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Most Trending Abbreviation and Emoji Slangs on TikTok in 2023

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In recent years, the popularity of TikTok has skyrocketed because users can blend videos, music, and graphics into amusing skits and innovative shorts. TikTok has become the go-to destination for influencers, and the slang used on this platform regularly goes viral. Every popular or significant video contains at least one slang phrase, which forces all TikTok users, including those who aren't members of Generation Z, to learn the TikTok slang vocabulary to navigate the platform without difficulty.


Every day, TikTok creators come up with new slang phrases. Don't be concerned! In this article, we will help you learn more about what's going on in the world. To join the TikTok craze, you must first know these slang terms. Here's a list of some slang terms used by Gen-Zs on TikTok so you can look cool with your kids.

Part 1: Abbreviation Slangs Used on TikTok

Slang 1POV= Point of View

POV stands for point of view and is an abbreviation that is commonly used to refer to a specific form of video. POV means the same thing on TikTok as it does in real life.

A "point of view" video is a trend in which the user creates a video from the perspective of a real or fictional character. They could be about romance or simply acting out a scene from a movie. POV is a term frequently used in captions and on-video subtitles to indicate when the viewer is supposed to be observing something from their own point of view.


Check out my new #POV video.

Slang 2DC= Dance Credits

DC is an abbreviation that stands for 'dance credits.' When the initials' DC' appear in a TikTok caption, it signifies the user is providing 'dance credits' to the creator of a viral dance or challenge. Typically, the TikTok handle of the original creator will be included alongside the letters.


DC: @alex.king

Slang 3CR= Credit

On Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, WhatsApp, Facebook, and TikTok, the most common meaning for CR is "credit."


CR: @jayshetty

Slang 4IB= Inspired By

IB stands for "inspired by," and it can be seen in the dance credits and audio plays of many TikTok videos. When people use this TikTok terminology, they frequently refer to the individual who inspired them to make that viral video or dance.


IB: @michealjackson

Slang 5OOMF= One of My Followers/ One of My Friends

OOMF is an abbreviation for one of my followers or one of my friends. It can be found on a variety of social networking platforms, especially TikTok and Twitter.


OOMF asked me to do a house tour.

Slang 6FR= For Real

FR stands for real, and it is used when someone asks if you're serious, this is frequently posed as a question. When you ask if you're 'for real,' you're asking if what you just stated is true.


Are you going to this party FR?

Part 2: Emoji Slangs Used on TikTok

Emoji Slang 1Sparkle Emoji

The addition of sparkles to a word emphasizes it. To emphasize the importance of a word, it is highlighted with sparkles. It usually refers to happy feelings. Adding a word between two sparkling emojis is an excellent way to emphasize something.


If a user is excited about something, he can title their video as ※I'm ecstatic※.

Emoji Slang 2Graph Emoji

On TikTok, a higher number indicates growth, while a lower number indicates a drop. When TikTokers want to express something growing or decreasing, they use these emojis. It can also be taken humorously.


My business is soaring, or My stock has plummeted due to the pandemic.

Emoji Slang 3Two Fingers Touching Emoji

Two Fingers Touching is an emoji that depicts two index fingers touching each other, indicating nervousness or hesitation while asking a question. It's the focus of the "Is for me?" meme and is frequently coupled with the imploring face emoji.


I can't decide my outfit for tomorrow☞☜.

Emoji Slang 4Eyes and Lips Emoji

This emoji implies that you feel helpless in the face of the chaotic realities occurring around us and that there is no way out. When someone or something is too much for you, and all you can think is, "well, this is awkward."


I can't say anything about my ex.

Emoji Slang 5Handwriting Emoji

In the comment area, the handwriting emoji suggests that someone is "taking notes" on the video's subject matter.


Great content✍

Part 3: Why is TikTok unsafe for your kids?

TikTok is a popular social media app for creating and watching short music videos. TikTok's appeal comes from its special effects filters, fun stickers, and the ability to share and collaborate with friends.

TikTok, like many other social media services, requires users to be at least 13 years old. Despite the fact that the app is rated for children aged 12 and up, it could contain moderate fictional violence, provocative themes, sexual content and nudity, drug use or references, obscenity, or lowbrow humor. Here is why you should be careful if your kids use TikTok:

• Users may use offensive hashtags occasionally.

• Users can link their TikTok accounts to other social media accounts, such as YouTube or Instagram, giving the app access to contacts and other data.

• TikTok collects behavioral and technical data from users and messages, metadata, location, shared social network information, contacts, and more.

• Songs can contain obscene lyrics – many people utilize popular songs to make their own music videos — therefore, uncensored, improper songs on TikTok can be problematic.

• Be wary of in-app purchases, especially coins that users share with others to "promote creativity." In the Restrictions area, make sure "in-app purchases" are turned off.

Educate your kids to be safe online with the help of this video.

Part 4: How to control TikTok use in your home?

TikTok has billions of users, many of whom are children. If your child wants to use the short-form video app to browse or share information online, it's fair to be concerned about being exposed to strangers as well as unsuitable music and content. Luckily you can use a parental control app like FamiSafe to control the use of TikTok in your home. FamiSafe - Parental Control & Location Tracker is an extraordinarily comprehensive parental control solution that allows you safely regulate your kid's smartphone usage.

Features of FamiSAfe Parental Control App

If you're looking for a smart approach to teach your children to use their smartphones safely, this app provides a number of features that you could like, such as:

Activity Report

FamiSafe keeps track of some of the most critical activities your kids engage in and that you should be aware of. This can help you to understand how your children spend their days.

App Blocking

You can also ban individual unsafe apps, or those you fear will make your children unproductive, in addition to specific websites. Aside from that, you'll be able to view a complete list of all the apps they use frequently.

Real-Time Location Tracking

It will let you keep an eye on your child at all times of the day, and it will be beneficial when they are away from home.

Social Media Monitoring

Children can become addicted to apps and overuse them, putting their physical and mental health at risk. FamiSafe assists you in keeping track of those apps and ensuring that your child does not overuse them.

Limit Screen Time

Children frequently use their phones late at night, and you may not be able to catch them. FamiSafe can assist you with this by allowing you to regulate screen time according to your needs. As a result, you may rest assured that they only use their phones when necessary.

Suspicious Text Detection

When FamiSafe detects obscene or disturbing words/ slangs sent to your child via Facebook, SMS, Twitter, Gmail, Instagram, Kik, Messenger, Whatsapp, or YouTube, it sends an immediate warning (only on iOS devices). You can connect your child's social media accounts to your smartphone and select which categories of suspicious words/ slang words to track. FamiSafe's database also allows you to add trigger words.

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FamiSafe lets parents control screen time, track real-time location and detect inappropriate content on kids' devices.

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In TikTok, what does the number 08 mean?

On TikTok, the number 08 denotes someone born in the year 2008. This hashtag is used by persons born in 2008 to show how beautiful and mature they look despite their youth. People who use this hashtag appear to be much older than they appear; therefore, such videos spark their interest.

What does G mean on TikTok?

It's a greeting that essentially means "what's up," "what's going on," or "what's happening." The letter "G" originally stood for "gangster" in hip hop vocabulary, but it has since gained popularity. It still has hip-hop, urban vibe about it. "What up, G?" is a greeting that has a very urban, hip-hop flavor to it.

How can I add emoji to the TikTok username?

Simply go to the "me" tab on your TikTok app and select "edit profile" to add emojis to your name or bio. From there, tap on the first option that says "Name" and enter the name you wish to use along with emojis of your choice.

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