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8 Best Android & iPhone Meditation Apps for Kids

8 Android & iPhon Meditation Apps

As you all know, kids are busy buddies and they hate sitting idle even for a second. The digital parents face a great challenge in training their children for meditation. Usually, the kids give excuses to practice this art of meditation. If you take a closer look at the digital market, you will be astonished to view the ample collections of meditation apps for kids listed wisely specifying its unique functionalities. This app is essential for the restless kids and it attracts to carry out the meditation in a play-way method. Now the parent 's responsibility is to choose the right app for their kids to suit their needs without any compromises. Have a quick study on meditation apps to ease your selection process.

Why do parents need to know about meditation apps?

The parents should discover about mediation apps for kids to help their children to practice the relaxation techniques. There are surplus benefits available in meditation such as it increases the memory power, reduce anxiety and depression issues, makes the kid fall asleep soon, gives mental strength, balances mood swings, overcome some of the physical problems optimally. The meditation apps for kids take the place of a professional teacher guiding them to practice this miraculous mindfulness in their comfort zone. In this fast-moving world, it is difficult to identify a nearby meditation guide to assist the kids at the comfortable timings at reasonable rates. The meditation apps offer the kids a better environment to practice the soulful art professionally.


The reasons to study about the meditation apps

1. Comfort practice

Using the meditation apps for kids the parents can aid the children to meditate at their comfort zone without any disturbances. Moreover, they can practice it at their comfort timings without traveling to the meditation centers. The flexibility of place and time stimulates the parents to look for effective meditation apps within their budget.

parents can aid the children to meditate

2. Reasonable rates

If the parents opt for personal meditation trainers for their children then they have to pay for the service, travel charge etc. The cost of the training exceeds their budget at times. To overcome this issue, go for meditation apps that fit perfectly within their expectations.

meditation apps

3. Play way techniques

When you analyze the meditation apps for kids, most of the program focuses to train the kids in a play-way method. Instead of professional coaching, every app adopts a unique strategy to make the session interesting. With the help of the meditation apps, the parents can maintain the tempo of their kid easily. They will not lose their interest soon when compared to a normal meditation class.

meditation apps for kids

Top 4 free Android meditation apps for kids

1. Buddhify

It is one of the reliable meditation apps for kids. This app provides a session from 3 to 40 minutes and you can choose as per your comforts. This program will help you to handle your emotions optimally. There are more than 200 meditations available for users to reduce their stress and anxiety. This app costs $2.99 and you can select the appropriate sessions depending on your practice. You can find meditation sessions for both beginners and experience.

reduce stress and anxiety

2. Chakras meditation pro

This app has no subscription fee and it is enough if you make a one-time payment to purchase this tool. You can find soothing collections of music, sounds, and exercises. You can play these options and relax easily. All the music in the collection is uniquely composed using tribal instruments.

play options and relax

3. Meditation and relaxation.

It is the simplest form of an app with effective techniques on meditation. The programs are selective to reduce your stress and worries. It will help you to develop self-esteem and boost your inner strength to achieve great things in life.

develop self-esteem and boost inner strength

4. Sattva

This meditation app works on the Vedic principles and contains chants and mantras to excite your hidden strengths. There is the availability of progress tracking, you can surf through playlists, and collections packed in this app.

excite your hidden strengths

Top 4 free iPhone meditation apps for kids

1. Headspace

This app guarantees calmness and wellness of life and there are immense collections of meditation techniques to encourage young minds. You can find 10 new music tracks and 16 nature sounds to soothe your mind and soul during the meditation session. It is enough if you contribute a little from your side to bring wonders to your lifestyle.

soothe your mind and soul

2. Calm

This app has exclusive sessions for kids between 3 and 17. With the help of this app, you can practice breathing techniques, walking meditation, calming and relaxation exercises etc. This app had made a new update in accessing the lessons through Apple Watch. Using this update, you can practice meditation anywhere with this app.

practice meditation anywhere with this app

3. The Mindfulness app

It is a free app and you can purchase to enjoy some of the built-in functionalities. In this app, you can find sessions starting from 3 to 30 minutes. Initially, you can figure out a five days intro session with guiding thoughts as a starter. Then you can personalize the meditation sessions depending on your needs. You can track your progress with the help of the meditation journals.

built-in functionalities

4. Insight Timer

It is an appreciable meditation app comprising of 1000 meditation exercises. You can discover 10 new exercises daily without fail. This app will help you to include meditation as one of your daily habits. It plays a vital role to practice meditation regularly. There are discussion groups and forums to communicate with the other users to share your experience.

include meditation as one of your daily habits

What can FamiSafe help for kids?

The FamiSafe parental control app will help to make use of the meditation apps for kids safely. It serves as a protective wall and safeguards the children from the hidden dangers of the online platform. While surfing through the internet you may encounter many threats, which is unknown to the innocent minds. The FamiSafe app guides the kids to use the apps effectively without trapping into unnecessary cyber issues.

The FamiSafe parental control app has become an essential need to discipline the internet behavior of your child. A few lines on its functionalities are as follows

  • You can track the real-time location details of your kid on the FamiSafe timeline easily
  • Restrict the entry of inappropriate websites in your child 's phone using the Web Filter option
  • The YouTube Monitor option aids you to block unnecessary adult content channels from stepping into your kid 's device
  • The FamiSafe app gives remote access to view the web browsers history details with the help of Browser History functionality
  • Effectively monitors and detects suspicious texts in your child 's phone and notify the parents immediately

functions of FamiSafe

Features in detail

1. Screen time

Sometimes the kids develop addictive nature towards their favorite apps and this would lead to unlimited usage of devices. To limit the screen access, the FamiSafe app plays a major role. The Screen Time features help the parents to set a time limit on gadget usage remotely. When the time limit ends, the device displays an alert signal to stop gadget usage. If your kid obeys the message then there are options to reward kids with extra screen time in the future. This option is to encourage the kid to follow the app commands optimally. It is the best strategy to prevent your kid from using gadgets beyond time limits.

prevent your kid from using gadgets beyond time limits

2. App blocker - usage

When your kid looks for any interesting applications like meditation apps for kids there might get mislead to inappropriate apps. If you find such apps in your kid 's device then quickly trigger the App Block option in FamiSafe and deactivate the tool easily. When you block the apps then it is difficult for your kid to open it easily. Even if your teen is technically skilled, it is impossible to release the lock activated on those blocked apps. Similarly, you can tap the App Usage feature to know more about the daily app usage details. You can find the step in and step out the time of the apps. It records the app usage time factor precisely for parent's reference.

block dangerous apps on your kids' phone

  • Web Filtering
  • Location Tracking & Geo-fencing
  • App Blocker & App Activity Report
  • Screen Time Limit & Schedule
  • Explicit Content & Suspicious Photos Detection

Therefore, in this article, you had an idea about meditation apps for kids and its related unique features. You can encourage the kids to use these apps under a protective environment using FamiSafe parental control app. This app seems to be in great demand to handle the gadget behavior of teens and kids. You can provide a pleasant surrounding on the cyberspace if you install this app in your kid 's device. The FamiSafe is an efficient tool to bring wonders to the gadget routines of your kid. You will be able to reduce the gadget usage in no time with the help of this app. Do not hesitate to try FamiSafe and facilitate your child to use beneficial apps effectively.

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