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Top 10 Kids Apps for Kindle Fire Tablet

Top Kids Apps for Kindle Fire Tablet

Tablets have become an essential part of our children’s childhood, and they play an important part in teaching many new things through educational apps and other content.

When it comes to kids, there’s no match for what the Kindle Fire range of tablets delivers. These tablets are a budget-friendly line of tablets consistently created by Amazon, which shows us that there’s plenty of space for cheap tablets in today’s market if they are worth the price.

Why is Kindle Fire best for kids?

But you must be wondering why is the Kindle Fire range the undisputed winner of kid’s tablets. There are many reasons why we all should consider buying a Kindle Fire for kids.

The biggest reason behind this is that there’s no other tablet that provides so much at such a low cost, like the Kindle Fire. There may be better tablets, but they’re all expensive and not worth the price, many of them are overrated. You can get the base model of the Kindle Fire for an amazing price of $50, while most entry-level tablets are topping $300. There couldn’t be a better deal for your children.

Another reason is that the Kindle Fire is highly durable. Kids tend to drop their tablets many times, and usually don’t take care of them. However, this isn’t a problem if your children own a Kindle Fire. However, they’re indestructible, so there are many attractive cases for them. Kids love to customize their devices.

The Kindle Fire line is also known for exceptional parental controls, giving you great control over your children. You can limit their screen time, set goals, and keep an eye on what they’re doing. With other tablets, you always have to worry about what your kids are up to; however, the Kindle Fire rids you of this.

Moreover, the Kindle Fire has excellent content for your children. With endless possibilities from educational shows, to fun and learning apps. You will find the best age-appropriate content on a Kindle Fire through Amazon’s app store.

Now that we’ve discussed why you should get the Kindle Fire for your children, we should consider the amazing apps you can get. Keeping kids entertained has never been easier with the help of Kindle Fire. With the availability of Amazon Underground, you can help your child learn through educational yet surprisingly fun apps. Here’s a list of the best kids’ apps for Kindle Fire:

Top 10 Kids App for Amazone Fire Tablet

1. Khan Academy Kids

best kids apps for kindle fire- Khan Academy Kids

You must have heard about Khan academy or even used it. It’s a well-known app for providing quality education for free in a vast variety of subjects; However, until now, kids were left out from this quality education. With the help of Khan Academy, kids even learn from thousands of educational courses that are interactive and fun. The app also contains many books, songs, and games. This app can help your kids develop a better understanding of complex problems from a younger age. It’s filled with an excellent curriculum.

The app was created by experts at the Stanford Graduate School of education, keeping in mind that the audience of this app is children. It suits all the needs of your children; it’s the best way to entertain a child while learning new things.

Khan academy kids also give parents a progress report of their children, to show what they’ve achieved through the app.

2. Netflix

kids app for kindle fire - Netflix

Although Netflix isn’t free, it’s undoubtedly worth the price and makes a great app for children. Get your subscription for Netflix and set up a children’s profile, so your child can access millions of entertaining and educational shows, movies and cartoons, right on their Kindle Fire. Netflix kids only have age-appropriate content so that they can leave their kids alone with their Kindle.

3. Toca Lab

best kids app for kindle fire - Toca Lab

Toca lab is one of the best games for children. The app is created by Toca Boca, an award-winning creator known to develop games that spark the imaginations of children, all while they gain knowledge.

Toca lab teaches children about chemistry with interactive graphics so that kids can have fun while learning. Your children can meet all the elements of the periodic table in a fun way instead of learning them at school. It’s also possible to experiment with these elements virtually.

4. Thinkrolls 2

app for kindle fire - Thinkrolls 2

Thinkrolls 2 is a game of logic. It forces kids to use their minds and solve complex problems while they don’t even notice it. While playing the game, they’ll meet 28 characters, which use basic laws of physics and properties of matter to complete the game. Each chapter of the game teaches a new concept of science to kids. Thinkrolls has also been the editor’s choice in children’s technology.

5. Nick Jr. Draw & Play

app for amazon fire - Nick Jr. Draw & Play

This is an easy to use drawing app, which will help your children express their imagination in the most fin way possible. The app contains the famous cartoon characters from Nickelodeon, which attracts kids even more. By using magical effects and several tools, your kid can become an artist on his or her Kindle Fire.

6. Dragon Box Algebra

best app for kid on kindle fire - Dragon Box Algebra

The thought of teaching a child as young as five seems to be impossible. However, with Dragon box algebra, your kids can quickly grasp complex algebraic concepts and learn about the processes of solving linear equations. This will surely help secure the future of your child in his or her school days.

This app has received many awards, such as the Best educational app and App of the year.

7. Scratch JR

best app for kid on kindle fire - Scratch JR

Scratch Jr is a programming language inspired by the Scratch program, which is already famous amongst kids. Scratch Jr has made programming so easy that even a kid of 5-7 years of age can grasp its idea and learn to code. Children can join together graphical programming blocks, which allow them to move characters and create their own stories. Kids can also insert their pictures, voices and create their characters and then make them come to life, right on their Kindle Fire.

8. Reading Trainer

best kids app for kindle fire - Reading Trainer

This app is a must-download. It helps children to build their language skills. With 12 challenging but fun exercises, your kid can increase his or her reading speed and retention rate. This app is also used for teens practicing for SAT. To reduce eye strain; this app introduces eye exercises.

9. Lightbot Jr

best kids app for kindle fire - Lightbot Jr

This is also another app to build coding and programming concepts in your child’s mind. It’s an easier version of the original Lightbot app, which is often even used in schools. Lightbot Jr gives your kids fun puzzles that are thought-provoking and require logic to be solved.

10. DNA Play

best kids app for kindle fire - DNA Play

This app is recommended by BBC and cool mom tech. It introduces the complex problems of DNA, genetics, and biology to children in a fun and interactive way. Providing them with thought-provoking DNA puzzles, which allow them to make mutations and see how DNA works.

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There’s no doubt that the Kindle Fire range is the best option for tablets for children. However, to ensure this, you’ll need to download the best apps to utilize what the Kindle Fire tablet can do fully.

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