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Quibi streaming app review: is it safe for kids?

Quibi streaming app review

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Whether you like it or not, your kids are going to find lots of bad stuff online, whether on purpose or accidentally. One of the best ways to keep your kid safe is to know about the popular apps available for them, sites they visit and talk to them about the dangers of such apps or websites. Remember that if you don’t speak to your children about it, people out there will do it for you and it can be dangerous.

This brings us to the use of Quibi, a streaming app that provides you with content for viewing on mobile devices. With more than 1 million active users, do you think that this app is safe for your kids? Read on to find out!

What is Quibi?

“Quick bite” is the full meaning of Quibi. This illustrates how the creators of the app have positioned their videos. These ‘quick bites’ are short versions of original premium content that you could watch anytime and anywhere. Quibi is a streaming app that provides scripted and unscripted content in a short form. The app is subscription-based, and it is available for download on the Apple store for Apple device users and Google Play store for Android users. Just in case you’re curious, the word is pronounced, ‘kwib-ee.’

What does Quibi Cost?

To use the Quibi streaming service, you have to pay a subscription fee starting at $4.99/month with ads. To get a no-ads premium service, you will pay $7.99/month. Edging out Hulu Tier at $5.99, Quibi becomes the cheapest streaming service in the market. Furthermore, it is way less expensive than the $13 people pay for Netflix monthly, which makes so much sense because Netflix is a bigger network.

What Channels Does Quibi Have?

1. The Music Channel

In a quest to take the lead with celebrity power, and show its subscribers some of the stuff they aren’t aware of, Quibi’s music channel shows various creative processes between successful musicians and their unsung collaborators. The music channel is a fantastic idea for a series. Also, its bite-size episode length could be just perfect when wanting to peek into how Anderson Paak shapes his style with Jasmine Benjamin or how Selena Gomez works with Bran Nicholson and Scott for her dance moves.

2. Gone Mental With Lior

Quibi took some cue from all of Netflix magic and mentalist – related shows and has brought in mentalist Lior Suchard to take the baton in its own. In a very Quibi way, Gone Mental with Lior is a mind readers series that puts in a couple of celebrities in the mix.

3. Shape of Pasta

This series is a food adventure on Quibi in search of pasta grandmasters, and renowned Chef Evan Funke hosts it. In a 60-minute-long presentation at CES 2020, when Quibi was introduced, Shape of Pasta was one of the shows Quibi used to prove their cinematic ability in both portrait and landscape mode.

4. Singled Out

Quibi is revamping the chaotic MTV dating series, where lots of audience members do have the rare opportunity to win a date with the person they like. Singled promises to be more inclusive and has a modern approach; the main date will also have the opportunity to interact with people through social media.

5. Dishmantled

Dishmantled is one of the reality TV shows that get subscribers hooked with Quibi. A brief look: two chefs that are blindfolded will have food blasted at their faces via cannon at the start of an episode. Then the chefs will have to recreate the original dish.

6. Daily Essentials

Quibi also provides its users with current news, wellness, and culture. A promise into their daily essentials would leave you with n impressive library of various daily news shows that seek to keep its subscribers informed and entertained simultaneously.

7. News

The news coverage of Quibi emanates from different sources. Check out the premise: NBC News offers four various shows on Quibi. These include Sunday report, Saturday report, Morning report, and evening report. Also, CBS’s 60 minutes will be taken by 60 in 6 and converted into bite-size form. BBC Around the World is also included for international stories. Telemundo also has Pulso News and is hosted by Andrea Martinez. Additionally, weather news features are included.

Is Quibi Safe for Kids?

Quibi is rated 17+ in the various App stores, and this implies that it wasn’t made with children in mind. Before creating your profile, you have to enter your age; however, kids could move quickly around this by entering a different age or could decide to watch on a friend’s phone.

If you want to watch Quibi on your phone while your child is around or beside you, there are content ratings that would appear at the top-left corner. There, you will be able to know the mature themes that each video has. So, what are the potential dangers of using Quibi?

The primary danger of Quibi is exposure to distressing or inappropriate content. Although there are lots of harmless and kid-friendly shows like Barkitecture, there are also mature audiences only shows that may trigger your child distress, anxiety, or fear. Shows like this include 50 States of Fright, showing graphic horror and confusion.

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Does Quibi have Parental Controls?

Quibi hasn’t included any form of parental control in their service since its launch on April 6, 2020. This alone has positioned Quibi behind the curve of other video streaming apps.

How Can Parents Protect Their Kids from The Dangers of Quibi?

As a parent worried about the safety of your kid on this app, there are some reliable ways you can protect them from the dangers of Quibi.

1. Communicate with your kids: having an honest conversation with your kids can go a long way in protecting them from the dangers of Quibi. Let them know some of the contents that are bad for them to watch. Remember that it is not a lecture but a conversation, so ensure you listen to them too.

2. Use parental control app

Most parents can feel paranoid and anxious if they don’t know where their kids are or what they are doing online. It’s every parent delight to be there with them and guide them on the kind of content they watch online. Using FamiSafe, a remarkable parental control app, you can filter inappropriate content. Using the FamiSafe parental control app, you can control your child’s phone. How?

    • Limit app usage or block app

If you think a particular app is unsafe for your kid or rendering him/her useless, you can block such an app using FamiSafe’s app usage and block app feature. This feature also allows you to see a complete log of all the various apps that your child has used.

    • Activity Report (parents can know daily app activity)

Using the FamiSafe app, you can record some of the essential activities of your kids that you ought to know. With this, you can get a clearer understanding of how the day of your kids went. Furthermore, you could easily view a timeline of your child’s activities through the With the FamiSafe app. These can include videos watched and games played.


Quibi is excellent video streaming app and has lots of potentials, its creators have pumped in lots of money into the venture. They have also promised to dole out over 7000 pieces of content in the next 12 months. It’s hard not to recognize the fact that Quibi is indeed revolutionary. Although it’s officially not made for kids, nevertheless, you can find tons of family-friendly shows and sitcoms that are perfect for the whole family. Also, you can ensure the safety of your kid by using a parental control app like FamiSafe, which fills the gap of the non-existing parental control on the Quibi streaming app.

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