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Google Arts & Culture App: The Best Option to Enjoy Art at Home

Get Your Kids Closer to Art

If art and culture intrigue you, there’s no doubt that a visit to an art museum or a cultural site would be fascinating. But not everyone has access to such places. Whether the difficulties lie in the distance, time, or economic stature, you can still enjoy the world of art and culture from the convenience of your living room with the Google Arts and Culture app.

What Is Google Arts & Culture App?

Google Arts and Culture app contains thousands of pieces of art and historical artifacts to be explored at your leisure. The app includes artifacts from over 2,000 different cultural institutions in over 80 countries. It aims to bring the world’s art and culture online to be accessible to anyone and anywhere. With its guided virtual exhibit tours and the ability to translate and exhibit information into your native language, it’s easy to explore and educate yourself on other fascinating cultures.

Google provides an awesome experience for users and is more focused on adding value to the end-user. Want to know the best part? Whether you are an Android user or an iOS user, your device is compatible with the Google Arts and Culture app.

google arts and culture app

How Can You Enjoy Art at Home With Google Arts & Culture App?

Are you ready for your at-home museum experience? All you need to do is download and install Google Arts and Culture on your Android or iOS device, and you can start exploring walk some of the exciting features that the app has. The Google Arts and Culture virtual tour will help bring the museum experience into your living space. Now: You can enjoy loads of thrilling cultural experiences that will make you have a more imaginative and artful time indoors.

How Does Google Arts & Culture App Work?

The Google Arts and Culture app works with artists and cultural institutions around the world to upload their displays. You can then search through these displays by category, theme, time, or color. The collections are also available by searching for a specific museum, such as the Museum of Modern Art, The National Gallery in London, and the Acropolis Museum in Greece.

The company is also working on ways to offer virtual visits to famous landmarks, natural and man-made wonders. Lastly, an 'Expeditions" program aimed at introducing virtual trips to learning centers has also been introduced in the application.

how does google arts and culture app work

Supported Features of the Google Arts & Culture App

There is a host of features available on Google Arts and Culture. These features allow you to immerse yourself in the art and culture your exploring and enjoy an exhilarating Google Arts and Culture virtual tour. They include:

Art Projector

Have you ever desired to display a famous piece of art on your wall? Are you having doubts about how it might look like? The app has a projector feature that lets you imagine what the paintings would look like in your house. Once you click on the Art Projector tool within your app, you will access a camera view that allows you to tap on portraits located within the menu. The art camera lets you zoom in on high definition photos of artwork.

Art Selfie

Google Arts and Culture has a new selfie-matching feature. You are now able to take a selfie with the app, and it will match your face with the thousands of famous figures from art history that you take after the most. However, your selfie will be skewed to famous figures. It is more like capturing the experience of exploring the arts in American museums.

Pocket Gallery

With this feature, you can view the whole art collections of all the artists that have ever existed. For instance, you can view all 36 of Johannes Vermeer on your smartphone. It is the best way to view the pieces in close detail and familiarize yourself with the artist's work. Want to know the best part? You can read the background information on each piece as if you are in a museum.

Color Palette

The color palette feature enables you to see what famous portraits correspond with a particular color scheme. For example, if your room has strong pops of blue and red, you can upload a photo of your room, and the feature will create a personalized color palette. Additionally, you will also be able to know what famous artwork follows that color palette.

Location Data

You can find any nearby museums or cultural gatherings you might be interested in. But keep in mind that you'll only find museums that are in partnership with Google.

5 Recommended Museums To View on Google Arts & Culture App

Online art galleries might be your cultural saviors in the future. They are helpful for inspiration, especially when you have a tight work schedule. Check out some of the best online art galleries and museums you can view on the Google Arts and Culture App.

1. The National Gallery

You can now take a Google Arts and Culture virtual tour and view the art on the National Gallery website, which has a huge collection of over 2,000 pieces of art online. Google Street View allows you to take virtual tours of the 18 art rooms in the museum. Lastly, you can go behind the scenes at the gallery with guidelines that explain restoration and conservation projects.

recommended museums on google arts and culture - National Gallery

2. The Met

As the largest museum in the U.S., 'the met' has a collection that has more than 2 million works. The app allows you to browse its vast world's collection of classic pieces of art. It gets better: There are a variety of sections, such as Met Kids, where you can learn how to make a clay pot through a video.

recommended museums on google arts and culture - The met

3. Whitney Museum of American Art

The Whitney Musem of American Art is one of the most popular museums in New York City. The Museum has put its entire collection on the internet. You can take a Google Arts and Culture virtual tour and browse their collection of over 25,000 American artworks from the 20th and 21st centuries on Google Arts and Culture.

recommended museums on google arts and culture - Whitney Museum of American Art

4. Art UK

Art UK is more of an online museum that brings together pieces of artwork from the most important cultural institutions globally. It is aimed towards democratizing art and availing it to the public's access. More than 40,000 artists have been featured on the site. Besides, you can browse artists based on their nationality. Therefore, if you need some inspirational artwork, Art UK has you covered.

recommended museums on google arts and culture - Art UK

5. Acropolis Museum

This Acropolis Museum focuses on the discoveries of the Acropolis Museum site.  Acropolis Museum was designed to house artifacts found on the rock as well as the surrounding slopes. The app allows you to view the Parthenon Gallery and the Archaic Acropolis Gallery, two of the most famous galleries in this museum.

recommended museums on google arts and culture - Acropolis Museum

What Should Parents Be Aware Of?

Parents should be aware of the potential dangers that their children can get exposed to when using Google Arts & Culture App. The chances that your kid will get exposed to nudity and violent content is high. As such, you ought to monitor your child's activities when they are using the app at all times. You can use the FamiSafe parental control app to monitor your child's activities and continue with your normal daily work schedule.

  • Location Tracking & Geo-fencing
  • App Blocker
  • Web Filtering
  • Screen Time Control
  • Smart Parental Control Setting

Some of the features that the FamiSafe app offers are:

  • Activity Report: Famisafe allows you to see your kids' activities each day at a glance on a timeline. The reports include applications and games that your kid has used. You'll also be able to see the time they have spent on the screen. Essentially, you will have an idea of how your kids spend their time throughout the day.
  • Social Media Monitoring: You set the app to send you alerts when it detects suspicious photos, posts, or activities on your kid's social media accounts.
  • Screen Time Limit: The screen time limit feature allows you to know the period in which the screen of the target smartphone has been active. For example, if you set the screen time limit to be 20 minutes, then your kid will not be allowed to use the app after 20 minutes.
  • App Blocker: With this feature, you can block age-inappropriate or distracting applications on your kids' devices. In turn, this will give your kid time to and unplug so that they can reconnect with reality.
  • Web Filter: This feature allows you to block specific web pages to restrict what content they can access with their device. You can use this feature to block gambling sites or sites that have explicit content.

famisafe supported features

Taking a Google Arts and Culture virtual tour will allow your kid to explore the world. They can enjoy virtual tours of numerous cultural sites and museums. FamiSafe will give you peace of mind, as you'll always know that your kid won't get addicted to their device or visit websites that are categorized as risky for children. Install the app and be on top of things when it comes to monitoring what your child is doing on social networks.

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