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Viber Review: Is This Instant Messenger Safe for Kids ?

Viber App Review

Social media and instant messaging applications are not a way of communication only. It is a source of collecting various knowledge and information, entertain the audience, build a group, etc. However, it is hurtful to see the growing number of cyberbullying cases every day. Social media has become a channel for predators to harm kids by sexting, abusing, or using adult content. Viber app has a unique feature of group chatting where your kid can meet a stranger. Do not let your kids becoming a victim to them. In this article, we will go through the Viber review and introduce you to what is Viber. We will also try to find out if the app is safe to be used by kids or not.


What is Viber?

To start, let us try to know what is Viber. Viber is a social media app owned by a Japanese company Rakuten. It is a remarkable instant messaging software with over more than 1 billion users throughout the world. It is available as a freeware for Android, iOS, Microsoft Windows, macOS, and Linux users. It allows users to make audio and video calls, share pictures and videos, stickers, chat over voice messages, and so on. All the chats you do are secure with end-to-end encryption. You only need to provide the phone number to activate and gain access to app features.

In this Viber review, readers will get much valuable information regarding the Viber app and the complete details on what is Viber.

Features of Viber

Some of the main features of the Viber app are here as follows.

• HD Video Calling

Viber app enables users to have an audio and video call in HD experience. The users can quickly switch from audio to video calling. It produces vivid images and videos with excellent sound quality.

Viber Feature

• Broadcasting messages

Some people have a habit of copy-pasting the same text repeatedly to share with everyone. Why not try Viber that supports sending of same messages among various people simultaneously?

• Chat Extensions

Enhance your chatting experience on Viber with the help of chat extensions. Add a little bit of fun to your chatting with extension ranging from links of YouTube, Spotify to GIFs, and videos.

Viber Feature

• Group chatting

It provides an option to connect and build a community of unlimited members having similar tastes and hobbies. Connect with gamers, writers, newsmakers, and with whomever you want.

Viber Feature

• Deleting seen manages

Delete those wrong messages sent unintentionally by you. This feature lets you delete even seen messages and take your word back. Sometimes, we mistakenly say what we shouldn't. It supplies the power to destroy a chat by setting the timer. The messages deleted automatically when the recipient has read it.

Viber Feature

• Doodling

You can doodle on any photo received in the Viber app. Multiple options are there to create a fantastic doodle and then share it with the one you want.

Viber Feature

• Stickers

Viber users widely utilize stickers. Most of them are free of cost and some you have to purchase. It is the easiest way to express emotions and feelings. You can buy stickers from the sticker market.

Viber Feature

• Gaming

Kids love to play games, and Viber chat extension has the capabilities to work as a gaming app too. The users can play games with their friends.

• Location Sharing

Many times, your friends will try to meet you but do not reach because they are unable to find your exact location. Even if they do, it takes plenty of time. Viber permits you to share your precise location with others.

What parents need to know about Viber App?

What is good about Viber?

Parents are always cautious about their children. In this era of the Internet, it is essential to be aware of what is going in your kid's life. Freedom to use a smartphone and spending time on various social sites is good when kids are in connection with friends. No doubt, smartphones, and the internet help in doing homework and build school projects too. Make sure to teach yourself about what is Viber first and then encourage kids to use the app wisely. Any misuse will lead to trouble.

What is bad about Viber?

The only problem with the Viber app for kids is group chat. Around 200 people stay in a group. As soon as your kid connects with a stranger, this is when the problem begins for parents. Strangers can use kid for collecting some personal info like phone numbers, school name, and their photos. After knowing the school name, they can even reach school to kidnap the kid. It is the negative side of the Viber app. Its negative side is not limited to this issue only; it has many other nefarious uses.

Viber review: is this Instant Messenger safe for kids?

Looking on the bright side of social media websites is not enough. It is important to discuss its dark side. Kids have the chance to meet with the wrong people on the Viber application. Sexual predators are present on these kinds of applications with fake identities. Therefore, the Viber app has become an unsafe tool for pedophiles. They are trying to target teens by sending unsolicited disturbing graphics and videos. Sometimes, kids receive abusing messages that directly impact their mental health because they cannot share these things with anyone. Kidnappers and sexual predators are the real culprits, and innocent teens are victims.

Cyberbullying is common today due to the modern way of connecting with others via the internet. It refers to any kind of hurt done intentionally through an online medium. Kids with different learning and thinking patterns get bullied first on Viber, too, especially in public chat. The Viber app is not entirely safe for kids; this is what we believe.

How to put parental control on Viber?

Parental control applications are crucial when people to hurt kids are spending time on Viber. Using software like the Viber app for a prolonged time will harm kids. Potential threats are one more reason for managing kid's smartphone usage. FamiSafe is an all in one solution for controlling, managing, and monitoring activities on your kid's phone. This compact parental control application offers a plethora of features and is the most dominant software in the market. Read in this Viber review to set up parental control on the Viber app.

FamiSafe Screen Time can track Viber usage

FamiSafe built-in feature of screen time can track Viber usage in a smartphone. Some kids are using the Viber app crazily for hours. This thing needs to be controlled by parents. Fortunately, FamiSafe offers them a way to do so. Don't let them get distracted with apps like Viber. Restrict the time they spend on it by using this screen time tracking tool. It will give you the info about the daily usage of an application, like how much time they spend on Viber. Simply, tap on check more options below screen time on FamiSafe software in android.

FamiSafe Feature

b. FamiSafe can block Viber

Viber is an addictive application, so the chances are that they may feel it hard to ignore. At bedtime or during the study, if your kid is using the Viber application, then Activate FamiSafe on our kid's android smartphone or tablet they use. For an iPhone, parents have to install an additional mobile device management file to provide permission for FamiSafe. Now, use the software for blocking Viber. You can see the picture below to understand blocking an app feature works in FamiSafe. Not only Viber, but you can block any application installed in your kid's device with FamiSafe.

FamiSafe Feature App Blocker

c. FamiSafe can filter Viber site

The web content filtering feature in FamiSafe filters websites and application and only show the content that you want your kid to view. Filter from adult contents, discordant contents, drug abuse pictures, violent content, and many others. Viber isn't an entirely safe platform for communication. It's an instrument for predators to bully kids. Whenever your kid receives any suspicious content or text, then the FamiSafe application will notify you within a second. It automatically hides the received text.

FamiSafe Feature Web Filter

  • Web Filtering
  • Location Tracking & Geo-fencing
  • App Blocker & App Activity Report
  • Screen Time Limit & Schedule
  • Explicit Content & Suspicious Photos Detection

The benefits of the Viber app are many, but parents must also pay attention to the wrongdoings of kids. Sometimes, they can spend time searching pornographic content on their phone. If you know this fact, it's time to install a parental control application like FamiSafe. We hope that you now understand what is Viber; its review, and how to use FamiSafe to protect the kids from online harassment and abuse.

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