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What is Likee? Get Everything You Need To Know Here

Should I Allow My Kids to Use Likee?

Do you know that 85% of parents allow their child under age 6 to use technology? A survey conducted by the Erikson institute proved this. Children born in the digital age get out of the mother's womb and get a phone or iPad in front of them. Not only underage children but also from 3 to 6 to teenagers, every child has access to modern technology. Even three months baby used to sleep with rhymes screened in front of them. It is useful in ways but harmful on the other side.

Like many social media apps, Likee is an app that is being used by everyone, but many people are not aware of the pros and cons of this application. Likee has become a source of entertainment, but on the other hand, it causes many issues for children and for parents too. This article will learn more about the likee app, how it works, why it becomes unsafe to use, and what the privacy concerns are. Let's find out more with us.

what is likee

What is Likee?

Likee is an app that people use to shoot videos. It is a platform where people could easily upload their talent and create unique videos with the help of Likee. Video effects, personalization feeds, live stream option is all you need to create an appreciable video.

Likee is a popular app for shooting short videos to show your talent. It has now become a source of entertainment for everyone. The cool editing tools and superb effects make videos more enjoyable. Live stream option introduces you to the world and engages you with the audience. People will get different creative content, such as drawings, DIYS, movies, news, dance, and music videos. The personalized feed option shows you the favorite range of your choice. It is based on the videos which you like, share, and watch. Likee is an app for those who want to broadcast their talent and those who want to explore new things every day.

what is likee app

Is Likee app safe for kids?

As having excellent features and cool filters, there is something that parents should be aware of this app. The app has no age restriction option when signing up, which means the app can show adult content to the children. The app also indicates violence and suggestive language that is inappropriate for children to watch. You cannot make your account private, which means everyone can visit your profile easily. Thus, insecure and unsafe to use.

* Privacy Issues on Likee

When you sign up on Likee, you will get some recommendations of an account to follow. The same thing happens for others, which means your account is recommended to many people without your consent. People will get messages from profiles that they even don't know. One of the most significant issues is the no private account option. You can only block messages and comments of anonymous. However, if you stop the comments and messages, there is still a way that the blocked person can access your music videos.

Many other applications have private account features that help people add only friends and family to an account and share videos. Another privacy concern about this app is, by default, location data automatically enabled without asking permission. If you do not disable this feature, an option will appear on the feed "nearby' that shows videos of people who are lived close by. So, strangers near you can find you out quickly. DANGER ALERT!

There is an option of parental control that disables some features, and the password needs to be reset after every seven days. Why?

* Inappropriate Content on Likee

Likee is full of fake accounts and unsuitable content. According to the review of parents on the Google Play Store. Their kids are being asked for personal details, adult content, and images in exchange for beans. Beans are the monetization currency of this app—beans and diamonds used by people to permit the users to donate real money to app users. People can also receive funds by using and giving diamonds and beans and becoming a source of popularity in likee. In simple words, you spend money to become famous and popular. The prices start from the range of $.99 to $120.00! There are many reviews of parents on google play store about how their children use this app without even asking for them and becoming friends with strangers without knowing them completely.

On Google Play, we can found reviews like this:

"Do not let your child get this app.

Sadly, I found my child was connected with a fake friend, who asked for explicit pictures. I am so disgusted. My heart is broken. I thought we have communication, and I am very open to her about the online danger. These people are all over, offering kids attention, and they must be desired for their videos. She becomes easy prey and does not know how to stop his pressure to continue sending the rated picture. Please protect your loved ones."

* Online Predators

Online predators are becoming creative through many social media sites that are not introducing useful security features. They lure children by finding out personal information quickly without any effort. Thanks to social media sites that create fewer privacy options for online predators.

Criminals also use technology to lure kids. Now they don't use candies and chocolates; they use mobile apps and the internet to attract them. Sarasota Sheriff's Office suspects 21 mobile apps that predators use to influence children. According to their report, the apps that predators use have minimal options for privacy controls. The applications show sexual content and nudity and send explicit content to the users. Children set their incorrect age in the signup form to access the dating apps and secrete explicit content and password to keep everything private. Child predators have a piece of complete knowledge about how to attract under-age users. When they find those children, they invite them to social gatherings and spoil them badly. Only parents can save their children from fraud and scams. Here are some tips that parents must follow to stop online predators from ruining their children's lives.

How Parents Can Save Their Children

Some steps that parents should take to save their children from possible harm

  • Communicate with them

Communication is an effective way. It helps parents to know more about their kids. Their kids would be more interested in sharing concerns with them than other strangers. You can also guide the right path and keep an eye on them to check their activities. If you communicate with them with love and affection, they will automatically share everything with you, which leads them to become a better person.

  • Meet Their Friends

To know about your child's social gathering, meet their friends. By doing this, you become assured about your child gathering, whether they are in a suitable environment or not.

  • Ask Them About Their Day

Ask them what they did a whole day that keeps you close to them. They would share everything with you, whether it may be good or bad.

  • Install Parental Control Application

Parental control software is a safe and easy way to keep track of your children's activity. You will get an update about what your children are doing and how much time he or she spent on the internet, apps, and games.

The parental app can leave your mind in peace. Parents know that children are secure from any inappropriate and adult content with the help of software. Kids can enjoy the internet peacefully without being watched any harmful and explicit content. The best parental app so far is FamiSafe that ensures your child’s online safety and privacy in the best way.

What is FamiSafe?

FamiSafe is an excellent software with all the necessary features which parents want from a parental control software. This software tracks locations, blocks porn, detects suspicious photos, and explicit content.

It also sees suspicious messages from social media apps such as Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. Location tracker helps to track the kid's current location and history timeline. Activity timeline helps to track phone activities and keep a record of installed or uninstalled apps. Screen time helps to know how much time a kid spends in online gaming and on other apps. App or game blocker is a great feature that allows blocking an inappropriate app or game having lousy content. Detection of Suspicious Photos and texts detect dangerous pictures and text from social media apps. This can be the best software for parents to keep their children safe from any harmful activity.

  • Location Tracking & Geo-fencing
  • App Blocker
  • Web Filtering
  • Screen Time Control
  • Smart Parental Control Setting

Every technology has advantages and disadvantages. It depends on a person how to use it. Likee can be a nice app to learn about new trends yet it also has hidden dangers. Not every app is safe and secure to use, but there are some tricks and tips that can be used to save your children, family, and all the loved ones.

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