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Should Parents Let Kids Play Minecraft and Watch Minecraft Videos?

Can Kids Play Minecraft and Watch Minecraft Videos?

Minecraft is a video game independently developed by Markus Persson. He is a Swedish-based video game programmer and designer as well. In 2009 he created his own video game company branded as Mojang.

Minecraft is a video game

Minecraft videos kids gained popularity in 2009. Since then, Minecraft is the most recognizable brand and best second-highest selling video game now, with more than 200 million game copies sold. This game has achieved multiple awards within the video game industry.

It is a single-player and multiplayer game in which players explore a three-dimensional world and extract raw materials to build and explore structures bit like Lego. Both types of these games have their advantages. In multiplayer, you get a little more background music.

Simultaneously, a single-player game is more immersive because it allows a much richer character and fewer chances of replaying the game. This game is educational as well because it makes kids creative thinkers and gives them a geometry concept.

Minecraft controls are easy and straightforward to use and understand. The creativity in building whatever you want is amazing. There is a creative mode for those who want to build and a survival mode for those who want to challenge. You can build invite your friends as well to play on the server.

build and a Minecraft survival mode

According to research, Minecraft is the most popular video game of the year 2020. This game can be played on platforms (Linux, Windows, Play station, mobile devices, Xbox 360, Xbox One, and macOS). It was publicly available on the internet in 2009 but fully releases worldwide in 2011. Minecraft video games brought a net worth of US $1.5 billion after a deal set with Microsoft to sell Mojang in the year 2014.

After that, in 2020, Microsoft has more than 126 million players, which is a huge number because the game is not free to play. But the money spends in this game is Worth spending.

Now, Minecraft has released an education edition to help kids learn things by Minecraft, click to see detailed information:Minecraft: Education, What Parents and Educators Should Know about it?

List of Minecraft games across different platforms:

  1. Java EditionBedrock Edition
  2. Education Edition
  3. Story Mode
  4. Dungeons
  5. Earth
  6. Classic

Latest Data of Kids Playing Minecraft

During a 2020 survey, statistic data showed that the number of active players on Minecraft is more than 126 Million worldwide, which mostly includes kids in May 2020.

The right age to play this game is eight and above. 75% of these video game players come in the age group of 10-34, and 6% are older than 65 years. Research shows that this game is equally appealing to both genders.

kids playing video games

This game is so addictive that now Minecraft has become the most uploaded and most-watched video game of all time on the YouTube platform with more than 4.1 billion views on YouTube in March 2015.

Are YouTube Minecraft videos appropriate to watch for kids?

There are hundreds of gaming channels on YouTube devoted to Minecraft, such as SkyDoesMinecraft, Deity, and Yogscast. These channels track millions of views daily. The majority of the videos are kids friendly, so it is safe for kids to watch. But some videos are not good to watch for kids because many videos may have commercials that advertise vulgar products like vodka, and another main reason some videos may contain inappropriate or slang language, which can lead to aggression in teenagers.

Some of the YouTube channels promote negative themes of this game like:

  • The killing of living things (Humans, or animals)
  • Use or abuse of alcohol and drugs
  • Criminal activities
  • Sexual activities
  • Use of bad language
  • Click to learn why Minecraft can hurt kids

But some YouTube kids Minecraft videos can boost skills kids can learn new strategies from senior players. They can develop social connections with other players, and watching such videos is also a form of entertainment.

YouTube kids Minecraft videos

A Parent's Guide to Minecraft

We will look into some research to give parents important guidance to understand how this video game can impact your child's social, psychological, and physical well-being.

Playing a Minecraft video game has been a popular form of entertainment in the gaming industry. But this game can explore a wide range of issues just like television and films do.

  1. This game is not free to play. The computer version of this game cost $30. This game also has in-game purchases like clothes, etc.
  2. The advertisement which you mostly see all over the internet to download this game are scams.
  3. The right age recommended for playing this game is eight and above.
  4. Minecraft can be sometimes violent if kids choose multiplayer, other players can be aggressive.
  5. This game offers three types of modes to play: Survival, Adventure, and Creative each mode have four levels of difficulty: Beginner, Relaxed, Usual, and Tough.
  6. Sexual predators may be present on this game on some random servers only in Multiplayer games. That's why it is better to play on a well-known secure server.
  7. Minecraft has an option to block, mute, or report players for their appropriate behaviors.
  8. Kids can chat with strangers in this game only in Multiplayer mode. But there is an option to hide the chat if you don't want to see the messages coming from stranger players.
  9. Kids can also play with their friends on this game if they have their player ID or game tag.

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Kid-Friendly Minecraft Channels on YouTube

Kids love to watch other kids' Minecraft videos on YouTube because, in this way, they can learn new skills and techniques and keep themselves up-to-date with the latest news. There are plenty of famous Kids-friendly channels of this game with millions of subscribers who use their videos to teach players some secrets, tricks, and tips of the game.

You can suggest your kid's below-mentioned channels to subscribe to.

You can expect everything from this hardcore you Tuber from reviews to tip and tricks with entertaining comedy.

Some kids watch YouTube Kids Minecraft because their parents would not let them play or cannot afford to buy the game.

What FamiSafe can help?

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Important research conducted on young people has shown that the negative effects of video games can cause psychological and physical discomfort in children. Moderate gameplay can help children relax and understand the world. What parents should do is not to prevent children from playing games or contacting all game-related content.

On the one hand, parents need to control their children's time to play games or watch video games to prevent children from indulging in games; on the other hand, they should expose children to other content that helps their physical and mental development, broaden their knowledge and discover more children's interests Hobby. Let children do more interesting things instead of simply allowing or preventing them from playing games.

In addition, you don't have to worry about a series of troublesome problems in monitoring your children. By subscribing to FamiSafe, we provide you with the best solution to understand and manage your child's electronic time. Help children develop good online habits, right now.

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