting with other children or adults. Parents often worry about what they need to teach their kids and how helpful it will be. The bottom line is: Toddlers need to learn how to navigate and be successful in life. Always remember each kid is different and develops at different rates. Here are some of the crucial skills that toddlers need to develop:

Communication and Language Skills

The best way for toddlers to communicate is through their words and body language. They will start with a few words and combine them with sign language; that is why you need to have a reading routine. You will be surprised that kids learn many new words from a book. When your child communicates well, they will express themselves. In turn, this helps them to be happy, confident, and build a positive relationship with family and friends.

Motor Skills

Toddlers need to know how to move their bodies. Motor skills help them when they start running, walking, jumping, balancing, and climbing. Their developed small muscles will help with complex tasks, such as drawing, writing, and scribbling. There are numerous ways to develop these skills. These include playing at the parks, out in nature, dance classes, and sports.

Social Skills

Social skills help in developing manners like saying thank you and please. Kids can be good listeners and learn how to play with the other kids as they take turns. Parents need to develop the right social skills and behaviors to be gentle with the rest of them. Be careful how you handle your child: Others learn fast, while some need continuous support.

Brains Thinking/ Early Learning Skills

These skills are developed through nursery rhymes and singing simple songs. Toddlers will learn how to play with words, advance their rhythm skills, and recognize patterns. When you introduce your toddler to books, it helps them identify print concepts at a tender age. The best part is: Kids are always curious to learn; all you need is to introduce them to plays.

Imagination Skills

When toddlers grow, they get interested in pretend games, which helps to develop their imaginations. That is the reason you will see them pretending to be the garbage or fireman. Introduce costumes and small figures to provide them with an imaginative environment.

Self-Regulating Skill

This skill starts when toddlers start to learn about the change of behavior and the direction to do the right thing. It helps to enhance their focus, thinking, and control of their emotions. Be patient when toddlers start mastering this skill.

10 Best Learning Toys for Toddlers

When shopping for toys for your toddler, look for something simple to offer more imagination. The toys need to be fun and stimulating. With that in mind, let's look at some of the best learning toys for toddlers.

1. Melissa & Doug Mine to Love Jenna Baby Doll

The doll is safe for toddlers above 18 months and comes in different colors. It can close its eyes when put to bed, and your kid can enjoy giving the doll a thumb or pacifier. You can remove the romper and the cap. Your kid can cuddle the doll, too. For this reason, this is one of the recommended learning toys for toddlers because it can help them develop motor skills. The toy costs $25.

best learning toys for kids - baby doll

2. Prince Lionheart Wheely Bug, Bee

With this toy, toddlers can enhance their balance, core strength, and learn how to share. It can move in different directions hence promotes maneuverability. It's one of the best learning toys for toddlers because its ability to move around helps in the development of motor skills. The price of this toy is $65.

best learning toys for kids - wheely bee

3. Do A Dot Art Rainbow Washable Markers

This toy is advisable for kids who are aged three and above because the caps can be a choking hazard. Ensure you are around to guide your child. These learning toys for toddlers allow them to learn early learning skills since they can mix the colors and learn about different types of colors. The price id these toys range between $15 and $25.

best learning toys for kids - washable markers

4. Edushape Sensory Balls

These learning toys for toddlers come in colorful balls suitable for six months and above. They can help your kid to develop motor and social skills since they need to bounce, roll, and pass the ball. The average price of these toys is $15.

best learning toys for kids - sensory balls

5. Fisher-Price Little People Big Helpers Home

This toy helps toddlers to learn more about their surroundings with imaginative skills. It comes with fun sound effects that emulate the real environment. The price of this toy is $55.

best learning toys for kids - helper home

6. Lego Duplo My First Car Creations

Your kid can use Lego Duplos when they reach 18 months. It comes as a helicopter, truck, garbage truck, and taxi. It's one of the recommended learning toys for toddlers because it helps them develop motor skills by pulling, clicking parts, and color recognition. The price of this toy is $20.

best learning toys for kids - lego car creations

7. Lauri Tall Stackers Pegs & Peg Board

This toy helps with activities like sorting, matching, and counting. Therefore, it can help your toddler with early learning skills. The average price of this toy is $25.

best learning toys for kids - peg board

8. Learning Resources New Sprouts Munch It! Play Set

This toy is suitable for toddlers who are aged two years and above. It helps them to come up with imaginative activities and plays. The numerous interactive activities from the different plastic pieces that come with the package are useful: They will help your kid to develop imagination skills. The price of this toy is $25.

best learning toys for kids - new sprouts munch it play set

9. Sesame Street Elmo's On-the-Go Letters

This is an excellent learning toy suitable for toddlers who are aged between 2 and 4. There is a lot that your kid will learn from spelling words. The colored toy pieces and parts can help your kid to develop early learning skills. The toy costs $20.

best learning toys for kids - letters set

10. Hape Farmyard Peg Puzzle

This animated toy is suitable for two-year-olds and above. It features farm animals that toddlers can learn and grasp easily. The toy helps to boost coordination and early learning skills because of the different creatures. The price of this toy is $13.

best learning toys for kids - peg puzzles

What Common Mistakes Do Parents Make When Raising Their Toddlers?

Parents make a lot of mistakes when raising toddlers. They include.

  • Letting Digital Device Take Their Roles and Do Not Spend Time With Their Kids

Most parents are very busy spending time with their kids. You need to spend about 20 minutes of quality time each day. Parents should not let digital devices take their role because there are a lot of dangers on the internet and your kids can become addicted to their devices. The best way to ensure your kid is safe when using digital devices is to get FamiSafe.

This parental control app can help you control what your kid can do with their device. The app comes with a kids' screen time limiting feature that allows you to set daily time limits for your kid's digital device. That means they can only use their device when you have allowed them since you must unlock it.

Smart Schedule allows you to set when and where your kid's device will lock. That will allow them to concentrate on school and go to bed on time. By allowing your kids to get an adequate amount of sleep, FamiSafe helps to improve your kid's learning memory, behavior, and overall physical and mental health.

You can also use web fitler and browser history to ensure that your kids do not end up visiting inappropriate websites on the digital devices without your guidance.

  • Location Tracking & Geo-fencing
  • App Blocker
  • Web Filtering
  • Screen Time Control
  • Smart Parental Control Setting
  • Not Taking Paying Attention to Your Kid's Dental Hygiene

Always ensure you take good care of your kid's dental hygiene. Pay attention to any changes and make a doctor's appointment.

  • Do Everything for Them

Doing everything for your toddler is not a good idea. You should let your toddler do things for themselves. The feelings of accomplishment will improve their self-esteem.

When looking for the best learning toys for toddlers, choose the ones that will enhance creativity for interactive plays. They develop their language and cognitive skills. Also, make sure you use FamiSafe to control their usage of digital devices.

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