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Text Message, Call, Number and Ad Blocker Apps for Android and iPhone

Defeat Facebook addiction with Facebook block app

People spend most of their free time on Social media, and it can turn into an addiction. Spending after hours from work or constantly fiddling with your phone can have a negative impact on you and especially on the current generation of kids. Use the Facebook block app as a measure to combat your social media addiction.

Moly Swift 09/10/2021
Best Parental Control App to Lock Your Kid's Smartphone

Use the FamiSafe app for a Parental lock on apps and put a limit on your kid’s usage of their Smartphone and stop them from easting most of their time.

Thomas Jones 09/10/2021
How to Block a Contact on WhatsApp?

Do you want to know about WhatsApp? How to install it in your smartphone? How to block a contact in WhatsApp? How to unblock a WhatsApp bock contact? Read on to get answers to all your queries.

Thomas Jones 09/10/2021
Best Ad Blockers for iPhone and iPad

If you want to boost the speed of browsing the content on the internet, then the ad blocker app is the best option for you.

Thomas Jones 09/10/2021
Call Control Call Blocker for Android

This article explains the importance of having a call control call blocker for android. Call blocker enables you to block unwanted calls as well as the unwanted messages.

Thomas Jones 09/10/2021
How to Block a Phone Number on iPhone

In this current digital world, there are many effective reasons that we need to block a phone number on iPhone from our device.

Thomas Jones 09/10/2021
The Best App Blocker and Parental Control For iPhone

Looking for the best iPhone app blocker to restrict how much your child is using their phone? Check out this list which details the best app in the business!

Thomas Jones 09/10/2021
Pop up Blocker App for Google Chrome

Looking for the best pop-up ad blocker for Google Chrome to get rid of those pesky ads? Click here for the complete guide with everything you need to know.

Thomas Jones 09/10/2021
How to Block WhatsApp on Kid's Phone

If you’re a concerned parent thinking about your child and how they use WhatsApp, click here to learn how to block WhatsApp and the dangers involved with the app.

Thomas Jones 09/10/2021
How to Block a Number on Your Phone

Looking for a powerful phone call blocking app for either you or your child’s phone? Here’s a complete guide with everything you need to know!

Thomas Jones 09/10/2021
5 Best Ad Blocker Apps for Android

Are you tired of the abrupt ads and pop-ups? Do you want to use any android app blocker but is confused? Read on to know about ad blocker app for android.

Thomas Jones 09/10/2021
How to Block Text Messages on Android

Text blocker apps and FamiSafe, the best parenting control app, will make a perfect team to protect your kids from harmful environment and scammers

Thomas Jones 09/10/2021
Best Call Blocker Apps for Android

A call blocker app for Android is a great solution to get rid of annoying calls. You can combine such apps with FamiSafe to ensure your children’s safety

Thomas Jones 09/10/2021
The Best Website Blocker Apps for Studying

Using the website blocker app acts like a savior while you are studying hard for the exams. So, just going through the listed web blocker apps above and help yourself assist you in the task.

Thomas Jones 09/10/2021
How to Block Facebook App on Cell Phone?

Are you aware of Facebook’s challenges? Do you want to install Facebook blocker in your child’s phone? Read along to know how to block Facebook and also about parental control apps.

Thomas Jones 09/10/2021
How to Block a Number on Whatsapp

Blocking WhatsApp number on phones isn’t enough. You can take control of you kids WhatsApp by using parental control app like Famisafe.

Thomas Jones 09/10/2021
How to Block Someone on WhatsApp

It’s really easy to block someone in WhatsApp if you’re tired of useless conversations and spam. You can also block the app on your kid’s phone using FamiSafe

Thomas Jones 09/10/2021
The Best App Blocker and Parental Control for Android

Discover the best android app blocker from this article. You will get to know everything about FamiSafe and how you can use it as an app blocker on your kid’s phone.

Thomas Jones 09/10/2021
Something about blocking on Facebook

Securing privacy on Social media has been one of the most critical concerns among users. With the freeness of platforms like Facebook, the increase in fake profiles and threats has been significant in all levels, and one must take the steps of blocking on Facebook to safeguard against unwanted and unnecessary things.

Thomas Jones 09/10/2021
How do You Lock Apps on Android Phones?

Are your children spending too much time on non-productive activities such as scrolling through apps? With a time app lock, you can limit the amount of time your kids spend on their devices. Click here to discover how you can lock apps on android phones.

Thomas Jones 09/10/2021
How to Lock Your Kid's iPhone for Parental Control

Think your child might be spending too much time on their iPhone, rather than focusing on some of the other things life has to offer? Here’s the complete guide on everything you need to know about locking your kid’s phone.

Thomas Jones 09/10/2021
How to block a program from accessing the internet

Blocking a program or preventing an application to stay connected to the internet is a prevalent aspect of Internet use. One can simply stop an application to make sure that there is no functionality and the app is not taking any updates. There are very effective ways of how to block internet access, to make it happen.

Thomas Jones 09/10/2021
10 Best Call Blocker Apps for Android and iOS

If you want to live a stress-free life then go with the best Call Blocker Apps, and additionally use FamiSafe for family welfare.

Thomas Jones 16/11/2021
Best Porn Blocker App for Parents

If you are looking to keep your kids safe and devoid of any porn addiction, then best use FamiSafe, the porn blocker app which will safeguard your kid against any odds of the Internet.

Thomas Jones 16/11/2021
How to Block Text Messages on Android and iPhone?

Looking for the easiest way to block unwanted text messages and contacts to your child’s device? Click here for the complete guide to everything you need to know!

Thomas Jones 16/11/2021
How to Block Apps on iPad

In all, FamiSafe is the best answer to how to block apps on iPad. If you are a parent who worries about apps with explicit content, try FamiSafe today.

Thomas Jones 16/11/2021
How to Block or Unblock WhatsApp Contacts on iPhone

Understanding how to block or unblock someone on Whatsapp from iPhone sometimes proves to be helpful if someone is bugging you all the time through Whatsapp messages.

Thomas Jones 16/11/2021
How to lock apps on iPhone: A complete guide

Are you struggling to establish an app lock for iPhone? Then, this guide gives you an elaborate discussion on this concept of an effective app lock process using reliable parental control tools in the digital market.

Joanne Croft 16/11/2021
Two Effective Ways About Locking Apps on iPad

Protect your child from the dangers of the online world by locking certain apps and games on their iPad. Here are two effective ways to do so. Keep reading to learn.

Joanne Croft 16/11/2021
How to Put a Lock on Apps on Your Kids' Phone

Monitor & limit mobile activity of your teen to save them from cyberbullying, porn, & social media addiction. Learn how to put a lock on apps with Famisafe and other methods.

Joanne Croft 16/11/2021
Top 10 Apps That Block Social Media to Keep Kids Stay Focused

If you are looking for apps that block social media then you are at the right place. This article gives you an ample solution to block social media and keep your kids stay focused on their daily activities.

Joanne Croft 16/11/2021
Top 10 Social Media Blocker Apps in 2019

Like the different faces of the same coin, social media comes with its pros and cons. There is a chance that your child is exploring the dark worlds of social media. In that case, you have to block them immediately by using a social media blocker app.

Joanne Croft 16/11/2021
5 Best Apps to Lock Apps on Kid’s iPhone

It is always a parent’s first instinct to protect their kid from harm, real or virtual. In this article, we listed the best apps to lock apps on kid’s iPhone.

Ankhi Bhattacharya 16/11/2021
A Complete Guide: How to Lock Apps on Android

Is your kid too much into his Android device? Well, then you need to learn how to lock apps on Android 7.0 and later versions using four different methods.

Ankhi Bhattacharya 16/11/2021
The Best App Lock for Android - FamiSafe Parental Control App

Internet safety for your kids is of paramount importance, and as it so happens, you only want the best app lock for Androids. Learn all about the Famisafe Parental Control app in this guide.

Ankhi Bhattacharya 16/11/2021
How to Lock Apps On iPhone 6/7/7+/8/8+/X/XS/XR/11

Right now, the iPhone is amongst the most-used phones, and it comes with some useful security options. So, if you are muddled about how to lock apps on the iPhone with a password, this article would help you out.

Joanne Croft 16/11/2021
These 5 Phone Lock Apps Help Your Kids Stay Focused

Want to make sure your kids don’t end up wasting time on their phones than doing other things? Check out our picks for the top 5 phone lock apps on Android and iOS.

Moly Swift 16/11/2021
Discord Parental Control: Block on Discord & Block Discord

Discord Parental Control: Block on Discord & Block Discord

Moly Swift 22/11/2021
How to Set Parental Control on WhatsApp

The parental control app such as FamiSafe for WhatsApp blocking is the unique and modern way to tackle with today's generation kids.

Thomas Jones 24/11/2021
Effective Ways to Limit or Block the Fortnite App on PC & Phone

How do you block Fortnite? Are you looking for a solution for it? Then this guide helps you to figure out optimum ways to accomplish it. Make use of this guide to protect your kids from the impact of Fortnite game.

Thomas Jones 30/11/2021
Best Free Call Block Apps for Android

Because of frustrating spam calls, most people need free call blocking apps to cope with. This article list 10 best free call blocker apps for android.

Thomas Jones 07/12/2021
How to Block Text Messages on iPhone

Learn how to block messages on iPhone by following this guide. We have listed different scenarios to block messages and filter senders on iPhone.

Thomas Jones 08/12/2021
How to Block Apps on iPhone?

Learn how to block apps on iPhone in different ways right here. We have come up with two stepwise tutorials to block apps on iOS devices in this guide.

Thomas Jones 08/12/2021
Top 5 Phone Lock Apps to Stop Kids from Play Their Phone

Worried about your child spending too much time on social media or gaming apps? Limit screen time on their phones during study & bedtime with these top 5 phone lock apps.

Joanne Croft 08/12/2021
Call Blocker Apps for iPhone

With the use of iPhone call blocker app, you can easily block specific numbers to avoid distractions and to gain a focus on important work.

Thomas Jones 09/12/2021
Text Message Blocker Apps for Android and iPhone

Looking for the best text and SMS message blocker app for you or your child’s smartphone and tablet? Click here for ten of the sms blocker available today!

Thomas Jones 15/12/2021
Top 5 Apps to Limit Social Media Use on Kid’s Phone

If you want to learn about the apps to limit social media, then the article below is a must-read.

Ankhi Bhattacharya 15/12/2021
Gambling and Teenagers: More Kids Are Exposed to Online Gambling Nowadays

Have you tried FamiSafe? It is the best parental control application that will help you keep your child safe from both online and offline harm. Its advanced features ensures your young one is several steps away from potentially addictive and harmful online activities such as online gamble.

Ankhi Bhattacharya 16/12/2021
10 Best Facebook Blocker Apps in 2021

If you are worried about too many apps on your devices and trying to figure out a way to stay away from Facebook then you need these Facebook blocker apps to help you.

Thomas Jones 16/12/2021
Should I Let My 11-Year Old Child Use Tiktok?

Tiktok is so popular nowadays, almost every child will use tiktok. Regarding children using tiktok, what should parents pay attention to?

Joanne Croft 20/01/2022