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Skout app review for parents: meet dangerous people

Skout app review for parents


The Skout app is an entrance to meet new people worldwide. It is a dating app with numerous features built-in structured manner. The Skout app is extremely a fun app for adults. It is an adult app, which helps the users to meet people of same interest across boundaries. This software allows you to enable the GPS feature to locate the nearby friend to try out date. This app provides a platform to meet strangers and exchange virtual gifts to make the bond stronger. It connects random people around your locality using your profile information. If you are alone then this app connects with a good company to spend time with fun and chats. This app feeds the inquisitiveness and excitement in you. The adults should use this app with precautionary steps to avoid unwanted issues in future.

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How does the Skout app work?

The Skout app works similar to the chat app in the digital market. You can download this app from the ‘App or Google play store’ depending on the type of OS you have on your phone. A quick installation process without consuming much time, then you have to fill in the profile details to reveal who you are and what you do. Finally, explore the app features to connect with people around you. It is simple but you have to be cautious when you meet strangers in this platform. It is not a reliable app because the data given by the users fill in the Skout database without any verification process. There are chances for the hackers, sexual predators hidden in the name of a Skout app member in the list.

There is a highlighted feature with the title ‘Shake to chat’ in this app. When you shake your phone, you will connect with the random Skout user nearby your locality shaking the phone at that time. Soon after the connection, you will proceed with the chat using the built-in stickers, emoji, etc.

Is the Skout app safe for kids?

The Skout app is extremely unsafe for kids because of the following reasons listed below

    • Strangers:

This app connects with strangers and it would bring serious cyber issues in future. You might not know the real facts about the connected people. The details given in the profile may be false, and there are possibilities for the anonymous users to threaten your kid at the end of the chat.

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    • Cyber Bullying:

When your kid chats with an elderly person then ultimately there are chances for cyberbullying. During the chat when they encounter any difference of opinion then immediate the elder person will burst out with offensive languages, which leads to cyberbullying. The Skout app offers a comfortable space to promote cyber-bullying issues easily.

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    • Inappropriate content:

If the stranger is a sexual predator then he/she will share inappropriate and adult content during the chat. He/she will send porn images, videos to exploit the child. Your kid will not be able to handle such a situation alone and it would lead to psychological issues.

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The Skout app reviews on the internet

    • Matt Parker

This is a horrible app everyone is fake and the app is full of spammers. It consistently shows people from 1000s of miles away even when selecting "near". Basically a joke. Dangerous for the kids as it contains a lot of unverified profiles in its list

    • Kevin

Buggy as hell, low-quality people on the app, and does not protect privacy. There are 31 trackers in this app (which are meant to record everything you are doing and send that data back so it can be sold to 3rd parties)!. Not recommended for kids and teens it is highly risky

    • Jackson

The majority of the "people" on here are fake profiles that send fake links to suspicious websites. I hope this app gets banned on the play store. It's a disgrace that people wasted their time programming this app. Obviously, they were in it just for the money. I hope whoever programmed this gets aids. No effective preventive measures for the entry of kids and teens

How old do children have to be for Skout? In addition, can they bypass age restriction?

The official age limit to make use of Skout app is 18 but there is no proper measure to verify the age of the users during the signup process. When your kid enters a fake date of birth then easily they can create an account in no time. There is no verification process to ensure the user’s age. Therefore, there is a high risk waits when the kid or teen tries out signup in the Skout app.

How to make sure your child is safe?

Follow the below ways to ensure safety factors when your kid create an account on social media.

Awareness of risks:

You must talk to your kid or teen about the hidden risks available in the chat and dating apps. Initially, it looks like a fantasy for your kid due to peer pressure but later on, it leads to dangerous situations. You should communicate in a proper way and give them examples of the risks involved in this platform. Make sure to emphasize on the threats compiled in this Skout app pack. Instead of making commands or orders, you should convey your thoughts to your child in a friendly manner.

Demo signup:

In case if your kid is not convinced with the conversation related to the negative consequences of the app then you can display a demo in front of your child. You must create an account in the Skout app and initiate a chat with the nearby member. Allow your kid to watch out the conversation regularly and learn the danger through this live demo. The experience nails forever and your kid will never look back in these dating, chat apps ever in their life journey.

Parental Control app:

You would have come across a lot of parental control apps in the digital market. There are many features and built-in programs to ensure the safety of your kids on this internet platform. You have to analyze the reliability of the app. Most professionals and child psychologists recommend FamiSafe parental control app. It is a useful app from Wondershare. Take a quick glance at its stunning features below

The main features of FamiSafe parental control app

  • Precise and remote supervision of kid’s gadget activities
  • Create a geo-fence and safeguard the child from the entry of dangerous zones
  • Reduces the screen time of kids and blocks inappropriate apps in their phone remotely
  • Assist to plan an efficient schedule for the day to utilize the time optimally using ‘Smart Schedule’ feature
  • Filters unnecessary content from the entry of the child’s gadget
  • A detailed report on the gadget activities of the kids for a specific period is available for a view in the ‘Activity Report’ tab on FamiSafe app.

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  • Web Filtering
  • Location Tracking & Geo-fencing
  • App Blocker & App Activity Report
  • Screen Time Limit & Schedule
  • Explicit Content & Suspicious Photos Detection

Depth analysis on certain features of FamiSafe parental control app is given below

Block Apps:

When your kid downloads dating apps like Skout, Tinder etc then immediately you can block it remotely using FamiSafe. You must select ‘App Block’ option from the home screen and enable the toggle button to activate the blocking process. When you turn on the toggle button nearby the Skout app then the application turns inactive in no time. Your kid will not be able to enter into this app by any means. With the help of ‘App Usage’ option, you can identify the time spent on each app in your kid’s phone.

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Activity Report:

This app drafts a report comprising of the time spent on each app, frequency of signups, number of game visits etc. A complete history on the kid’s gadget activities is available in this report. You can check this detail by choosing ‘Activity report’ option from the home screen of the FamiSafe app.

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Screen Time and Smart Schedule:

The FamiSafe app allows you to limit the screen time of your kid with the help of ‘Screen Time’ feature. You have to set time limit and activate the clock when the set time expires then automatically the phone locks without any notification. Using ‘Smart Schedule’ option you can plan for the day such as TV time, snacks, playtime, studying etc. This feature helps your kid to manage time for optimal results in a day.

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Web filters and Browser history

You can find out whether your kid is in search of any dating apps like Skout app using ‘Browser History’ feature. This app records the browsing data immediately despite your kid deletes in his/her web browser. The Web filter option protects your kid’s gadget from unnecessary disturbing content in the cyber world.

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Finally, to end up the discussion the FamiSafe parental control app is the perfect suit to tackle and handle the threats and dangers on the cyberspace from your kid’s gadget. You can supervise your kid’s online activities round the clock precisely even without their knowledge. If you want to safeguard your kid from dangerous dating apps like Skout app then FamiSafe parental control is the only protective guard available in the digital market.

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