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Cake video app review: why parents can’t ignore?

Cake video app review

Introduction: What is the cake video app?

This is a free live video streaming application that is majorly used by teenagers. Cake video chat enables users of all walks to participate in chat parties after becoming members. To some extent, this app randomly matches people with similar likes. It then becomes an open window for chit-chatting with other users across the globe.

The regulated age limit for joining is 17 years and above. Anyone below this age is forbidden from signing up. However, there is no clear cut-off point for determining the age of a potential user. Even though there are regulations from the app developers, it is still difficult to pinpoint a user's age by simple form-filling. But how do parents deal with such cases? This article is going to explore that and much more!

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Why cake video app is popular?

The driving force behind online chatting is meeting friends and keeping busy learning various concepts. Cake chat is neither different, it will automatically match its users for chat sessions. And that's where its popularity comes from. However, this also poses major threats because of the strange identities that users come by. But why is this app still popular? Let's unravel the mysteries.

  • Users can have as many online parties as possible, sending and sharing video messages with friends.
  • Users can also earn money from their chatting and streaming activities.
  • The app has no limitations on its usability. The download and installation process is pretty easy
  • It is also free to use, though with a few feature in-app purchases that are manageable.

Is the cake video app safe?

The fact that the cake app allows parties to be randomly matched already raises eyebrows. This act implies that strangers are matched with other users without further thoughts.

  • Children may also fall victim to online harassment, especially, from some strangers they meet online. And since the app allows for private chats, you wouldn't know when your child decides to arrange for physical meet-ups
  • Other personal information may be leaked unsuspected, leading to phishing from either your kid's credit card or misuse of their personal details
  • To a greater extent, your kid may eventually become addicted to this app, leading to a lack of concentration on other important aspects like school works.

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The dangers of cake video app

Exposure of personal details

Any user will need to provide some information during the sign-up process. Nonetheless, unscrupulous individuals may pose as friends and require for beyond the line information like credit card details.

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Sexual harassment

Even though the cake app emphasizes that it opens its doors to 17-year-olds and above, you are likely to find underage kids in the mix. The high amount of sexual involvement is a threat to such young minds.

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Risky behavior

This is especially from some top rated users who may be out to destroy upcoming minds. It could be the selling of illicit drugs and the exchange of other harmful toxins.

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Some users may also be addicted, resulting in ignoring important daily activities like work and study. Addiction may also deprive someone of his/her freedom of living a normal life. This, in a nutshell, is damaging to the brain and life as a whole.

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This is another danger zone that may drive your kid crazy. The internet is full of unscrupulous people who sometimes want to take away the peace of others. Cyberbullying is also prone to such apps and may lead your child to total withdrawal and sometimes depression.

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Negative short reviews from the internet

Case 1. Unsolicited messages

A parent from commonsense.com explains that in less than 12 hours after he created an account, he had started receiving unsolicited messages from the matched users. It included a sexually explicit video from a stranger.

Case 2. Earning diamond encourages risky behaviors.

Users are encouraged to share live videos so that they earn "diamonds". These are then exchanged for cash value. Encouraging users to talk to strangers and dish out videos is risky behavior that may progress to sexual assault or drug abuse.

Case 3. Extortion of money

A parent reports that her daughter was throbbed into giving her credit card details by someone she hadn't known quite clearly. Other people pose as users while they are potential cybercrimes.


What age is the cake video app for and can kids bypass it?

Cake app is available for users from ages 17 and above. But since the app is free to use and with little restrictions on verifying the age, other underage users can by-pass it. This is the number one reason why it's becoming a concern for most parents. In the quest for parents to find a solution to the safety of their kids, they have devised ways to help in their kids' safety. Let's see what parents can do.

What can parents do to protect their kids?

Recognize social networks

An app is one of the ways of keeping your kids on the social network. And since other users lure them in the form of friends, it's now upon the parent to exercise their due diligence. As a parent, check on that particular app whether it is age-appropriate for your child. Cake app places age requirement at 17 years and above. However, it may not filter adult content, exposing your kid to inappropriate stuff. To curb this, simply check out what your kid receives and sends. Likewise, you can advise him/her on what is appropriate and what is not.

Check out for any ill-mannered behavior

Any parent will know when his/her child is going beyond boundaries. Check out for any unfamiliar behaviors that your kid may have developed in recent times. It will help you clear out any suspicions of bad manners like engaging in drugs or being exposed to inappropriate content like pornography. It may be that some online friends are slowly transforming your kid's character to the worst.

Use parental control app

The first two options may prove difficult given the magnitude of the parent's busy schedules. Using a parental control app like FamiSafe may help you to efficiently control your child. Likewise, it will help you control your child even he/she is out of sight.

Introducing FamiSafe

This app has what it takes to give you all the peace of mind. FamiSafe is a reliable parental control app that helps you in safeguarding your kids 24/7. It works on both mobile devices and tablets across all operating systems. Among the areas, it can take care of include prevention against cyberbullying, screen time control, web filtering, and much more. Check more of its features below.

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  • Web Filtering
  • Location Tracking & Geo-fencing
  • App Blocker & App Activity Report
  • Screen Time Limit & Schedule
  • Explicit Content & Suspicious Photos Detection

App block & Usage

It is the concern of many parents of what their children get access to via the internet. This feature will help you to control the apps that your child can use. If you feel that an app is not fit, simply block it and deter your child from future access.

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Use this feature to mark geo-fencing zones that are safe for your kids. The app will send you instant alerts whenever your kid leaves any of the safe zones. It will, further, alert you when your kid enters any unsafe places as per your opinion.

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Activity Report

This feature will let you know the daily app activities of your kid. So, based on this, you can advise your kid accordingly and let him adhere to well-laid guidelines. This will ensure that he doesn't get involved in time-wasting programs or activities.

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Screen time & Smart Schedule

Without planning, you will definitely achieve very little. Screen time helps you to check the daily time usage of your kid's phone. This feature gives you the entire mandate to block your kid's device from activities that steal into their constructive time. You can set time for play, work, study, and when to go to sleep.

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Browser History & Web Filter

It is through browsing that your kid can easily meet cyberbullies. This feature will help you keep control over what your child browses and the sites they visit. You can as well filter out explicit content and sites that you wouldn't want your child to access.

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Numerous apps continue to throng the market and it is proving difficult to control their usage. Parents are, however, not giving up especially when it comes to the safety of their kids. Cake chat allows users of all nature to chit-chat and in fact, poses a threat to some users. But don't worry! You have the protection from the most reliable parental control app, FamiSafe. It is filled with articulate features to give you prompt alerts whenever your child faces danger. Furthermore, it will give you all the peace of mind you need even when far away from your kids.

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