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10 Best Music Streaming Apps for Android & iPhone

Relax With These Music Streaming Apps

Music has improved our daily activities in the world of today. Whether you're using an iPhone or an Android phone, you can access any music streaming app of your choice and listen to millions of songs available on thee. It gets better: You can test the services before you decide to upgrade to premium. Music streaming apps are online platforms that you can use to stream various music tunes. Revenue in the music streaming industry is projected to reach 16395 million before the end of 2023.

What Can Music Bring You?

Music has been proven to have many benefits. It improves your mental well-being and boosts your overall physical health. For instance, through music, you can raise your IQ and sharpen your mind as you age. That said, here are five scientifically proven benefits of listening to music.

1. Decreases Stress While Boosting Your Overall Health

Music has a positive impact on the hormones in the human body. Listening to your favorite tune can decrease the level of a steroid hormone called cortisol. When the level of this hormone is low in your body, you'll counteract the effects of chronic stress. For better overall well-being on a stressful day, listen to music frequently.

benefit of music

2. Lower Depression

Recent studies have shown revealed music is a natural antidepressant. Streaming your favorite song causes your brain to release serotonin and dopamine. As a result, this leads to increased feelings of happiness and low chances of acquiring depression. Listen to music before heading to sleep, which lessens your chances of suffering from various diseases, including insomnia and depression.

benefit of music - lower depression

3. Helps Raise Your IQ

Recent studies have proven that listening to music impacts your IQ scores and academic performance in young minds. Exposing your child to good music can result in a significant increase in IQ report. Both music and musical activities help enhance the brain function of children by stimulating the brain's nerves and improving its structure.

benefit of music - improve of iq

4. Improves Memory and Calms Dementia Patients

Listening to music has a huge impact on your ability to memorize things. The latest research shows into music show how it helps your ability to recall short lists of words. Also, it helps reverse a situation where you experience memory loss because you will have improved memorizing skills. Lastly, music helps individuals with dementia to remember memories from their past.

5. Improves Endurance and Performance

Music can improve endurance when you are working and boost your performance. When you are working while listening to a strong, rhythmic beat, it will inspire you to pick up the working pace. The same applies to professional runners. They often get motivated when listening to music while training, thereby displaying a higher level of endurance.

10 Best Music Streaming Applications for iPhone and Android

Below is a compiled list of the top ten music streaming applications for iPhone and Android users.

1. Spotify

Spotify is probably the best-known music streaming app with a massive 124 million subscribers. The streaming app has a library size that can accommodate 50 million-plus songs. It is available on iOS and Android platforms. The app has more or less the same functionality as a desktop counterpart. You may be wondering what it means. This feature allows you to stream an entire album or single tracks and create custom playlists. If you are a music lover, here are some of the reasons why you should buy their services.

  • There are plenty of ways you can use to find new music tunes.
  • It is user-friendly
  • The app works on many platforms.

best music streaming app 2020 - spotify

2. Apple Music

The Apple music streaming service is only for Apple users. The app has some extra-ordinary features that you cannot find in other music streaming applications. It has a well-designed interface that gives you less trouble when swapping between your saved songs or searching for radio channels. Additionally, you do not need to have the latest version of iPhone devices for you to enjoy their services. The app has a library of 50 million-plus songs. However, they only give you a three-month free trial.

best music streaming app 2020 - apple music

3. Google Play Music

Nobody expected Google Play Music to be recommended in 2023. Google Play Music is it is still available and is transforming into the YouTube Music app. One of its best features is it grants you full access to your cloud-based music collection from the site.

Also, the streaming app has a clean interface design and custom radio stations. With a low subscription of only $10 monthly, you can access a huge database to store up to 50,000 tunes, and you will not be limited to how you skip songs.

best music streaming app 2020 - google play music

4. SoundCloud

As one of the best music streaming apps, SoundCloud allows you to discover new music and artists. The music-sharing site offers you unlimited skip-clicks. Artists get a once in a lifetime chance to get famous by uploading their tracks. What's more? The application is available for free on iOS and Android platforms. The best part is: You are not required to pay for any subscription to enjoy the services.

best music streaming app 2020 - soundcloud

5. Pandora

Owned by Sirius XM Holdings, Pandora is a free music streaming application that offers you several creative playlists and millions of songs. With only a premium monthly subscription fee of $ 9.99, you will enjoy the following special features:

  • Unlimited skips
  • 5 offline stations
  • Ad-free experience
  • Unlimited replays

best music streaming app 2020 - SoundCloud

6. iHeartRadio

Founded in April 2008, iHeartRadio provides you with over 850 radio channels. The app offers live radio podcasts, and you can create curated radio stations. However, if you are using the free version, you cannot skip songs in the playlist. The streaming app is available for both Android and iOS users.

best music streaming app 2020 - iheartradio

7. Amazon Music

Previously known as Amazon MP3, the Amazon Music streaming app gives you access to a myriad of free songs. Most importantly, it contains your cloud player library and the songs you purchased from the Amazon store. Lastly, you can access their library at an affordable subscription cost of $10 monthly.

best music streaming app 2020 - Amazon Music

8. Audiomack

Audiomack is one of the best music streaming applications as it specializes in providing you with the latest songs and playlists. All you have to do is sign up and get started on the trending songs list. Audiomack offers a monthly subscription of $5. Once you upgrade your account, you will have up to 4 million tracks to select from and experience an ad-free service.

best music streaming app 2020 - Audiomack

9. Tidal

With more than 240,000 music videos and 60 million lossless-quality track, Tidal is available in 53 countries. The best part is: The platform offers discounts to student accounts, family accounts, and several others.

best music streaming app 2020 - tidal

10. Spinrilla

Sprinrilla is flexible music streaming app; you can either decide to listen to music from the app directly or save the track offline. The app has a special feature, unlike other apps, that allow you to scroll back and forth through the playlist. Also, you have the option of selecting new music, singles, and the latest songs. Lastly, you can listen to top hits and instrumental music via a built-in radio.

best music streaming app 2020 - Spinrilla

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What Should Parents Pay Attention To When Kids Are Using Music Streaming Apps?

1. How Much Time They Spend on the App

Do not allow your kid to spend extended hours streaming music on the music streaming sites. Failure to do so can cause damage to their hearing ability. You can use the FamiSafe app to set the time that your kid will be using their favorite music streaming application. The app has been rated as the most effective parental control app. Its features are designed to help parents restrict their children's usage of the internet when they are at work.

  • Location Tracking & Geo-fencing
  • App Blocker
  • Web Filtering
  • Screen Time Control
  • Smart Parental Control Setting

Here are a few impressive features that the app is offering users:

  • App Blocker: FamiSafe allows you to block apps that you don't want your kid to use. You can also block the streaming app that your kid uses for a certain period to ensure that they focus on other things and don't get addicted to the application.
  • Screen Time: The activity report allows you to view a list of applications that your kid used and how much time they spent on the streaming app daily. Once the set screen time limit is over, the app automatically logs your children out from the site they are currently using.

2. What Content Are They Listening To?

Before your child starts to stream music from the online platforms, check the available recommended artists to see whether the content they provide is useful for your children. Check if the app your kid is using can restrict adult content. As a parent, this should be a concern if you don't want your child to get exposed to explicit content.

As much as there are some tracks with adult content, music still plays a big role in enhancing your brain's ability and capacity. The same also applies to your children. The above-mentioned music streaming apps were the best in 2021. You can pick one for your kids. Use FamiSafe to keep an eye on your children's activities when they are accessing music streaming apps.

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