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The 8 Best Apk Download Site for Android

Download APK from These Sites

Do you know, if you install an app directly from Google Play Store, you may never get access to these files? Then how do your apps work? The answer is the Mobile Operating System uses an APK file for distributing and installing these apps. These files run in the background to make your apps work.

APK, also known as Android Package Kit, is used widely by the Mobile Operating System to install mobile apps. Apk files are stored in the form of a zip format. Google Play Store hosts millions of apps for us. But still, users are looking for more and more apps and are trying to access apps that are not even available on Google Play Store. If that's the case for you, you should not miss these apk download sites we are going to introduce in this article.

apk download site

Why People Need to Download APK Directly

But the question is, why do people not find their desired app on the Google play store? There could be many reasons for it.

1. App is blocked

One of the reasons your app is not on the Google play store is that it may be blocked in your region; therefore, not accessible by you.

2. Illegal content

The other reason could be the app's type of content; for example, Google Play Store does not allow adult content.

3. Violation of rules:

Google Play Store's policies are strict. To get your app registered in Google Play Store, the developer must comply with the play store's rules and regulations. If they fail to follow the guidelines, they might not make it appear in the android marketplace for apps. Google play store may have banned the app for any violation of rules and regulations.

The app might not be upgraded.

Google Play Store only allows upgraded versions of any app to give people the best user experience and security from bugs and malware. But if you are trying to find an older version, you may need to download it from APK download sites.

However, you can still find apps on APK download sites. But all sites are not safe. Some are not trustworthy and unsafe. They can harm your android device, or your device may get loaded with bugs by downloading from dangerous sites.

8 Best Apk Download Site for Android 2021

Here we discuss the best, safe, and trustworthy Apk Download Sites to install various apps.

1. APK Mirror

Apk Mirror is the host of thousands of free apps. Not just the apps are free, but the site itself is trustworthy too. The outlook of the website is uncomplicated. Moreover, it is regularly updating its data and adding more and more apps for its user's benefits. A little cluttered and unorganized it may be, which makes the search a bit difficult. However, you can always use a search bar, and you can also search by choosing the developer's name. 

The website also stands out among others from a security point of view. It does not upload APK files without verifying. APK Mirror ensures that the files uploaded are valid. You can also download any previous version of any app from APK Mirror. And later, the older version can be upgraded from Google Play Store if you decide to switch to using the new version.

apk download sites - apk mirror

2. APKPure

APKPure, almost as old as APKMirror, is also considered the significant rival of APKMirror. It is also the safest platform for APK files. The prominent advantage of APKPure is it lets the user search the apps by topic too. APKPure has taken all necessary steps to ensure all the uploaded APK files from developers are free from viruses and malware. The strict policy has paid off in achieving a freeAPK website's target, containing no modded APKs or malware.

Furthermore, you can also download region-lock apps from it, which you can't even find on Google Play Store. APKPure's main feature is the mobile app. Once downloaded from the play store, it can act as a Google Play store and allows you to download various games and apps from it. While downloading, you can pause and resume the process of the download. And it also supports many languages to cater to the needs of users from all around the globe. As one of the most popular APK downloaders, is APKPure really safe to use? Click to Learn more.

apk download sites - apkpure

3. APK4Fun

APK4Fun has made its place in the best APK download sites for a reason. The most organized and categorized site has thousands of free games and apps to offer. If you are casually looking for a new game or app, you can look from the Top Download’s section or Editor’s choice. Or, if you have a specific game or app in mind, you can use the search bar for it. The user interface is simple and easy to navigate. It also focuses on providing malware-free APK files, which you cannot find on Google's product Google Play Store. Moreover, there is no need to subscribe or register yourself before going through the process of downloading. It has made the site an easy one among others where subscription or registration is obligatory.

apk download sites - apkpure

4. APK Store

The fourth to appear in our list is the APK store, which was previously known as APK downloader. It also offers many free apps. It is also the safest platform should you choose to download an app. It serves as an alternative to the Google app. If you ever encounter an app that your android device thinks is not compatible with your device, APK Downloader can be your last resort. You can download the app file in APK format from the site and give it a chance to play on your device. The files are all fetched from the Google Play Store, so security and safety is not an issue.

apk download sites - APK Store

5. APKBucket

Another great site to provide authentic and verified apps in APK format is APKBucket. Thousands of APK files for games and different apps can be found here. You can even check the authenticity of APK files by running hash checks. Finding your desired app on the website is easy. Just type the app's name, and it will find out your desired app from under the heaps and stacks of other apps. APK bucket, a rapidly growing APK file host site, is also a bit messy and uncategorized, but the apps are all safe and trustworthy.

apk download sites - APKBucket

6. Aptoide

The quest to find the desired app may land you on this site too. Keeping up with the likes of APKPure, Aptiode also offers a free mobile app. From there, you can download your choice of app. It requires your mobile configuration setting to be at "allow download from unknown sources'' to download APK files from the app. Aptoide allows developers to manage their stores. That's why many modded apps have their way in the app. Aptoide not only provides an app for android users, but there are various versions for Smart TV, Tablet. and Aptiode for kids has also been introduced. Aptoide is available in 40 different languages, so users from all over the world can avail apps from their app. The app is downloaded by users about 6 million times. Imagine how many people are daily downloading apps from it.

apk download sites - Aptoide

7. Softpedia

Softpedia is another giant in the industry of software and APK files. The site is almost two decades old and has grown significantly. It is not only one of the best APK download sites but also has millions of free software, drivers, tools, and antivirus. All software and files are categorized for Windows, MAC, and Linux to make the search process smoother. The biggest accomplishment is the trust factor of the site. So you are always assured of what you are downloading that will not harm your device.

apk download sites - Softpedia

8. Apps Apk

The last to make in our list is Apps Apk. This easy to navigate site offers many free APK files. The site is a reliable source of free games and apps. Moreover, the region-restricted files are also accessible via Apps Apk. It uses an input package ID to download your required apps. The site has kept its interface uncluttered Since the site uses Google’s servers to download original APK files, so the files are in original form without alteration. It means the apps are totally virus free. There is no need for a Google account to download files from it. Apps APK files are scanned for viruses, therefore safe to download from it.

apk download sites - Apps Apk

Is it safe to download apk files from unknown sites?

It is not always the best option to download from any random site. Taking precautions can save your device from viruses, malware and may cause your mobile to malfunction. To avoid these, you must check the authenticity of APK files.

Especially for young children who are not able to find out whether the websites they are visiting is safe and end up downloading a virus or malicious app to their devices. In this case, parents should take up the responsibility to keep their kids safe.

Luckily, with the development of modern technology. It is never easier for parents to check kid's online activity using third-party parental control apps like FamiSafe.

FamiSafe - Protect Your Kids From Accessing Malicious Websites

  • Location Tracking & Geo-fencing
  • App Blocker
  • Web Filtering
  • Screen Time Control
  • Smart Parental Control Setting

With the technology advancement and smart devices getting within reach of kids, it may be tough to manage your children's online activities. They may gain access to malicious websites to download their favorite game or app.

However, there is one safe way to manage their activities.

FamiSafe- a parental control app- lets you keep a check on your kids' activities. If your child somehow gets access to a malicious or age-inappropriate website, you can block these websites.

Downloading various apps just for the sake of curiosity may be fun for your kids. But if you think your kid has installed an app that is harming not only his device but also making him unproductive, you can block the app for good. Your kid can not get access to these apps anymore.

Furthermore, you can also keep track of the apps they have used, history, screen time, and alerts.

famisafe parental control

These were a few handpicked websites to download APK files from it. You may find many other APK download sites on the internet, but you need to verify the apps' authenticity before downloading them. It may be difficult for you to identify the apps which may harm your devices. So, we have listed the best APK download sites for your ease, so enjoy all the apps without any region restriction.

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