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Free Meme Generator App

A meme is a great way to share joy and laughter among people with pictures. They are common in social media platforms because memes are a very fun way to make jokes and funny experiences with everyone. To make a meme, you need to get inspired first. You can easily get meme ideas and inspiration from existing memes that have gone viral before. By looking at them, you’ll not only enjoy yourself but also understand the material and content strategy you need to make your meme. Then you just have to gather your picture content, find the right message you want to send, choose a subject, keep it short, and create unique memes to make a good joke. In this article, we are going to give you the best meme generator apps free for Android and iPhone devices. You can create great memes using these meme generators in no time.

Top 5 Free Meme Generator for Android

  1. GATM Meme Generator:
  2. GATM is a great meme generator app for Android devices. It’s a powerful meme generator free app and it allows users to easily discover new memes. You can browse through new meme contents which are updated daily basis. It has a big template library and allows users to upload their own images. Though it’s a free app, the text formatting tools has some basic options available. This app doesn’t impose any watermark on the memes and allows users to share the memes on various social media platforms directly from the app.

    gatm meme generator android app


    • Huge gallery of templates and allows using your images.
    • Live preview of meme while creating it.


    • The free version of the app contains ads.
    • No advanced font formats.
  3. 9GAG
  4. 9GAG is another useful meme generator app for Android. It will help you spend your time, enjoy laughter, make friends, and do more. It’s really easy to handle and loads without taking too much time. You can generate unique memes from your great ideas using 9GAG. You can enjoy anytime using the laugh riot option of 9GAG.

    9gag meme generator


    • Directly share memes on social media platforms.
    • Connect with new meme creators and create unique memes for becoming famous.


    • Sometimes GIF and video files take time to load.
    • You can face difficulty in downloading large image files.
  5. Memedroid
  6. Memedroid is not only a meme generator but also a community of meme creators who like to have fun. It has a great meme template library with basic text formatting options. You can create memes from existing previous or new templates. You can also use your own image to create new memes from Memedroid. The template library is updated regularly so you get a great source of meme materials all the time.

    memedroid generator for Android


    • Create memes using your own images and share them on the Memedroid community.
    • Regularly updated funny meme materials.


    • Low amount of features available.
    • App crashes sometimes.
  7. Mematic
  8. Mematic is an exceptional meme generator app for Android with more than 100k downloads from Google Play Store. Mematic will help you to create interesting memes quickly without breaking a sweat. You just have to add captions and share it with your friends on social media platforms. It has a great range of template libraries that will allow you to access old and new templates.

    mematic meme geneartor


    • Great and easy meme generating options.
    • It helps to create memes without making too much effort.


    • No photo editing options available.
    • Simple text formatting options available.
  9. Simple Meme Generator
  10. Simple Meme Generator may seem simple by its name but you can create high-quality GIF images and memes using simple images via this one. All you need to do is, upload any funny image from your Android device storage and add any kind of text on the top or bottom of the image to create a meme.

    simple meme generator


    • It’s really simple to use.
    • You can use your own images, ideas and texts easily.


    • Puts watermark on the created memes.
    • You have to be fully creative to create memes using your own images and texts.

Top 5 Free Meme Generator for iOS

  1. Mematic
  2. Mematic is a good meme generator app for iOS with a good meme template library. It has a huge classic meme template collection and the new ones are also available. It also allows users to use their own images to create the funniest memes possible.

    Mematic iOS Meme Generator


    • It has a simple user interface.
    • Unique search option and easy share option available.


    • You can get access to all features in the pro version only by paying monthly.
    • Free version contains ads.
  3. Meme Factory
  4. Meme Factory is an awesome tool to create video memes and gifs easily. It's really easy to use this app with a simple user interface. It allows users to create funny memes, share with their friends and have fun because everything becomes easy when you use the Meme Factory app.

    meme factory


    • You can easily browse through other user’s uploaded memes.
    • There are more than 125 meme templates available for you to play with.


    • Too many ads cause disturbance while creating memes.
  5. 3Meme Producer
  6. Meme Producer makes meme creation simpler than ever because creating and sharing memes using this app is easy. You just need to add a picture, add texts on it, and share the meme on various social media platforms directly. It allows users to add multiple images in a single meme and change captions in a single tap. You can add more than one line captions using this app.

    meme producer


    • Allows adding multiple images in a single meme.
    • Change captions easily and add multiple lines of captions.


      App contains some bugs.
      App freezes sometimes.
  7. 4. Memes Generator + Meme Creator
  8. This meme generator app is loved by millions of people. It is available on the iOS app store and you can download it from there free. It allows users to easily and quickly create memes in a short time. You don’t need any other photo editing apps to create memes using Memes Generator + Meme Creator app.

    memes generator meme creator


    • A huge library of stock images that you can use to create memes.
    • You can add unique stickers, own watermark, and captions.


    • Subscribers are wrongly charges even without buying premium services.
    • Only premium account users get unlimited resources.
  9. Meme Generator
  10. This meme generator app will allow you to choose from various categories of memes to create your own unique meme. It also allows users to directly share created memes on Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Dropbox, etc. and more social media platforms.

    meme generator


    • The meme template library contains more than 500 templates and sample caption texts.
    • You can adjust the size and color of images and texts, choose several font formats.


    • Free version contains too many ads.
  • Web Filtering
  • Location Tracking & Geo-fencing
  • App Blocker & App Activity Report
  • Screen Time Limit & Schedule
  • Explicit Content & Suspicious Photos Detection

In the end, our top free meme generator apps list for Android and iOS devices are very unique because we have used all of these apps to choose them precisely. Considering all their pros and cons, you can use any of these meme generator apps to create awesome memes and go viral on social media. So there is no point of being confused anymore, just start creating memes and spread laughter.

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