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Funny Kid Educational Apps for Different Ages 2024

Kid Educational Apps for Different Ages

Learning ought to be a continuous process both in and out of class. It’s not easy to find ways to keep kids occupied especially during long school holidays. But technology has since taken a toll and the availability of smartphones, tablets, and other electronic devices is giving a new shape to the educational world. Hundreds of developers have seen the need to keep kids engaged amidst all the negative forces of technology. Thanks to the availability of educational apps for kids that come in various categories. You’ll find educational gaming, creativity, skill-building, among many others. We’ve put together quality apps across all age groups but first, let’s see why these educational apps are an asset to your kids.

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Why are educational apps important for kids?

  • Accelerated development

Learning via an educational app requires interaction and hence, engagement of the brain. By this, a kid will obtain his/her goal quicker than if he were to be taught in a normal classroom setup.

  • Entertainment

There are educational apps that involve gaming and other entertainment aspects. Learning this way is quite interesting to most kids because they can do many other activities alongside learning.

  • Sustainability

Opting for educational apps for kids proves to be more sustainable than the traditional form of learning. You probably don’t need much other than your device and internet connection. Everything is a tap away, from getting reference notes to finally put it down on paper.

  • It improves educational standards

Technology is the in thing nowadays. So, when it’s incorporated into learning, it automatically improves the learning standards of kids. They learn by seeing while trying out new advances that come with these tools. Furthermore, kids learn better by participation and that’s exactly what these technology apps expose them to.

  • Cognitive improvement

The mental development of a child is another important aspect of his/her upbringing. Most educational apps require problem-solving skills, which in turn, helps in dire brainwork of the user.

  • Portability

There is no constraint when it comes to using educational apps. Learning is not confined only to the classroom as with the traditional model but the apps are available anytime and on any compatible device.

3 Funny educational apps for big kids (8-9)

  1. Box Island

This educational app will teach your kid the fundamentals of coding in easy steps. It is basically a computer science-based game app that works on pattern recognition, algorithms, sequences, among other aspects to give your child fun-filled challenging learning experience.


  • It lets your kid master the fundamentals of coding, widening his/her knowledge to tackle more advanced pieces in the near future.
  • It comes with friendly characters that are gender-neutral to both boys and girls.
  • It also has easy steps.

Box Island

  1. Kidoverse

Kidoverse is a cool app for those kids interested in exploring planets and objects of the solar system. It is dully an interactive 3D model game that lets you explore the expanse of the solar system. It also encompasses visual effects and additional musical accompaniment that makes it fun all through. It has all its information voiced, meaning your kid won’t have to strain, reading all the information during his/her educational tour of the solar system.


  • It’s based on different sets such as educational, games, musical instruments, and many more.
  • It comes in an interactive 3-dimensional model.
  • Its information is voiced and your kid doesn’t need to constantly stare at the screen for information.


  1. Duolingo

This is an educational app that makes the learning of other languages fun and entertaining. You only need 10 minutes a day to get going and in 3 months, Viola! You’ll be surprised how well you can speak that foreign language. Try it for free and learn over 30 languages. Furthermore, you can track your progress and earn rewards along the way.


  • It’s all about personalized learning with lessons that adapt to your style.
  • It is a great way to improve your listening and conversation skills.
  • You also receive immediate grading by instantly seeing which answers you get correctly.
  • Stay motivated with rewards, earn virtual coins and see your fluency rise.


3 Funny educational apps for Tweens (10-12)

  1. DragonBox Elements

This app gives the best platform for your kids to learn geometry with play. Your kid will learn the fundamentals of geometry, choosing between levels. Find the properties of shapes behind every level. Furthermore, their cognitive aspect is highly improved, players having to solve puzzles as they up their games.


  • It dwells on progressing difficulty.
  • It integrates learning and plays.
  • Ease of play.

DragonBox Elements

  1. Swift Playgrounds

Swift Playgrounds has a soft way of introducing your kid to the coding language that’s usable across the globe. It’s about learning through puzzles and dynamic visuals. It also comes with an additional collection of challenges that let your kid echo their cognitive abilities. Furthermore, you can subscribe to your favorites and you’ll be privileged to receive the latest creations in your app whenever they arise.


  • QuickType and coding keyboard enable you to quickly build an entire line of code in simple taps.
  • It is easy to maneuver around with the Multi-Touch and multitasking capabilities.
  • The app comes with a full set of designed lessons, making it fully engaging.

Swift Playgrounds

  1. Stack the States 2

This is another educational app that encompasses a fun-filled experience for middle age school kids. It generally helps kids to learn the geographical features of different states through a game. They participate in answering questions about nicknames, capitals, flags, and other geography-related issues. This app also supports multiple user profiles, enabling a complete interaction between the learners. It doesn’t end there! Kids can unlock 3 other games with every complete round.


  • Kids get to know geography facts for various countries such as state locations and history.
  • It supports multiple users.
  • Each profile can adjust the game settings to any element of choice like flags, a border state, and more.
  • You can also add stacks as you win states whenever you get each right answer.

Stack the States 2

3 Funny educational app for Teens (13+)

  1. Codecademy

If your kid’s dream is to become a software developer, this is the place to start. Codecademy is an interactive tool that brings on board the fundamentals of high-tech programs like Python, PHP, jQuery, and much more. The programs are set on a split-screen for the learner to make comparisons of the codes as she/he learns interactively.


  • Codecademy takes care of the setup and lets you learn the syntax of any programming language through an interactive experience.
  • It encompasses several languages.
  • You can also make use of a split-screen for interactive learning.


  1. Evernote

It’s high time your teen started managing their digital lives. This educational app will get your kid covered, working across multiple bases to help in accessing images, links, notes, and much more content from various devices. Among the areas it suits are storing notes for research projects and searching for saved notes. Kids can also use it to share notes on other social media sites. It also includes a microphone feature for verbal maximum output.


  • It has a search function to help in searching for particular information.
  • It is highly portable across different devices.
  • The microphone is helpful to kids that may experience difficulty with their verbal memory.
  • You can also easily make separate tag notes for quick access.


  1. Magisto – Magical Video Editor

Video editing is slowly taking a toll on the lives of both the young and the old. This video editor app will guide your kid into becoming that professional that’s highly sought after. It takes a journey from creating entertaining MP4 videos, combining several themes and finally folding them into one thrilling piece. Also, make it lively with a wonderful background theme and a musical track altogether. Teens can also post to other social media accounts like Facebook and YouTube, among many others.


  • My Movie page lets you view your edited video before the final product.
  • There is a wizard-like process that lets kids choose concepts like music, themes, among others.
  • It also has a built-in video editor that puts together the best clips to accomplish your video making.
  • It is pretty fast with a fun-filled experience.

Magisto – Magical Video Editor

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  • Location Tracking & Geo-fencing
  • App Blocker & App Activity Report
  • Screen Time Limit & Schedule
  • Explicit Content & Suspicious Photos Detection

When kids learn via an interactive mode they learn fast and exhaustively. Educational apps for kids give them an intro to a wide array of capabilities from video making, to coding, and geometry learning among other abilities. These apps are available for various groups with intense abilities to turn their lives around for the better. They have step by step guidelines, making learning not only easy but fun-filled too. Identify your kid’s talent and get them busy this coming holiday with any of these best apps.

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