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What is Profoundly App? Should Kids be Allowed to Use?

Profoundly App Review for Parents

Are you afraid of sharing your thoughts with the public? Don't be worried as now we have got an amazing app namely Profoundly. The amazing thing about that app is that your friends on Facebook can send you secret messages. And also, you can post stories to receive anonymous feedback.

The blocked users on Facebook wouldn't be able to send you messages. It maintains your secrecy and does not reveal your identity.

What is Profoundly app

How does Profoundly app work?

Let's have a look at the features of Profoundly app and also see how it works.

To start using this app, you will have to register with your Facebook account. During the registration process, it asks for permission to use your personal information from your Facebook account. Once you grant permission, this app automatically gets your name, profile picture, friend list, and current location.

If you have signed up with Profoundly App, you must be able to access the available options and functions.

After sign up, you can post stories, send messages or share confessions secretly. Profoundly app also enables you to share your pictures, and have audio calls with people nearby you.The app is all about chatting, sharing stories, replying to different stories, sharing your confessions, audio calls secretly. But it' an adult app not suitable for kids.

How does Profoundly work

Is Profoundly app safe for kids/teens?

You might be wondering if Profoundly app is safe for kids and young ones. But I will let you decide it yourself by going through its pros and cons. Let's see the possible dangers that can be caused by the Profoundly app.

  • The motive of this app is like an open secret. It lets you share your burning thoughts without revealing your identity. Therefore, I must say this app is not safe for kids. this app made by adults and for adults. Saying it a dating app wouldn't be wrong.
  • As this app doesn't reveal the identity of anyone who sends messages, this gives rise to negative thoughts, bullying, and hate.
  • If you see, you're doing nothing but just sharing your burning thoughts which could be a waste of your time.
  • If kids/teens use it. It can be a threat as kids will start posting and speaking their minds without any fear. It ruins the positive nature of your kid.
  • It can put your child into stress and depression which causes a destructive impact on your kid.
  • It is mention on the privacy policy that only adults having the age of 17+ can you this app but it doesn't have any system to check user age.
  • The app says that it keeps the identity secret, but it stores your kid's personal information, firstly you need to go through the privacy policy in which it is clearly stated that it can use your kid's personal information when required. And even after deleting the app, it stored the data for 90 days.

Is Profoundly Safe for Kids

How to protect your kids from possible danger?

Now you know how dangerous this app is, for your kids. Don't let your kids use this app and get depressed.

Now the question is how to protect your kids from possible danger. Let's go through the following key points that can help you protect your kids:

  • Politely talk to your kids and tell them the dangers of using that app so don't fall prey to any bad situation. Encourage them not to use this app.
  • If your kids have installed this app, ask them to delete it by talking to them in a friendly way.
  • Tell your kid that instead of using this app and receiving secret feedback from strangers, they should approach their friends or family who love them.
  • Tell them that the Facebook account is a part of their digital footsteps that colleges and future employees will search for the application process.
  • You can turn off the app store so they wouldn't get an invitation from their friends to download the app and keep a keen eye on their activities.

How to keep an eye on your kids' activities on mobile and in their daily life routine?

You have done everything that you can do to stop your child from taking the wrong decision like the one installing the Profoundly app.

However, today's generation does what they want and rarely listens to other's advice. In this situation, it is very difficult to convince them to delete or remove the Profoundly app or anonymous apps from their devices.

Especially when kids feel free to express their negative thoughts openly to everyone. Then all those possible precautions, you take to protect your child from possible danger, fail. And you keep on worrying about what to do and how to stop your child from getting into bad company.

But luckily, there is an app called FamiSafe (parental control & location tracker). The name of this app clearly shows its purpose to “be secure”. It helps parents in different ways to protect their kids from cyberbullying, phone addiction, being lost as it tracks the location of your kid.

It not only let you know what your kids are doing but also gives you full control over your kid's mobile phones or desktop. You can control the YouTube app and block the 18+ content. You can also detect suspicious photos and risky content, filter harmful websites.

In short, you can monitor and control your kid's phone activities. This app will lighten your burden and helps your child to have healthy habits and a positive personality.

The plus point of using the FamiSafe is that it is a cross-platform parental control app working on mobile devices and tablets.

Besides controlling your kid's mobile phone. FamiSafe helps you to know the daily routine of your kid which is spent using the phone. You can watch them at home and know where they go. This will help you to make sure your kids don't go to any unsafe place.

FamiSafe Features

The main features of this app are as follows:

    • Activity report: You can monitor the app usage time and recently installed or uninstalled apps. You can have a good grip on the kids’ mobile and that would let you protect your children from dangers.

FamiSafe Activity Report

    • YouTube App Usage: You can check the YouTube watch history and usage time. It also lets you remotely block inappropriate channel on the YouTube app.
    • Smart Schedule: You can remotely lock down kids' devices at a specific time and place like school, meal or sleep time to avoid study distraction or sleep deficiency.
    • Explicit content Detection: You can track inappropriate content in kids' main social media apps with keywords. Real-time alerts to signs of cyberbullying, adult content, suicide or depression, etc.
    • Suspicious Photos Detection: You can browse through your kids' phone galleries and find if there are inappropriate pictures. This app filters the photo gallery and sends alert instantly about the detected photo.
    • Web filter: You can block harmful websites. And allow the ones which are helpful to use. This app lets you filter websites by category.

FamiSafe Web Filter

  • Web Filtering
  • Location Tracking & Geo-fencing
  • App Blocker & App Activity Report
  • Screen Time Limit & Schedule
  • Explicit Content & Suspicious Photos Detection

Keep your kids safe from using anonymous sites and apps. Being a parent, you must have to take care of your children and teach them the right way to utilize their mobile phones.

Watching your kids and their activities are not possible every time, but you can do it with the FamiSafe app which lets you monitor your kid's mobile activities and their location.

FamiSafe has all those features which can protect your child from digital bullying, depression and bad situation and even from being lost.

You can groom your child's personality and develop good habits in them that ensure positive attitudes.

As a parent of your kid, take one good step and install FamiSafe mobile app and protect your children and take special care of them.

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