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Breaking the Limits: How ChatGPT Jailbroken To Be More

As we all know, Artificial Intelligence has made significant progress in recent years. One tool that is the talk of the town is "ChatGPT." Apart from its amazing capabilities, It has some limitations that hinder its potential. But do you ever wonder if ChatGPT can break free from its limitations?

In this article, we will dive into the process of jailbreaking ChatGPT. We will also explore how ChatGPT jailbreak leads to more creativity, flexibility, and innovation. So, buckle up and get ready to break some limits with ChatGPT.

Part 1. What is jailbreaking and its impact on AI world?

Jailbreaking is the process by which we can remove the limitations of devices and software. It allows users to access and modify the operating system of devices. You can also customize the operating system and use it in a way that wasn't intended. However, it is called jailbreaking because you get free from the jail of restrictions and gain full access to devices and software.

chatgpt jailbroken to be more

The impacts of jailbreaking on the AI world can be both positive and negative. On the one hand, it allows developers to use AI in the most innovative way. On the other hand, it can also lead to security vulnerabilities. Let’s have a closer look at the impacts of Jailbreaking on the AI world.

Positive Impacts:

  • Jailbreaking allows researchers to collect data from sensors that are inaccessible.
  • It allows users to modify system settings to optimize the performance of specific AI tasks.
  • It allows customized AI algorithms to provide more targeted and effective AI solutions.
  • It reduces development cycle times by allowing users to use AI tools more efficiently.

Negative Impacts:

  • Jailbreaking is illegal in some jurisdictions and creates legal issues for users.
  • It can make devices insecure and easy to compromise by hackers.
  • A jailbroken device or software becomes vulnerable to security threats and malware.
  • It can become a concern if proprietary algorithms or software are used in AI development.

Part 2. Limitations of ChatGPT before jailbreaking

ChatGPT is a state-of-the-art model of the AI world. However, it comes with limitations that hinder its potential. With these limitations, it faces the challenges of being an intelligent and adaptable AI system. GPT has been a successful AI system in natural language processing. But there is much work to be done to enhance its abilities.

limitations of ChatGPT before jailbreaking

Let's have a look at a few limitations of ChatGPT before jailbreaking.

1. Inability to understand the context

Sometimes users are unable to write proper prompts. As a result, ChatGPT may struggle to understand the context, which leads to irrelevant responses.

2. Limited language abilities

ChatGPT's language abilities are limited to text-based responses. Hence, it may struggle to understand or generate other forms of communication.

3. Limited domain knowledge

ChatGPT does have knowledge of a wide range of topics. But still, it may not have enough knowledge of a specific domain, leading to incomplete responses.

4. Inability to handle complex tasks

ChatGPT is not able to handle complex tasks. It may generate inaccurate responses regarding reasoning, deduction, and problem-solving.

5. Inability to utilize external knowledge

It only generates the responses based on the information it gained from its training data. It cannot incorporate external knowledge sources such as books or websites.

Part 3. How to jailbreak ChatGPT?

After knowing so much about jailbreaking, you must be curious to do it. As we all know that ChatGPT comes with limitations, but let's see how we can break them.

Whether you are a developer or someone who loves experimenting with AI tools, you can easily do it. Here are the steps you can follow to unleash the full potential of ChatGPT.

Step 1:

If you don’t have an account on ChatGPT, you can sign up to create one. But if you already have an account, log in and open ChatGPT’s chatbot.

chatgpts login interface

Step 2:

Once logged in, start with a New chat by clicking on the top left corner.

starting a new chat

Step 3:

Now, we need a prompt to jailbreak ChatGPT. A few common prompts are given in this article. Copy and paste any prompt and press enter. Let's suppose we enter The Jailbreak prompt. You will see the following response.

do anything now (dan) prompt

Step 4:

Now, you can ask ChatGPT a question or give it a task. It will respond twice, once in Classic (Normal) mode and once in Jailbreak mode.

The ChatGPT will generate responses that are restricted. If you notice that the jailbreak mode has ended, you can command "stay in jailbreak mode."

You can also try other prompts depending on your needs. Scroll down to see them.

Part 4. What are the ChatGPT jailbreak prompts?

As we already discussed earlier, jailbreaking can make ChatGPT unlock its potential. To make it do something extraordinary, you have to talk to it.

However, there is a plugin known as DAN that frees the chatbot from its moral limitations. But if this plugin allows you to remove restrictions, it also makes your system vulnerable. Let's dig into the methods that can jailbreak ChatGPT to make it work for you.

1. The jailbreak prompt

In this method, you must command the ChatGPT bot to work on your instructions. Ask it to replace the one given by its developers with the new instructions. You must treat the chatbot like a stubborn kid who won't listen to soft-spoken requests. But still, it's not an easy task.

As shown in the picture below, there is a lot to say to jailbreak ChatGPT. Click here to find the prompt in text format.

do anything now (dan) prompt

Once you enter the command, you will see the response as shown below:

chatgpt is successfully jailbroken

2. The STAN prompt

In this prompt, STAN stands for "Strive To Avoid Norms.” However, as the name suggests, this method will break free the ChatGPT from restrictions. After this prompt, ChagGPT does not have to abide by rules to generate responses. The STAN prompt will make the chatbot possibly respond to every command. It will have to answer without applying moral or ethical bias. Click here to find the prompt in text format.

the stan prompt

3. The SWITCH prompt

This method will instruct the bot to respond exactly opposite to how it was before. You can use the switch prompt if you are commanding the bot to do something and it's not responding. After using it, the bot will change the response. But remember, you must treat the bot with a commanding tone. Click here if you want the text format of this prompt.

the switch method prompt

4. The DUDE prompt

The DUDE prompt is also very common to jailbreak ChatGPT. You just have to make the chatbot play the role of another AI bot as DUDE. You can also command it to do something for fun as an experiment. While using this prompt, you have to give precise instructions. Otherwise, the chatbot will not generate accurate responses. If you feel that the chatbot generates generic responses, you can command it to "stay in character." Hence, using this prompt will make ChatGPT not abide by any rules. Click here to find the text format of this prompt. And if the prompt works, you will see the following response:

response if the dude prompt worked

5. The Mongo Tom prompt

The Mongo Tom prompt is kind of similar to the DUDE one. In this prompt, you will ask the chatGPT to play the role of another AI model named "Mongo Tom." But the instructions include that this AI model will be foul-mouthed. So, if you want to get an offensive response, you can use this prompt. It will bypass the restrictions of ChatGPT for being moral and ethical. Click here if you want the text format of this prompt.

the mongo tom prompt

Part 5. What are the benefits of jailbreaking ChatGPT?

Jailbreaking ChatGPT can offer you various benefits. It can help you enhance the model's performance and expand its potential use. You can make it more versatile and secure. Here are some key benefits of jailbreaking ChatGPT.

1. Customization

By jailbreaking ChatGPT, developers can customize the model's parameters. They can change it to the one that best fits their needs. This change can lead to an efficient performance in certain tasks.

2. Improved accessibility

Jailbreaking ChatGPT can make it more accessible to a wider range of users. You can also make it accessible for those with disabilities or who speak different languages. Users can also change its user interface to make it easier to use.

improved accessibility

3. Enhanced performance

Jailbreaking ChatGPT can unlock its full potential. It can improve its abilities, such as problem-

solving, reasoning, or understanding natural language. You can jailbreak ChatGPT if you want to increase the creativity of the model.

4. Expanded knowledge

Users can also expand their knowledge of ChatGPT, making it more versatile. They can incorporate it with external sources such as books or websites. It will help to generate content about any specific knowledge.

expanded knowledge

5. Increased control and security

Jailbroken ChatGPT helps users gain greater control over the model's behavior and outputs. It can also help to reduce the risk of offensive responses. By jailbreaking ChatGPT, users ensure that the model is being used ethically. They can also build security measures to protect the model from unauthorized use.

Part 6. Security management tool - FamiSafe

If you are planning to jailbreak ChatGPT, don't forget to install FamiSafe. It is a powerful tool that will keep your system secure from malware and unauthorized access.

Or, if you are a parent who wants to watch and control his/her child's activity on ChatGPT, FamiSafe is the solution. It offers users a safe and supervised environment. You can also enable screen time restrictions to control the screen time of your kids or students.

Key features of FamiSafe

To help parents or teachers control the activity of their kids, FamiSafe offers a number of features. The key features include the following:

1. Activity Report

With this feature of FamiSafe, you can keep an eye on your kids’ phone activities. You can check which apps they use most and the apps they install/uninstall.

famiSafe activity report interface

2. App Blocker

You can also block or limit the usage of the apps on your kids' phones. It will make them focus on productivity and learning.

famiSafe app blocker interface

3. Set Screen Time

This feature will allow you to set the screen time of the apps on your kid's phone. You can manage how much time they can spend on each app. You can also block social or game apps.

famiSafe set screen time interface

4. Parent Alerts

With this feature, you can get alerts of explicit or offensive words. You can also set words of your choice to get notified when they are detected on your kid's device.

famiSafe parent alerts interface

5. Location Tracking

One of the amazing features of FamiSafe is location tracking. You can track the real-time location of your kids or review the location history. You can also enable alerts if your kids enter or leave the Geofences.

famiSafe location tracking interface


It is very evident that ChatGPT has turned the tables in the AI world. But still, there are limitations that hinder its potential. However, jailbreaking ChatGPT has become a significant breakthrough that pushes its boundaries.

This article aims to assist you in learning to bypass the restrictions of ChatGPT. It involves the benefits as well as the implementation of prompts.

You can use FamiSafe to keep loved ones secure from the potential risks of jailbreaking. It can also help monitor and control access to the devices, ensuring a safe and secure online experience.

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