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Top 10 Fitness Apps for Android & iPhone 2024

Fitness Apps to Help You Stay Fit

It can be a real struggle to work out on your own. Fitness apps will nudge you to get moving for those of us who cannot go to a gym or fitness class.

It requires some real effort to find the mental ability to start your workout regime, particularly when most of your activities are happening at home. It can be achieved, but action or commitment that appeals to you needs to be sought. Some individuals want to be responsible, so they can look for the best free fitness app that involves having an instructor guide them through a video stream. Various people choose privacy and prefer an offline video with an audio coach.

Some individuals prefer exercising at home to find new habits or strategies; they may use fitness apps. There are plenty of applications and websites to help you along, whether you are looking for a new application, a marathon workout plan, or a 30-day yoga test. Let's look at the top 10 fitness apps for Android and iPhone in 2023.

1. My Fitness Pal

My Fitness App is a wellness app that needs an all-rounder meaning. It records workout stats and registers calorie consumption, which helps you adjust your behaviors to achieve personal health objectives and provides unparalleled customization.

It connects with many devices and applications to sync all of the workouts, and if you need a jumping-off point, it has a library of several cardio and strength sessions.

It also has a vast food database with more than six million foods, comprising a logger that means that no calories go uncounted when you go out to eat. It has enough apps to fill the whole list and positive iTunes feedback.

best fitness apps - my fitness pal


  1. Integrates with other devices.
  2. Database of over 6 million foods.
  3. Registers dietary consumption as well as physical activity.
  4. Over 350 workouts.
  5. Offers customization depending on health objectives.
  6. Logging for restaurant menus is available.


A fee-based premium plan is required to get the full spectrum of services.

2. Daily Workouts Fitness Trainer

Daily Workouts Fitness Trainer is a free option for someone who's looking for a daily exercise routine. It provides sessions for both men and women starting from 5 minutes to 30 minutes, so if you can't afford to go to the gym or feel awkward if people watch you work out, then this is the best application for you. It is created by a professional personal trainer who directs you to get your body in gear through random exercises designed.

best fitness apps - daily workouts fitness trainer


  1. Created by a certified trainer.
  2. No basic service expenses.
  3. Home-based workouts.
  4. Ideal for beginners.
  5. Varied lengths of workouts available.


  1. No recording of food or calories.
  2. Few features are relative to many other apps.

3. Zones for Training

When you work out using Zones, you can keep tabs on your pulse; you can track the health using Apple Watch. Zones for Training track your resting phase and heart rate carefully, then have parameters to decide when you are burning calories and when you have hit your peak level of exercise, so you can stay or push yourself in the fat-burning process.

For the Apple Watch, it is a first-class heart rate monitor that is built into the application. For someone more familiar with working out and needs more nitty-gritty knowledge to help them meet their goals, or for someone who wants heart tracking and smooth integration with their Apple Watch, this app has proven to be the best.

best fitness apps - zones for training


  1. Fat-burning feedback.
  2. Appeals to competent exercisers.
  3. Incorporates the Apple watch.
  4. No payments essential for the basic service.
  5. Heart rate control for aerobic and strength-training activities.


  1. Not appropriate for beginners or those on medicine affecting the heart rate.
  2. Extra fees for customizable features are required.
  3. Provides exercise details but no individual workouts.

4. Glo

YogaGlo is a fantastic app for newbies trying out new exercises can be a tough task, or for more experienced people who can transform themselves into a pretzel whether it's better to sleep, strength training, or reduce stress. It also provides regular curated lessons to suit your requirements. For updates on their new lessons, you can track your yoga instructors.

best fitness apps - glo


  1. Suitable for experienced Yogis and beginners.
  2. Regular classes and updates.
  3. Connects with an Apple watch.
  4. It does not necessarily need Wi-Fi to operate.


  1. Restricted emphasis on yoga and meditation.
  2. No instruction on food or diet control.
  3. Necessary subscription after free trial.

5. Sworkit

The range of classes and a substantial increase in working capacity make this a perfect choice for people who want to try new workouts. With the different exercises, you can also inform the app's trainers privately with questions or concerns. There will be no need to pay for a gym membership and even no need for equipment.

best fitness apps - sworkit


  1. Customizable exercise, agility, yoga, and stretching exercises.
  2. Flexible emphasis depending on personalized objectives.
  3. Incorporates with other computers and applications.
  4. No equipment is needed.
  5. For one-on-one coaching, customized trainers are available.
  6. Appropriate for beginners to experienced users.


  1. No nutritional monitoring or dietary advice.

6. JEFIT Workout Planner Gym Log

JEFIT is a smartphone and web-based program that is suitable for anyone who struggles during their fitness journey. It helps you to build personalized weight-training sessions and can help you track the progress of your friends as well.

You can record your workout progress and take it to the gym as well. This app will help you progressively take a break.

best fitness apps - jefit


  1. Let you customize your workout.
  2. Share body stat among users.
  3. Peer-support is accessible via a wide subscriber network.
  4. Analytics from post-workout are given.


  1. Food control and nutritional advice not available.
  2. A fee is needed to get access to all functions.

7. Headspace

best fitness apps - Headspace

You'll want to use Headspace if you wish to include stress-reduction into your health and fitness regime or if you need to clear your mind and concentrate before workouts. To achieve optimal overall fitness, maintain your mental health is important, and Headspace has become the benchmark for meditation apps.


  1. Guidance is given for meditation.
  2. Can be used to deal with health and wellbeing concerns.
  3. Assists in minimizing everyday tension.
  4. Encourages evidence-based strategies for mindfulness.


  1. No typical workouts other than stretching are given.
  2. No specific dietary advice was issued.

8. PEAR Personal Fitness Coach

The Personal Fitness Coach from PEAR is more than a calorie counter and tracker for exercise. It connects with other wellness apps and gathers information from your smartwatch or smartphone to create a customized workout, depending on your results.

best fitness apps - PEAR Personal Fitness Coach


  1. Also operate with a library for music.
  2. Provides personal instruction in real-time from coaches
  3. Myriad of interests included.
  4. Tracking technology enables suggestions for workouts.


  1. No nutritional or dietary monitoring
  2. After a free trial, a subscription fee is needed.

9. The 7 Minute Workout

It is the ideal app for people who do not have time for gym time, frequent travelers, or someone who wants to achieve smaller goals. This application users enjoy the informative pre-workout demos, the workouts' achievable limitations, and the price tag.

best fitness apps - The 7 Minute Workout


  1. Beginner-friendly workouts.
  2. Practical for those with tough schedules.
  3. No equipment is needed.


  1. No nutritional monitoring or dietary advice.
  2. Subscription fee required for maximum access to workouts.

10. Fooducate

Fooducate is the application for you if you need an objective look at what you're putting in your body and want to monitor more than calories. It's known for its barcode scanner and its full diet breakdowns.

The application ensures that the food you eat gives your body the required nutrition. If you lack essential protein or need to increase your iron intake, you will be told by Fooducate's daily nutrient counts.

best fitness apps - Fooducate


  1. The barcode scanner makes it easy to enter nutrition info.
  2. In simple charts, macronutrient ratios are shown.
  3. Provides recipes and tips on diets
  4. Provides an easy-to-know food-grade method


  1. No training offered.
  2. Tracks lifestyle variables and physical activity but mainly focuses on food intake.

FamiSafe - an app that will help you restrict kid's screen time

It is important for young kids and teenagers to get enough exercise to keep their bodies healthy. However, the popularity of digital devices has greatly reduced the kid's exercise time. As parents, it is necessary to urge their kids to take up regular exercise. FamiSafe is designed to help parents restrict and monitor the activity on kid's devices.

It is among the most reliable applications for parental control. FamiSafe will provide you with full control of your child's phone; from controlling screen time to filtering age-inappropriate content, it can give you the support you need. Here are some of the features that Famisafe is providing to its customers.

  • Location Tracking & Geo-fencing
  • App Blocker
  • Web Filtering
  • Screen Time Control
  • Smart Parental Control Setting

1. Monitor real-time location

FamiSafe gives you the ability to monitor the current position of your kid. You don't need to contact them to be notified. A look at the application will let you know your child's precise location at a given moment.

2. Screen Time Management

You can control how much time your kids spend through the app's display time monitoring. You can lock their gadgets for some time and resume whenever they want.

3. Monitor the screen time

You will get a comprehensive report showing how long your child used the device. The study also reveals the time of day that your children use their phones most actively.

Now that we have read about the top 10 best fitness apps for Android and iPhone in 2023 let's get started and keep our body fit.

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