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GroupMe App Review: What Parents Need to Know

Groupme App Review

GroupMe is a mobile-friendly application that helps the users to connect to people across the world. The app acts as a personalized chat room for a small group of people. Not only this, but the application also helps you to add any number of people that too for free.

groupme app

But, everything comes with its pros and cons. Although the application helps to manage things better and is useful for organizations, it in the hands of kids can be a thing to worry about. Parents must be aware of the kind of apps their kids are using on their cell phones. Also, you can check GroupMe reviews to guide your child for using the app cautiously and within the set limits.

What is GroupMe?

GroupMe is an application used by the kids to get into group conversations. You can consider it as a place where people of the same age groups or class can come together, share homework, work on assignments, and sometimes even get involved in bullying.

As per the GroupMe reviews, it has been observed that the application has gained its popularity among teens. It is among the top five applications. And, not only group messages, but the app also helps the users to private chat and media posting on their Android or iPhone.

Groupeme App Review

The app allows the users to name the chat, add your friends' contact, and start chatting. Also, when you have successfully gathered each others' information, you can split into a smaller circle and get into private chats.

What Kids Do On GroupMe?

When you find your kids using GroupMe on their devices, it surely is a matter of concern. You need to know the possible issues that the misuse of application can lead to the personal wellbeing of your kid.

The use of the applications is not always funny gifts and inspiring images; they can be severe and need proper monitoring from the parents' end. Take a look at the potential danger that GroupMe can cause to your child if not monitored and guided timely:

Accessibility of Sexual Content

The app, however, helpful in sharing homework and assignments for kids can quickly draw them towards the other side of the world. Access to sexual images and content through GIFs and videos can be no less than a trip to a candy shop.

Groupme Review

And, as per the GroupMe reviews, it applies no restrictions on the use and display of such content. Your teen can have access to such information openly in one place with no parental control feature available.

Moreover, when such unethical content is available with such ease, your kids can have access to information that should not be seen. So, you can see that access to adult information is another risk associated with GroupMe.

Unlimited Sexting

Your child might get trapped in sexting while using GroupMe. As the app helps in chatting with random people, the predators will not leave any chance of catching your kids. Adult chats with strangers can hamper the mental growth of your kid.

unlimited sexting

The unfettered access to such information can be very harmful. In addition to group chat, according to GroupMe reviews, one can get into a direct conversation with anyone. Without adequate guidance, this can even lead to the sharing of personal stuff and have adverse effects on their privacy.

Unable to Delete already Updated Posts

Your kids might be aware of the issue with GroupMe. When they use the application regularly, the app allows them to update posts and share them with the people they choose. But the GroupMe reviews from the users state that it does not allow the kids to delete the past content posted by them.

No delete for Updated Posts

And, this can be a cause of significant stress for your kids. If anyone takes a screenshot of any conversation, it can be enough to spoil the reputation that you have been preserving for long.

Cyberbullying is something that undoubtedly follows in the case of leaked discussions. You will never be able to know if your kids are being ganged up with other kids and bullied. Not only will it affect the academic score of your child, but it can also lead to depression.

Other Controversial Group Chats

You might be completely unaware of the kind of chat your kid is into while using GroupMe. And when you go through the reviews of the application, many parents are worried group chat has to disrespect and offensive names.

Controversial Group Chats

You will not know when your kid will find these exciting and get into conversations with friends of friends. Also, the talks might include discussions like drugs, sexual acts, and many other similar topics of less significance for their growth.

It would help if you had proper discussions about the disadvantages of such things. Also, empower them with adequate knowledge as to how they can save themselves from falling into the trap.

GroupMe Reviews by Parents

Availability of Adult Content

I was surprised to find a bunch of mature/pornographic GIFS available. It is especially frustrating since many of my son's school groups use this app. Just search for various things in the GIFs, and you will see what is available. I wouldn't want any age kid to see this.

Would be five stars if documents could be uploaded

Group me is a free messaging app that is excellent for collaborating with others that you may not know personally. As an educator, I find this tool invaluable as students who are asked to work in groups can easily and quickly contact each other without having actually to share cell phone numbers or other private contact information. The app allows students to exchange photos, texts, links, and videos without the hassle of a group text that is sometimes hard to extricate one.

Because of the access to some more mature content of gifs, I'm not sure I would recommend this for younger students; it is, however, a great economical solution for more knowledgeable users.

What can parents do to keep GroupMe safe for Kids?

You, as a concerned parent, should know what all your kid is operating on his smartphone. Also, timely and proper guidance related to personal growth and well being is a must to keep your kid safe from falling into the trap. Here we have mentioned some of the ways with which you can help your kids to use their cellphones in a better way:

Talking About the Risks

Parents should spare some time from their busy schedules to guide their children about the correct usage of mobile phones. Not only this, but it also lies the responsibility of the parents to keep a let the kids know what all is not safe for them to access.

Talk about the risks

GroupMe app allows access to your account even by strangers. It will help if you tell your kids the risks of getting involved in conversations with strangers.

Setting Limits

Another way by which you can save your kids from getting spoilt is by not allowing reckless use of their handsets. You should set up limits on the usage of applications like GroupMe. Also, when your kids know the disadvantages of using such apps, they will find it less appealing.

Setting Limits

Moreover, you can ask your kids to share their daily activities with you. Furthermore, you can plan a schedule for your kids and fix timing for the usage of such unwanted applications.

Reminding them the right way to Behave

When you teach your kid the advantages and disadvantages of using social applications, you should also let them know the right way to behave in a society. Proper guidance regarding what is wrong and whatnot will also shape a better future for them.

Right Way to Behave

Moreover, when your kids know the right way to behave, they will be able to ignore the unwanted stuff from their lives. GroupMe reviews say that it allows healthy chatting as well, which can be a way to consider it positively. It all depends upon how your kids use the application.

Using Parental Control Application: FamiSafe

Although you have been guiding your kids about the right use of their cell phones, you should be aware of what your kid is doing with the device. FamiSafe is one such parental control application that helps the parents to monitor the activities on their kids' cell phones. You can check the time for which the device was active, block the use of applications, and also set a time limit with the use of the application.

FamiSafe App

It is never safe to trust your child blindly with social media. You can set limits and monitor the content surfed by your child on his cellphone. From websites to apps like GroupMe and more, you can block the usage and set time limits for the same using FamiSafe. You can also monitor the suspicious texts and prevent your child from cyberbullying. All you need to do is to install and register for the same in both the devices. Monitoring your child's activity has been made simple with FamiSafe.

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