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Digital citizenship for kids: things parents need know

Digital citizenship for kids

When you step into the digital platform to satisfy your personal and professional needs, then you will hold a title as digital citizenship. Most kids and teens of this century wander around the internet platform for knowledge and entertainment. Everyone is digital citizens but the difference is that how does every individual use the digital platform wisely. It is high time for the parents to explore optimum ways to build better cyberspace supporting good digital citizenship for kids. This article focuses on the insights of the internet platform and lists out the digital skills required to become a wise digital citizen. Surf through the below content and teach your kid and teen's ineffective usage of the cyberspace by overcoming the hidden dangers precisely.

Why is digital citizenship important?

Digital citizenship is an important identity for the present generation kids, and teens because they spend most of their leisure time on gadgets, social media, and cyberspace. It is the perfect time to enlighten them with digital skills to get rid of the unknown threats of the internet platform like cyberbullying, sexting, adult content threats, etc. There is a need to feed the kids and teens with digital literacy to save themselves at the time of emergency. As you all know that ‘Prevention is better than cure’, provide awareness about the digital danger before they become a victim of it.

How can a kid be a good digital citizen?

These are the digital skills you must feed your kids and teen when they begin to enter the internet space for educational and entertainment needs. Teach the below-discussed skills to overcome unwanted cyber issues.

be a good digital citizen

Digital Skills for kids and teens were as follows.

  • Digital Data

Educate your kids and teens to protect their data from the internet database wisely. While working on a social media platform, it is a common nature of the kids and teens to share personal data during the profile creation process. You must enlighten them to share limited data to avoid unwanted issues in the future.

  • Digital Security

Provide awareness about the security tools to protect your digital devices from malware and virus threats. Teach your kid to use the security tools optimally. Give awareness about unsafe websites, which leads to Trojan virus, malware injection issues, etc.

  • Digital Literacy

Enlighten your kid with digital literacy. You should help them to understand what to share and what are the data should not be shared in the online platform with strangers. Educate the kids to behave properly with the strangers they meet on the cyberspace. It would be better if you warn them to stay away from strangers in the internet space because you do not know the hidden potential dangers.

  • Digital Use

Help the kids and teens to use the digital environment within control limits. Protect them from getting addicted due to excess usage. Allow the kids and teens to explore the insights of the communication platform. You can assist them to learn the pros and cons of the technology and offer them a space to figure out the consequences due to excess usage.

  • Digital Communication

Assist the kids and teens to use the communication media effectively for development. You can show them how to use the search engine optimally to reach out for the desired data effortlessly. Work on various apps and tools in the communication environment and help the kids to hunt for the right data on the cyberspace quickly.

  • Digital Safety

Guide the teens about the safety measures of internet space. Feed them with ample knowledge to differentiate between the safe and insecure webpages. Always tune your kid to look for safety measures before stepping into any webpage. Make them realize the effect of every single click which occurs when surfing through this internet space.

Tools to teach digital citizenship

Trace my Shadow

This tool teaches the kids about the footprints they leave when they visit a webpage using an electronic device. This software also illustrates how the data is misused later by the hidden strangers in cyberspace. It is an effective tool that gives you glimpses of the threats at the internet platform.

Trace my Shadow

Digital Citizenship

This program teaches kids and teens to use cyberspace wisely. It brings awareness about cyberbullying and enlighten the kids and teens with an ethical way of using the digital platform. It educates the insights of digital usage in kids through interactive sessions. This program trains the kids to assign strong passwords and assist enlighten them with online privacy.

Digital Citizenship


It is an online source containing lessons and quizzes related to digital literacy. You can help your kids and teens to connect with this platform and teach them about the insights of internet space. There is an interactive session available with this environment to feed the children about malware, hackers, peer pressure, social media, cyberbullying, etc. It brings awareness to kids and teaches them how to use the digital platform wisely.


What can FamiSafe help to let kids become a good digital citizen?

The FamiSafe parental control app from Wondershare provides a better internet environment to help the kids and teens to become good digital citizens. This program strives for digital citizenship for kids and protects them from digital threats using built-in features. Enable the right functionalities to create a safe internet platform for your kids and teens to explore. Surf through the incredible functionalities of FamiSafe parental control app.

FamiSafe parental controls app

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Amazing Features of FamiSafe parental control app

  • Block the apps and games which are inappropriate and triggers addiction in kids and teens.
  • Enable the filters to remove unwanted content from reaching your kid’s gadget wisely.
  • The ‘Explicit Content Detection’ option detects offensive contents in your child’s phone and immediately alert the connected device to take quick measures.
  • You can reduce the gadget time in your kids and teens by enabling the ‘Screen Time’ option.
  • Detects suspicious photos in your kid’s phone and notifies you promptly to carry out immediate action.

If your kid has any suspicious images in their device, then FamiSafe app detects it promptly and alerts the parents to take immediate action on time. This app watches out your child’s gallery and takes respective actions before the situation goes worse.

Thus, it is time to conclude the discussion on the tools to build digital citizenship for kids. It is the perfect time for kids and teens to develop digital skills. Educate your child and show them the optimum ways to use the internet space safely without getting into cyber issues. The FamiSafe parental control app is the right tool to provide a better online platform for kids and teens to explore. Stay connected to this article to discover innovative tools for digital citizenship.

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