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Yee App review: The New Monkey App Parents Should Know

What Should Parents Know About Yee App

If your child likes making new friends, there is a high chance that he or she will have the Yee app on his or her device. Even if your kids don't have it yet, friends will probably tell them about the app soon. Yee app is similar to the Monkey app as it is a social networking app that allows users to make new friends and meet people. The app can suggest matches and will enable you to socialize and connect with people through instant text chats or video calls.

kids use Yee app

Due to the different stories and news about the effect of social networking apps on kids around the world, you should have first-hand knowledge about the Yee app as a parent. Read on to get informed!

What Age Is Yee App Appropriate For?

Yee app is recommended for 18+ users like most other social networking apps. However, the group video chat app has been approved to be appropriate for kids not less than thirteen years (13+) of age according to the children's Online Privacy Protection Acts (COPRA) in the United States. Its strict age restriction is enforced by a bottleneck of parental permission before an account is opened to check illegal owning of an account by underage users.

Yee App

Is Yee Safe For Kids?

Although social media can result in a lack of concentration and rob kids of their sleep, it poses more significant threats. Yee app preaches safety and security for kids. It boasts of a zero-tolerance policy for offensive content and abusive behavior. Also, its state-of-the-art artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies help filter out and ban content that goes against safety policy. More than not, a standby human moderator team is available to work diligently round the clock reviewing all reports and blocks submitted by users. This ensures that any user caught is banned from the app.

With all these stringent measures put in place, should parents sit back and relax that their kids online are safe and secure with Yee App? No!

Despite all these measures adopted by the app, some unpalatable incidences still surfaced with the app. A review carried out on the app reveals cases of underage users and those who falsified info during registration.

Like other apps, there are cases of:

1. Cyber Bully: Anonymous user enhances this. Since the message passed is encrypted and hacked-proofed, bullies find an appropriate platform to engage in heinous acts. Well, the developer envisages such action, knowing fully well that the app isn't perfect. So, the Crises Text Line was installed in the app to help the victim when they reach out for help.

dangers of cyber bully

2. Sexting: for reminder sake, sexting is the exchange of sexually explicit text/messages, pictures, or videos of a user. Well, for teens, they consider it as a way of getting acquainted with one another or flirting with each other. This is a dangerous way of knowing a person. Your guess is as good as mine. Aside from using it as blackmail, sexters on the Yee app are prone to sharing the message they receive with others and even with multiple persons.

sexting message on Yee

3. Harmful and inappropriate content: one of the characteristics of teens is curiosity. Social media is packed with myriads of catchy things; new ground teens will like to explore what can be harmful to them. Kids who are active on the app are more vulnerable to lewd to dangerous content. Also, sexual images, users showing off on the use of drugs and alcohol, and users using vulgar languages can pose a danger to these kids.

Harmful and inappropriate content on Yee

4. Predator: The predators groom their victims who are unsuspicious of their motive. These are often seen to falsify their age or hide it altogether. They do their research about the victim by gathering personal information used in relating to the teen or kid to gain trust. This has led to a lot of children believing they are being understood by strangers more than their parents. With trust ground established, the predator introduces sexual conversation explicitly, uses pornography and other unhealthy tactics to control the child's behavior.

 away from evil predators

Parents' Reviews and News to Yee App

1. By disconcerning123 - It's kind of creepy actually because people can screenshot your profile, and when you click on, it doesn't show who the person is at all. There are strangers on this app. I am very uncomfortable with my kid's information being visible. I am very clueless about who could be doing it, and I am anxious about my kid's safety.

2. By kyle2001838 Horrible app for kids.

3. By 101.LIMBO - These racist guys call my kid slurs and bully him for no reason.

What Are The Flaws of YEE App Safety Measures?

Yee app has no doubt spelled out its selling point to attract the well-guarded teens into a world without wall and mercy (social media) by providing them conceived security and safety.

Some of the flaws of the safety measures put in place by this app are highlighted below.

1. No age verification - - As technology advances, dubious people had also step up in their game and tactic to penetrate a highly secured platform. Despite the stringent measures to ensure no underage own an account, some users succeeded in breaking through the hard wall of defense of this app while other users purposefully reduced or hide theirs to perpetrate evil. This therefore established that the age verification put in place is not of much help for the safety and security of teens.

2. Lack of Privacy - the app obtains three kinds of information from the user. These are shared with the public on various levels, and they include Personal data, user-contributed content, and automatic information such as IP address and browser type.

3. Lack of security - The anonymity provides a cover for scammers whose aim of coming on such an app is to deceive and scam innocent naive teens.

What Should Parents Do?

1. Block the app to prevent your kid from using it.

Do you think this is a strict decision? It is often the best solution when you are finding it hard to stop your child from misusing the Yee app or accessing content that is not appropriate for his or her age. There are different ways you can block this group video chat app, and the best we have seen so far is FamiSafe. It comes with a feature called App usage & blocker. With this feature, you can monitor the number of minutes or hours your child uses on the app. Also, you can set the time you want the kid to use on the app and, if needed, block the app when you don't want her to use it. Another feature on FamiSafe that does a similar job by blocking the websites, allowing you to add unwanted sites to blacklist, and also view deleted history is web filter.

FamiSafe can block the dangerous app

2. Monitor your kid's online conversation.

You can do this by ensuring your kids use the app or website where you can see what they are doing and who they are conversing with. However, most kids of this generation are smart and can always find their way around this method. So, what should you do as a parent? Use a reliable parental control app like FamiSafe that provides a parental alert when your kid receives a suspicious text, explicit photos, and any other disturbing content. All you need to do is to add risky keywords like offensive, rude, and demeaning words to the app and you will be alerted when such terms are sent to your kid.

FamiSafe can help you to monitor your kid's online conversion

3. Enforce time limit.

Ensure you teach your child that even though social media is exciting, there is technology-free time. Let them know that they can't spend most of their time on the group video chat app. One of the best ways to enforce the time limit is by using the screen time feature on FamiSafe. It can control addiction to the app and also help your child develop the right attitude to social media apps. With the feature, you can remotely set when and where you want your child to use the app. For example, if you see that your child wastes most of their time on the app, you can remotely set a limit rules for the app should only be accessible at a particular hour of the day or a specific day of the week.

 Screen time limit of FamiSafe

4. Monitor the app or website your child visits

As a parent, you may be wondering how you can go about this. Can you know when you kid install an app, use it and uninstall it? Yes, you can find out through the activity report feature FamiSafe offers. The activity report will let you know if your kid installs an app and then delete it so that you won't detect what he or she is using it. Besides, you also get to know how much time your kid spends.

 What FamiSafe can help you

  • Web Filtering
  • Location Tracking & Geo-fencing
  • App Blocker & App Activity Report
  • Screen Time Limit & Schedule
  • Explicit Content & Suspicious Photos Detection

It is smart to know about everything your kids are doing when they are online. There are some pitfalls and risks that are involved when you connect to social media always, and most times, kids are not prepared to spot them. However, with the information provided about the Yee app, and how parents can keep their children safe on it, you should rest knowing they can enjoy the group video chat app safely.

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