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What is Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool and is it Useful?

Microsoft Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool

There is no doubt that the task to virus-protect your PC from malicious content is a hard one. Sometimes, no matter what you do, your PC is still full of junk and harmful viruses that can alter its functioning. That's why we have Windows malicious software removal tool. But is it enough to keep your Windows computer safe from the everchanging virus? You will find out the answer in this article.

windows malcious software removal tool

What can Windows malicious software removal tool do?

The Windows malicious software removal tool is a holistic tool that can help you rid your PC of many different problems. Whether your PC has an unwanted virus in it, or you suspect that the use of an external matter could cause a virus, the malicious software removal tool comes in handy for all purposes. But let us dig deeper into some of its main features.

  1. Reports Problems in your PC

What is your biggest fear regarding your PC? Is it the threat of a shutdown and viral infections without you even having the slightest idea? If so, the windows malicious software removal tool is one tool you must not miss out on.

The MSRT detects problems and threats and sends a report to Microsoft. This report consists of the:

  • The name of the malicious threat detected by the software
  • What will happen as a consequence of removing this threat?
  • The version number of the tool required
  • A signal that informs the runner of the virus-protection tool, for example, if its Microsoft Update or Automatic Updates
  • The operating system’s version and locality

All these factors combine to report the problem detected. However, it is vital to note that the information is sent only after taking your consent and notifying you personally. The tool identifies the malicious threats to your PC. Isn’t this amazing?

microsoft windows malcious software removal tool

  1. Does not require your manual labor every time

In essence, you have nothing to worry about if you have enabled your PC for automatic updates. The Windows Malicious software removal tool automatically scans harmful threats for your computer. You do not need to open it up and scan your computer every single time.

Thus, this is one of the prominent factors of this malicious software removal tool. It does not consume your time like some other tools with similar features. And in case your computer is safe, you will not be alarmed by this software. It works like a basic check for your computer that notifies you only when there is a problem.

How to Use the Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool?

Sure, using windows malicious software removal tool is not the most difficult task on earth, but it does require some understanding. You got this! Let us take you through a step-by-step tour!

  1. Write MRT in the search box of your windows computer. The start menu or the search bar is useful for this purpose. Please press the button to enter and open up the Windows malicious software removal tool.

how to use microsoft windows malcious software removal tool

  1. Additionally, click on the button ‘next’!
  2. Among the multiple options given, choose the one saying, “Quick scan”.
  3. Next, if you want to scan the entire system of your PC, opt for the full scan. It can be a lengthy procedure because it depends on the amount of data stored inside your PC.
  4. You can also run a scan on customized files. This procedure might not take a lot of time but will require you to open up the particular file you want to scan. Browse through your files and select the one right option. Once your task finishes, click on ok. It happens when the software will start scanning the file/computer.

scan virus with windows malcious software removal tool

  1. As the software stops scanning, you will get a result of the different scanned components. If you wish to see the details of the scan, click on it, and the details will come up on your screen.
  2. Finally, click finish to stop the process as your task is complete.

use windows malcious software removal tool

Is the Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool useful to protect your PC?

The truth is windows malicious software removal tool is not the only software required even though it is useful to protect your PC against certain viruses. You must be wondering why this is so? Here is why this is so:

  1. Microsoft maintains that MSRT is not an Anti-Virus program

Yikes! Even Microsoft maintains that MSRT is not an Anti-Virus program. It does not offer any protection from the virus. It only works to scan if any viruses persist and then helps you channel a way to get rid of that virus in your PC.

Additionally, it only preys on viruses that are considered most threatening by Microsoft itself. It does not have a wide range of viruses to work against it. It caters to a few external viruses only. Yes, you are thinking right! This software still puts your PC under threat to the vast range of viruses out there.

Moreover, the MRST updates at maximum once a month that constrains its efficiency too. Heavy-duty anti-virus software usually updates every single day.

limitation of windows malcious software removal tool

  1. Delay in reporting and bugs

Ideally, the MSRT can take additional time to report the presence of an external threat or virus. Once the scan runs through, sometimes there are delays in results. The MSRT notifies of the virus later when the windows are started again.

One note-worthy bug in MRST is that it scans fully even though you might opt to scan a single folder. And even though you would want to scan your entire system, the MRST does not allow that. Unfortunately, the MRST is updated once a month only. This causes a delay in reporting the malicious bugs and infections present in your system. This could also be potentially damaging to your PC since the bugs might cause infection before they are spotted and removed.

You need other anti-virus programs to keep your Windows Safe

You need other anti-virus software programs because this is not a replacement. It cannot help your computer stay safe from the day to day problems that can come with its use. This is because windows malicious software removal tool is effective only against certain infections. It does not cater to a vast variety of malicious infections, therefore, requiring supplementary anti-virus programs. In fact, it does not scan your entire program but works on a few malware locations only.

But there is nothing to worry about because here are some useful anti-virus tools and software that can help you protect your PC to the fullest.

  • FamiSafe

FamiSafe is safe software that can protect your PC from viral woes. It can easily help you monitor the activity on your Windows and can filter harmful websites for your PC. The activity report helps you identify which apps were installed, uninstalled, or used, which further helps you identify the virus's source. Its features, like web filter and application blocker, are useful in preventing unwanted viruses from entering your PC in the first place.

What's more, FamiSafe is a cross-platform application that can also be used to monitor your kid's mobile device and filter inappropriate websites.

  • Location Tracking & Geo-fencing
  • App Blocker
  • Web Filtering
  • Screen Time Control
  • Smart Parental Control Setting
  • Bitdefender Antivirus

Here is the truth, Bitdefender is a spectacular method of protecting your PC from viruses. Its core antivirus engine works miraculously to prevent your PC from external damage. It has a tough web protection model and allows parental control, spam filter, and other mechanisms to provide you a good overall experience.

alternative to windows malcious software removal tool - bitdefender

  • Norton Antivirus

Norton Antivirus is known to have a top-notch quality experience that protects your PC from viruses while ensuring the PC's high performance. This is a rare quality of anti-viral software. It is easy to use and has some features for highly tech-savvy individuals. Think of it as moderate software with some advanced measures.

alternative to windows malcious software removal tool - norton antivirus

  • Malwarebytes

Malwarebytes is another one of the best picks for anti-virus programs on your PC. How long have you suffered from random virus attacks on your PC? How many times has your PC stopped working at times when you needed it the most? Choose Malwarebytes if you are nodding your head in agreement because you have lost count.

Malwarebytes is efficient against every kind of malware infection attack that infringes upon your PC. You have a wide range to choose from, as this software allows multiple packages to suit people with different affordability.

alternative to windows malcious software removal tool - malwarebytes

So, if you have been on an outlook for adequate anti-viral software, download and use at least two of these applications. Rid your PC from harmful infections and get to experience the best of your PC. With new technologies and frequent updates, Windows Malicious software removal tool and the other software are worth a purchase. Utilize different software and programs for the ultimate of your PC and witness a visible difference. After all, you do want to protect your PC to the fullest, right?

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