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Bing + ChatGPT: Technology, Features, and Use Cases

As if being able to chat with a real-life AI wasn’t already surreal enough, you can now choose between two intelligent chatbots – Microsoft’s Bing Chat and OpenAI’s ChatGPT. They are based on the same language model and trained to respond by generating brand-new text in human-like syntax. However, Bing and ChatGPT have different features and serve different purposes.

bing chatgpt 4 comparison

If you’re wondering which one to choose, you’re not alone. Let’s talk about the differences between the two AIs and try to solve the trending ChatGPT vs Bing dilemma.

What Restrictions Does ChatGPT Have?

In a nutshell, ChatGPT and Bing are highly advanced AI chatbots.

You can talk to either of them on any given topic (unless they are illegal or unethical), ask them questions, and tell them to write you an essay, a poem, or a piece of computer code. For the most part, they will respond just like any human would – only smarter.

microsoft chatgpt bing definition

Both ChatGPT and Bing Chat use the same natural language processing model developed by a San Francisco-based company OpenAI. Bing runs a slightly more advanced version, and its programming is a bit different. Nevertheless, both bots understand and speak human language.

You’re wondering why everyone is hyped about this? Let us explain.

Chat GPT and Bing can provide human-like responses to complex queries, but that’s nothing new. Every average chatbot can do that. These two AIs are also programmed to “think,” allowing them to generate 100% original responses based on their existing knowledge.

It’s like having an original thought, a uniquely human ability.

Bing Chat vs ChatGPT: What They Can Do

What exactly can Bing Chat and ChatGPT do? Apparently, a lot.

bing chat vs chatgpt

Their ability to provide human-like responses pretty much covers the gist of it, but that’s already more than any computer ever could. In the table below, you’ll see an overview of what Bing Chat and ChatGPT can do with this ability in their current versions.

Bing Chat ChatGPT
Bing Chat can search and read web results very, very fast so that you don’t have to. ChatGPT can write in-depth responses on any subject matter (as long as it is legal and ethical).
Unlike ChatGPT, Bing can access up-to-date information in real time and has knowledge of recent events. ChatGPT can only generate responses based on what we knew back in 2021. It has no access to information from 2022 and 2023.
Bing allows you to fact-check its sources, which you cannot do with ChatGPT. Unlike Bing, ChatGPT can get very creative if you ask it to write something artsy, like a poem.
Bing can understand and provide answers in many non-English languages. Due to its English-based training, ChatGPT is only semi-eloquent in foreign languages.
Bing can generate images based on text prompts. ChatGPT falls one step behind Bing when it comes to visual AI.

Both Bing and ChatGPT are trained to use their knowledge for creative problem-solving, which makes them equipped for any task that can be carried out texturally. They can do math, summarize books, generate computer code, translate text, write essays, and more.

While Bing’s responses used to be more up to a point, ChatGPT has always been very successful at writing fictional scenarios and adopting various conversational tones and writing styles. To answer that, Microsoft has recently introduced a new Bing feature that allows you to choose between three chat modes – creative (imaginative), balanced, and precise (factual).

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How To Use Bing Chat & ChatGPT

Another similarity between Bing Chat and ChatGPT is that they are both open to the public. Anyone can use either of these bots online without having to pay for it. There was a Bing Chat waitlist until recently, but now you can access Microsoft’s AI whenever you want.

 how to use bing with chatgpt

To use ChatGPT, you only need to access the official website and create an account. Using Bing is slightly more complicated, as you need to download the latest version of Microsoft Edge. Despite this inconvenience, Bing Chat is currently more versatile. The list of platforms with access to chatbot includes the Bing mobile app, Skype, and Swiftkey keyboard.

If you want to, you can pay to unlock ChatGPT Plus, a premium tier that gives you faster response times, priority access, and early access to new features. Bing doesn’t offer paid tiers, but it finances its services by incorporating ads and paid promotions into its responses.

However, Bing Chat has a chat and session limit that is currently 20 chats per session and 200 total chats per day. ChatGPT has no such limit, at least not officially. It sometimes stops a response mid-sentence at around 500 words, but it can be prompted to continue.

Bing + ChatGPT: When Can They Be Useful?

The primary purpose of intelligent chatbots is to eliminate the need for Googling. Both Bing and ChatGPT can be used as search engines for any type of research, with one crucial exception – ChatGPT doesn’t have insight into knowledge and events past 2021.

In addition to that, Bing Chat reveals its information sources. The ability to fact-check responses provided by your chatbot is crucial when you need reliable data.

chatgpt/bing use cases

With that in mind, Bing seems like a better choice for research in general. Whether you need help creating online content, writing a book, or planning a trip, you can rely on Bing to respond using information that is up-to-date and that you can verify for accuracy.

On the other hand, ChatGPT has a better sense of tone and style. Although Bing can write poetry, too, and has a brand new feature for descriptive language, creativity is more of a ChatGPT’s forte. For example, it can be pretty successful in mimicking another writer.

ChatGPT’s programming has better responses to creative prompts.

How To Ensure Your Kids Aren’t Using an AI Chatbot the Wrong Way

If you’re a parent, your child-like wonder and excitement about artificial intelligence are now slowly turning into a concern for the safety of your own kids. AI is a huge step forward not only for the tech community but for humankind as a whole. It’s a disruptive change that will shape the course of history in ways we cannot predict, including our children’s future.

The least you can do about it is maintain some sense of control. For starters, you can try talking to your kids about the consequences of using a chatbot the wrong way.

how to use bingchatgpt safely

For parents who can’t make their kids listen, tracking apps like FamiSafe provide much-needed peace of mind. By giving you access to your kids’ phones, FamiSafe allows you to monitor their online activities all the time or when you suspect that something is wrong.

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In this scenario, you can use FamiSafe to block access to ChatGPT and Bing altogether or restrict inappropriate content. Since chatbot interactions are text-based, you can set alerts for unwanted keywords or use FamiSafe to see your kids’ phone screens.


Should you use Bing Chat or ChatGPT? If you care enough to ask, we recommend you try both AI chatbots and see for yourself. Bing Chat is more accurate at the moment, but ChatGPT is better for creative prompts. Bing also boasts more features for fine-tuning, while ChatGPT requires descriptive prompts for specific requests. Either way, they are both fun to chat with.

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