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10 Best Free Mac Games for Game Lovers

Free Mac Games for Game Lovers

The Mac operating system has competed with Windows for decades now. While both systems have similarities, there are some important differences that make both of them unique. Generally, Mac computers are known to have high-quality graphics and great processing power. On the other hand, Windows computers offer more customization options and are more compatible with games available. For example, the immensely popular game League of Legends is compatible with Windows but not unavailable for Mac. Whether you're using Windows or Mac, you will likely have to factor in the game's cost when thinking of becoming its player. Luckily, there are many free games out there. Here are ten of the best free Mac games currently on the market.

10 Best Free Mac Games for Game Lovers.

  1. Heroes of the Storm

The Heroes of the Storm by Blizzard revolves around choosing from your favorite characters for 5 on 5 battles with other players or AI. There are plenty of characters to choose from, and if you don't want to make any paid hero customizations, you can still enjoy playing the game for free.

best free mac game - heroes of the storm

  1. Lord of the Rings Online (LotRO)

This MMO by Turbine Is one of those Mac online games that are not only high-quality but also gives you free access to the vast majority of things in the game. So if you are a fan of the series or a fan of MMOs, LotRO will be an enjoyable experience.

best free mac game - lord of the rings online

  1. 0 A.D.

0 A.D. makes our list of best Mac games in the real-time strategy (RTS) category. Developed by Wildfire Games, this open-source game is completely free and comes with all the bells and whistles you expect to see in an RTS game. The open-source nature means you can develop the game further yourself if you like.

best free mac game - 0 A.D.

  1. Brouge

If you're into classic games, you will like this adaptation of Rogue's classic adventure game. In the world of Brouge, letters represent characters of the game. The difficulty level is a bit high with this one, so expect a challenge.

best free mac game - Brouge

  1. Super Crate Box

This one is for arcade game lovers. Super Crate Box is based on destroying enemies that keep coming at you in typical arcade game fashion. To defend yourself, you use weapons that come in – you’ve guessed it – a crate.

best free mac game - Super Crate Box

  1. DOTA 2

DOTA (Defense of The Ancients) is one of the best free Mac games on steam if you go by popularity. DOTA 2 used to be a problem to play on Mac, but, lately, they have taken care of those issues. If you like the challenge of a MOBA game, then DOTA 2 can give you all of that.

best free mac game - Dota 2

  1. Fortnite

Next on our list is the global sensation Fortnite. The Battle Royale style game epitomizes survival of the fittest strategy as you combat with opponents and improve your hunting and escape strategies. Fortnite is free to play with paid options for customization, so you can continue playing it without spending anything.

best free mac game - Fortnite

  1. The Elder Scrolls: Legends

If you are into online games, then you will likely have heard about the Elder Scrolls games. The real-time online Legends edition of the game puts the characters and settings of Elder Scrolls RPGs on to digital cards that you find and use to fight other players and the AI.

best free mac game - The Elder Scrolls: Legends

  1. Cave Story

Cave Story is another popular game with many iterations (some paid and some free). The game has a good storyline and nice gameplay. Your story in the game starts in a cave, hence the name. An interesting fact about this popular game is that it's one of the first independently developed games.

best free mac game - Cave Story

  1. StarCraft 2

StarCraft 2 is the Sequel to the well-known StarCraft, and it's a real-time strategy game. The most attractive feature about StarCraft is its intense gameplay. You have plenty of options with the free version, including all of the characters, multiplayer versions, and the complete Wings of Liberty campaign.

best free mac game - Cave Story

So, this is our list of Mac games you can enjoy completely for free. Whether you are looking for the best free Mac games for steam or otherwise, check out these games to enjoy yourself without spending anything out of the pocket.

Is gaming good for kids or not?

A common question that comes with gaming is if it’s good for you, or does it affect your well-being? This is one of those questions that require a detailed answer. You have to consider many factors, including your physical and mental health, the comparison with the alternatives available to gaming, the gaming community you're going to interact with as a player of that game, etc.

A research done on adolescent (13-18-year-old) online gamers shows that the effects of gaming are linked to the motive of the gamer: The probability of negative health effects decreased when the gamer was playing for fun or had social motives. In contrast, excessive gaming time and escape motives were related to an increased probability of health issues. To ensure that you stay healthy as a gamer, you shouldn't limit your gaming time and also game for the right reasons.

How can parents limit the time kids spend on gaming?

Of course, it's not always possible to simply ask children to do what they should and expect them to follow orders. This is especially true when they are involved in something they like and are playing games that deeply involve the player in all aspects of the game. When you are in such a state, it becomes hard to see why you should stop –playing for extra time or doing that one more mission doesn't seem like a stretch.

So, what can you do if you are a parent and you want to limit the time your kid spends on the Mac online games?

Using Mac Screen Time:

The first option you have is to choose the inbuilt options of Mac. You can use password control to make sure that your children do not access the computer at times when they should be doing something else. Another way you can keep a check on their activities with the Screen Time feature.

You can activate Screen time on a Mac in the following way: Open System Preferences - Select Screen Time – Click on Options from the bottom-left corner - Select Turn On. It’s a good idea to use Screen time on your device first, so you know about its features and how it works.

Using FamiSafe:

Another option you have is to download a third-party app that offers all the features you need for parental control. FamiSafe is the one we would like to recommend.

As a parental control app, FamiSafe does not only provide screen time restriction feature but also offer activity monitoring features. Once you have installed FamiSafe on your kid's Mac, you can monitor and set up restrictions on the application remotely.

Here are some of the most-used features of FamiSafe:

  • Activity report: Get a daily report of Mac's usage details. Track which application has been used and for how long.
  • Screen time: Set up a screen usage limit for the Mac or block the Mac remotely.
  • Website filter: Filter and block websites that are not appropriate for your kid's age.
  • Application blocker: Block applications that have taken up too much time to prevent your kids from getting addicted to it.
  • Location Tracking & Geo-fencing
  • App Blocker
  • Web Filtering
  • Screen Time Control
  • Smart Parental Control Setting

Online gaming on Mac is not a hassle because you have plenty of free games in different categories and genres. So, whether you like a good MMO or prefer the arcade-style, our list of best free Mac games has options for you. Whichever game you play, make sure that you don’t go overboard and watch your health, so you can enjoy gaming for the long term.

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