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Top 5 Ways to Detect ChatGPT-Generated Text

ChatGPT has emerged as one of the most popular tools for generating almost human-like text. This has proved to be an excellent utility for college and university students. But there exist ChatGPT detectors capable of detecting AI-generated text.

With the increase in usage of ChatGPT, a ChatGPT text detector has become an increasingly important tool.

This article will help us understand how we can identify and detect a text generated by ChatGPT. But first, let us know why there is a need for a ChatGPT detector.

Part 1. Why is there a need to detect ChatGPT-generated text?

Although there are many benefits to having a tool such as ChatGPT. The OpenAI model has also been criticized for its potential to generate inaccurate, biased, or even offensive language.

As a result, there is an urgent need for ChatGPT detection tools. Particularly in educational settings where information accuracy and authenticity are critical.

One of the primary drawbacks of ChatGPT-generated texts is the possibility of inaccuracies. It may still produce factually incorrect text despite being trained on massive amounts of data. And this is more important in specialized fields such as law or medicine.

Let’s look at a few reasons we would need a ChatGPT detector!

1. Confirming the accuracy of the text

ChatGPT-generated text may contain inaccuracies. In an educational setting, a ChatGPT detector can help ensure the generated text is accurate and factually correct.

2. Preventing Bias

ChatGPT-generated text may contain biases due to the data used to train the model or the way the model is programmed. A ChatGPT detector can aid in the detection and prevention of discriminatory language. This will ensure that the generated text is fair and objective.

3. Dependency

One of the critical benefits of ChatGPT-generated text is the ability to automate responses. This is especially useful in educational settings. Where you are able to answer FAQs and provide course-related information.

need of openai chatgpt detectors

Due to these advantages, the typical student may depend on ChatGPT for student work. The students may find ways to write whole assignments through AI.

So, in these types of cases, a ChatGPT detector can help the authorities detect such AI-generated text.

4. Offensive Language

ChatGPT-generated text may contain offensive language. A ChatGPT detector can assist in detecting and filtering out offensive language. This will ensure that generated text is respectful and appropriate.

5. Maintaining the reputation of an institution

Inaccurate or offensive content can harm a college or university's reputation. A ChatGPT detector can prevent this by ensuring that all generated text is accurate, unbiased, and appropriate. This will help preserve the institution's reputation and credibility.

A chatGPT detector can prove to be a great utility, so let us check the different methods of chatGPT AI detection.

Part 2. What are the different methods to detect ChatGPT-generated text?

There are a few ways to detect ChatGPT-generated text. Here are some of the most critical methods.

1. Language pattern analysis

Text generated by ChatGPT frequently lacks coherence and displays unnatural language patterns. Linguistic analysis can help detect ChatGPT-generated text by identifying inconsistencies and anomalies.

2. Statistical pattern analysis

The text is created using statistical patterns and probabilities by ChatGPT. Abnormalities in statistical patterns can be found using statistical analysis. This will help you indicate that ChatGPT produced the text.

3. Profound learning methods

Specific features and patterns in ChatGPT-generated text can be identified. This is accomplished by using deep learning methods like recurrent and convolutional neural networks.

chatgpt detection

4. Expert review

Experts in the relevant field can review the text to determine whether it was written by a human or by ChatGPT. This method is time-consuming and subjective. But it can help identify highly specialized or technical content.

5. Comparison with a known ChatGPT text

Text is generated by ChatGPT using training data. By comparing the generated text to the previously known text generated by ChatGPT, it may be possible to identify patterns or similarities that indicate ChatGPT generation.

6. Natural Language Processing (NLP) techniques

In ChatGPT-generated text, common language patterns like recurrent phrases and unnatural grammar can be identified using NLP methods.

These were the few methods to identify a text generated by ChatGPT. Now, let us move forward to a list of a few ChatGPT detector applications.

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Part 3. Applications to detect ChatGPT text

In this part of the article, you will learn about the various ChatGPT detectors available online. Look at the list provided below!

1. Writer- Perfect detector for AI websites

logo of writer

Writer is an AI content detector that can detect text generated by AI websites such as ChatGPT. It is free to use website available on the internet.

interface of writer

It works on the principle of GPT-3 text. In a few simple steps, you can use it to detect a specific text if it is AI-generated.


  • Easy to use and set up.
  • Demonstrates how likely it is that ChatGPT generated the text with a confidence score.
  • Other GPT models' generated text can also be detected.


  • Text can only be accessed through a browser.
  • You can detect only 1500 words from the free-to-use version.
  • Relies on a single artificial intelligence model that may or may not be 100% accurate.
  • It could go into better detail about why the text was flagged.
2. GPT zero- Teachers assistor in catching AI text

logo of gpt zero

GPTZero is an AI tool created by computer science graduate Edward Tian. It was designed to assist teachers in identifying plagiarism by analyzing written texts.

interface of gpt zero

The tool explicitly examines the levels of perplexity and burstiness in the text to determine whether it was generated by an AI system or written by a human.


  • It is one of the most accurate AI text detectors available online.
  • It constantly learns and adapts to the new text submitted on its website.
  • It is fine-tuned for student and academic purposes.


  • Limited to how many words you can detect.
  • You can only detect 250 words from the free access.
3. InferKit- Detector for Natural Language

logo of inferkit

InferKit is a natural language generation tool for a text that looks and reads like a human. Additionally, it includes a detection feature for identifying ChatGPT-generated text. The location includes open through the InferKit Programming interface.

interface of inferkit


  • It can be incorporated into a wide range of applications and workflows.
  • Explains precisely why the text was flagged.
  • Allows users to adjust the threshold at which they are detected.


  • Access to the API is required, and not all users may have it.
  • Some users may find that the price is a barrier.
  • It could be less accurate than other detection instruments.
4. Originality.AI- Identifier of Copyright Content

originality.ai logo

Using advanced machine learning and algorithms, Originality.ai looks for similarities between texts to help find instances of plagiarism. The platform can also identify potential copyright violations and offers suggestions to enhance the uniqueness of the text.

interface of originality.ai

The software has many features that can help users protect their intellectual property and has an easy-to-use interface. These features include a text originality score, a copyright infringement detector, and a plagiarism checker.


  • It's easy to use, and anyone can use Originality.ai's user-friendly interface to check for copyright infringement.
  • The platform uses cutting-edge machine learning and algorithms to analyze text.
  • Users can change settings to exclude particular content types or sources.
  • Legal protection options.
  • It is cost-effective, including a free plan with limited features.


  • It is not Foolproof. This means no plagiarism detection software is entirely error-free.
  • It has limited sources, so the accuracy of its analysis may be limited.
  • It may generate adverse outcomes as Originality.ai may flag the text as potentially plagiarized or infringing.
  • ai's terms of service permit the company to collect user data, which may raise privacy concerns for some individuals.
5. Copyleaks- Best Detector of Plagiarism

logo of copyleaks

Copyleaks offers a variety of tools to assist individuals and businesses in identifying plagiarized content. The software has a lot of features that let users customize their analysis. It also helps them to meet their specific needs and has an easy-to-use interface.

interface of copyleaks

Copyleaks offers several integrations, including those with well-known learning management systems. This makes it more straightforward for educators and students to check for plagiarism.


  • It has a comprehensive database that allows Copyleaks to compare texts and check for plagiarism from an extensive database of sources.
  • The platform can scan text and spot even the tiniest similarities to other works.
  • It has a custom setting enabled to allow users to exclude particular content types or sources.
  • It is a simple tool for teachers and students to check for plagiarism because it integrates with many other systems.
  • The platform supports multiple languages and can scan text in multiple languages.


  • Copyleaks may flag content as potentially plagiarised when it is original or falls under fair use in some cases.
  • Like all plagiarism detection software, it is not 100% accurate.
  • Some users have reported needing help contacting customer service for help with technical issues or questions about the software.

These were the few apps from which you can detect the text generated by ChatGPT and other AI websites.

AI tech is impressive, but the human mind ponders, “What can be the future of ChatGPT detection?”. Let's look at what the future looks like for ChatGPT detectors.

Part 4. Future of ChatGPT detection

AI content detectors are anticipated to see significant advancements in the content generated by ChatGPT and other language models. The requirement for content detectors to be able to identify and flag inappropriate is one of the most significant obstacles in this field.

AI models are becoming more sophisticated and capable of producing highly realistic content written in natural language. This has caused an increasing demand for precise content detection systems.

future of chatgpt detection

One possible direction for AI content detectors is to analyze large datasets of human-generated content. AI detectors can use machine learning algorithms to identify patterns and markers of problematic content.

Note: NLP techniques could also be used to find key phrases, linguistic cues, and other signs of potentially harmful content.

As AI technology evolves and improves, content detection systems will likely become more accurate and effective. This will eventually contribute to a safer and more secure online environment for all users.

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3 common FAQs on ChatGPT detection

Q1. Can ChatGPT detection be fooled or bypassed?

ChatGPT detection cannot be manipulated or bypassed because it is an artificial intelligence model designed to analyze and comprehend natural language.

Q2. Can ChatGPT be detected on Reddit?

ChatGPT can be used on Reddit. On the other hand, some Reddit communities may have rules or guidelines prohibiting bots or automated systems. Breaking those rules may result in a ban or other consequences.

Q3. Is ChatGPT detection reliable?

ChatGPT detection is generally reliable. However, the quality and quantity of data used to train ChatGPT, like any machine learning system, can affect its accuracy.


Individuals and organizations can proactively protect themselves from possible harm caused by ChatGPT material. Like any new technology, staying watchful and adapting to new detection methods is critical as the sector evolves.

By following the methods and apps explained above, you can now detect ChatGPT-generated content.

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