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Tinder reviews: is this app good for teens?

tinder app review

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Jun 30, 2023 Filed to: Social Media App Proven solutions


For teenagers, nothing else matters the most than meeting new people all the time. Especially for those teenagers who struggle to make friends in real life, they usually try to find ways to make friends outside their social circle. Even though there are dating apps, which want the people to be 18 years and over, there is one app, which is available for teens and that is Tinder and kids as small as 13 years to 17 can join Tinder. Tinder is an online dating app, where you are asked to create a short profile, and you can start looking for new people and decide to meet them as well. You will get to see photos of the users as well, and all you need to do is swipe right to let them know that you are interested in them. The user will receive a notification, and in case the other person also swipes right, then they are all set.

Tinder has somehow gained a lot of popularity among the teens because it is so easy to join it and also when they start getting to know someone and talk to someone new, it always gives them the feeling of instant gratification. Your kid doesn't need to fill in a lot of details, and neither have to wait too long to find someone approachable. Tinder also helps them avoid rejection, as well. This is the reason why Tinder is an absolute favourite among the kids; however, there is something terrible going on behind Tinder as well, which kids are not aware of. And ultimately everything is the responsibility of the parents to guide them in the right direction. This is what this blog will tell you. We will notify you of the pros and cons and also why you should keep your child away from Tinder. We will give you complete Tinder reviews.

What's the age for Tinder?

Apart from the regular Tinder, there is a dedicated Tinder app for teens as well. People who are in their fifties might find it very difficult to understand why anyone would like to go online to find someone, but this is what is happening today, and apps like Tinder is making it extremely easy for everyone to join in and talk to anyone they would like to.

But Tinder for apps is said to be different than Tinder for adults. The age limit for Tinder for teens is 13 to 17, which is quite frightening. Although Tinder claims that it is not a dating app for teens, instead make friends app, but who knows that someone is not pretending to be a teen and not trying to get in touch with your kid. This is why we are now going to weigh Tinder. Here goes the Tinder app review.

Pros of Tinder

  • Easy registration process
  • The sign-up process of Tinder for teens is straightforward. All the child needs to do is enter the email ID and the password, confirm your age, and it's done. Most of the dating apps are like this only. They make the registration process extremely easy so that you can get easy access.

  • User-friendly
  • Another benefit of Tinder is that it is straightforward to use as well. The layout is simple. You need to swipe right on the profile if you like it and swipe left if you would like to ignore them. In case you swipe right, the user will receive a notification, but if you swipe left, they will not get to know. This way, you will never feel hurt.

  • Easy to meet new people
  • Another benefit of Tinder is that teens can now get easy access to everyone's profile. You can start talking to as many people as you want, know about their likes and dislikes and plan to meet somewhere near. It is effortless to meet anyone anytime.

Cons of Tinder

  • Predators are always on the move.
  • Because it is easy to create a profile on Tinder, teens can get in touch with anyone. But the problem is predators are always looking for teenagers to connect with because teens are naïve and they can't tell who is pretending and who is genuine. People can still lie about their age and Tinder is the best place for predators to get hold of anyone.

  • Pictures can reveal where the teen resides.
  • Many tech-savvy people are pretending to be a teenager. One look at the photo and they can gauge where your child is residing. Now, this should be an alarming factor. Tinder anyway, share profiles of people who are residing nearby.

  • Scammers
  • Tinder is famous for being the hub of scammers. What these scammers can do is use your child's personal information, save their images on their mobile phone or computer and can share this information on different shady websites. They might upload the teenagers' photo on any of the pornographic sites as well, and this will ruin the teenagers' image.

  • Personal meeting
  • Another thing that can happen when a teen starts talking to strangers is that the other person might ask them to meet in someplace. Many teens fail to understand the risk of meeting strangers, and this is quite dangerous, as well.

What can parents do for teens if there are addicted to using Tinder?

For parents, nothing else matters the most then keeping their child safe and secure, and because we know that Tinder can possess a lot of threat to your child, it always makes sense to keep them away from such dating app. So, if you feel that your child might be getting addicted to dating apps, such as Tinder, download a robust parental control app, which will solve all your problems. We are talking about Famisafe, the best parental control app in the market, which will let you see what types of apps your kid is using and when and finally block such apps for good because that is important.

Here are the features of Famisafe that you can try

  • Web Filtering
  • Location Tracking & Geo-fencing
  • App Blocker & App Activity Report
  • Screen Time Limit & Schedule
  • Explicit Content & Suspicious Photos Detection

Block apps


Famisafe is the best way to break any addiction. Your kid might have downloaded tons of apps, which are not suitable for their brain. Knowing that your child can suffer from mental abuse anytime, it is time to take proactive action. Use this application to see all the apps and delete the dangerous ones. Simultaneously, if you see that they have downloaded Tinder, you can block this app as well. It will also give you details about Tinder usage as well. You will know who they are talking to, when and how long they spend time on Tinder.

Track real-time location


Once they start using Tinder, they might also plan to meet this person physically. What will you do if your kid makes a plan to meet someone in person? This is the reason why track real-time location feature is useful. You will know where they are going, and also the geo-fencing feature will warn you whenever they cross a safe zone. Don't let anything happen to your kid, check where they are.

Web content


Just because you have blocked their Tinder app, doesn't mean they will not try to meet someone new on the internet. It is high time to keep an eye on everything. Check their browsing history and block all the harmful websites. You can prevent pornographic website, dating sites, and more.

Screen time and scheduling


Apart from blocking the site, you will also be concerned about their mobile phone usage as well. For example, do they remain busy with their mobile phone late at night? What if they are using WhatsApp or busy playing some addictive online games? This is when screen time and scheduling will come into play. Get your child's activity report and block their phone when they should be studying and sleeping.


Even if there is something called Tinder for teens, still, you should always be careful about their mobile phone usage. Anything can happen in this digital age, and because anyone can pretend to be someone else, your child is never safe on the internet and neither they are safe in Tinder. Tinder is not safe for anyone and neither it is safe for the teenagers. That's why keep them away from such dangerous apps. Along with that, make sure to talk to them about the hazardous of Tinder and other dating apps as well. The more you talk, the better it will be. Warn them about the potential threats that these apps can come along with. And don't forget to use Famisafe, the best parental control app, to block these harmful apps. Keep them safe and let them grow in a healthy environment.

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